This is the watch that was originally released in 1976 and they’ve been re, releasing some of their iconic watches these past few years. So if you don’t know about bulova, they originally started in 1875 by a bohemian immigrant named joseph baloa. So it was a switch watch company and then in um 1917. I think they he moved his uh company to new york, where they’ve been ever since they’re. Actually, one of the pioneers in the watch industry they’ve made a lot of technical advances, including all kinds of stuff, like the accutron watch, which used a tuning fork for timekeeping in 1971 at the apollo 15 mission bulova and omega watches, they were both taken on board On david scott’s, second walk on the moon excursion onto the surface. He had an omega speedmaster, i believe, and the face of that thing popped off, so he had to grab his backup bulova. Now the bulova held up, so the bulova was actually the first watch to be on the moon. I guess you’d say in 2015 it sold for like 1.6 million dollars, so this particular watch the computron right. So this thing was the first digital watch with an led display um, it was not the first digital watch. The first digital watch was the hamilton, which was, in my opinion, fugly and but people bought it because it was cool. It was novel, it was new, it was a digital watch, it didn’t have hands bulova very very shortly.

I mean like right on the heels released this, and this was like disco. This was iconic, so um yeah. It was a really really really cool. Watch. Okay let’s get into this uh packaging packaging is like okay it’s, the box is kind of beat up actually had some some gross like shipping stickers on and stuff kind of flimsy. This is cool it’s, like a nice box, it’s got the uh real nice print on there. It’S like embossed, got a little pull tab. Oh snap, Music, there she is, that is their tuning fork, so the watch is on youtube style, so the watches actually comes on a little pillow for it because you know it’s traveled a long time. This is really neat boxes boxes, not too bad. So you’ve got a box in the package setting instructions and warranty registration – oh hey! This tells me that i can find out how to set it on the website. Well, why did they put this in here that’s a piece of paper, the watch? This is the black version. This watch originally was uh released in gold and silver, so they didn’t make a black version. So this new, this reissue is black. I like black stuff, so so the body of this watch is pretty cool. It’S got like a trapezoidal uh face, i guess you’d call it very angular. They originally marketed this as a driver’s watch and you could just kind of turn your wrist and press.

The button you wouldn’t have to take your hand off the wheel, to look at it right because it wasn’t on here. The time was like right here, so that was like kind of cool they’ve, always done kind of innovative things, so the other ones have an all metal uh band. This guy has rubber i’ve been told, it’s, soft and supple, so we’ll see all right cool um. Originally, this watch had two batteries: two like little batteries in there. The new version has one big battery, so that’s a that’s, a difference in the design um. The top was like originally like very, very disco. It was almost like little spikes. It was rolls rows of like little spikes, and this is just lines but uh yeah they’ve continued the line down the strap. It seems high quality it’s got like branding everywhere, it’s got branding on here, which is neat so cool thing about this. Is you can just open this up with like a a dime or something you don’t have to go to a jeweler to pop out the battery um, so that’s nice, more branding on the strap, bulova kind of see, that’s cool, um, surgical, stainless steel, won’t turn your Wrist and it’s also uh weather resistant, so yeah does get fingerprints, so one eternity later yeah. So when you push the button, the time comes on pretty cool flips through seconds date. I have to set all this stuff by the way but yeah.

So this is the time so you have um, you can do 24 hour and 12 hour time. It’S got both. So this is 12 hour time, which is kind of cool let’s uh see how it fits nice, it’s, um, yeah it’s, like really heavy. I haven’t wore a watch i haven’t wore. I haven’t worn a watch since i was a kid, so it feels very alien, it’s, almost like, like wearing a collar. It feels like oh get it off, but i’ll get used to it. Okay, not that i wear collars or anything, but you know speculation um. So here we go yeah that’s the watch. I want to see what time it is i’m driving my car there. It is. I need to read the directions actually to figure out how to get that in 12 hour time, but yeah that’s still i like, and the activity is very comfortable, it’s, very heavy um god almost feel like like i can punch harder now, it’s like waiting, not that I punch things, but i like it it’s got like a lot of like futuristic like retro future kind of thing, which i’m really into it’s almost like it’s, like disco, cyberpunk, futuristic it’s neat. So it looks really weird and like that’s, pretty cool yeah. I want to watch for a really long time. I’Ve actually wanted to watch for, like i don’t want to tell you how long it’s been a super long time, but this is the first one that really caught my eye was like hey.

This is a watch that i would buy that’s all it does. It tells you the time so yeah i don’t have to pop out my iphone and get sucked into all that stuff. I can just see what time it is and get back to doing. My so that’s my review that’s what you get this is the watch. This is the box. This is the watch. This is boxes watch. This is bosh.