It is the kumika u6 and the kumi gt6 that can be bought for 29 euros and 49 euros. But beware that with the 29 euro model, you can talk on the phone crazy in a smartwatch of this price, So nothing after the intro Ill. Tell you everything, Hello, everyone and welcome back to the Channel. Well, the smartwatch sector, as I say, is always very saturated and at a lower price, more models and more difficult to choose. In fact, there are many Of the models that we have on the market that are of no use to us, but it is not the case of the kumi brand. I have really been very surprised with these two watches. The cheapest of the brand is the K. U6 model that, with the launch, offer and discount coupon that I leave below stays at 29 euros only and well, if you can reach 50 euros more or less, that the GT 6 model costs. We have this model in four combinations of two colors. They are all very cool.. You are going to see er later, but I already told you that, with the cheap model you are going to freak out, I have never seen a watch with this price and these features, as always, I leave you links below and also discount coupons in case. You want to take advantage of them inside the box of both models. The watch comes with a screen protector and a strap installed with a magnetic charging cable that is different in each of the two models.

One is with two Pins and the other with three Pins and a manual that is in Chinese and English.. The manufacture of the economic model of the The k6 model looks impressive for 29 euros, that is to say, it is a cheaper smartwatch than almost any smartband. A watch that looks very well built and although it is almost entirely plastic, the appearance is much more Premium. Watch. Beware that we are talking about a watch of 29 euros that already comes with Bluetooth. 5.2 connectivity comes with a microphone and speaker included to be able to make calls and receive calls from the watch itself, and that will also serve us for to launch the voice assistant that we have in our Smartphone. Later. I will show you: it has a standard 20 mm, silicone strap. That is interchangeable. The case has a ceramic appearance, Although it gives me the feeling that it can be plastic in any of the cases. It is a comfortable watch, only ‘ grams of weight, with the strap on and on the back. It has the sensors, where we have included a blood oxygen sensor and on one side we have a micro And, on the other, we have a speaker with a 1.91 inch screen with curved edges and with a resolution of 320 x, 385 pixels. That has quite good quality, Although obviously it is not oled, it is ips, but they keep small frames And we have available more than 100 wattsface, really that I thought was a really good screen for its price.

It looks quite good outdoors, even with sun, with this watch we have 112 sports modes, including water sports, since the watch is ip68 certified and we can submerge it without problem and the i. The interface of its software is simple and moves lightly with a fairly solvent set of internal Hardware, just the one you will be seeing on the screen right now and this watch in addition to carrying the typical count that practically any smart watch would carry such as The count of steps, the monitoring of sleep, sport and others also brings us something that I have never seen and less in a smartwatch of this price, and that is that we have a blood pressure, monitor that I am going to show you now. We also have a blood oxygen monitor, as I told you, and Monitor menstrual cycle for women. But without a doubt, one of the most remarkable functions of this smartwatch is that we can make and receive phone calls from the watch itself from the Smartphone application that we will show later. We have a section where we can add favorite contacts that is phone numbers. Frequent contact to be able to make calls from the watch itself, but we also have a numeric keyboard co on the watch itself to numerically dial any phone number that we want Well Im going to make a sample of it. Take a look here. We have it. I select the second option, which is the contacts and Im going to make a call to the first favorite contact that I have here there it is.

You can hear the tone very well, very loud, Hello, Hello, honey. Can you hear me well, okay, Im doing a test directly calling by phone from a watch of 29 euros to see how the microphone was heard and how the speaker was heard. I tell you quite loud the truth great Well, nothing test done! Thank you, of course. In addition to receiving and issuing calls, we can receive other notifications on the watch, such as WhatsApp messages and also since the screen is square. They are read quite well., However, they are read without emoticons and are not read in their entirety and are too long. As happens in practically any smartwatch and the autonomy of this watch for all functions, What it brings seems pretty decent to me between 5 and 7 days with normal use, we have a control center sliding from top to bottom, where we can adjust the screen brightness. We also have the flashlight, among other things, If we slide from bottom to top, we access notifications And if we do it from left to right, we have some shortcuts to calls time notifications, sleep measurement and blood pressure. blood pressure. If we do it right left, we have heart rate activity cards, Sleep, monitor, weather, music control and we can also add some more and also by pressing the only button that the watch has. We will access all the applications it has is obviously a closed operating system. We cannot install anything, but it comes quite complete.

We have the call section contacts the button to launch the voice assistant of our phone and interact from the microphone of the watch and then the typical sports heart rate, sleep and also blood pressure that I have compared with a real blood pressure, monitor and good. In my tests, the results have been similar, but I tell you that if we have to control our blood pressure for health reasons, it is their thing that we do it with a real blood pressure monitor. I dont know what algorithms the smartwatch will use to measure blood pressure, But obviously it will be far from what a real blood pressure monitor can offer us. That this is my recommendation. However, it is good that a feature of this type takes us.. I also like other details that this smartwatch has such as that we can adjust the intensity of the notification vibration at three different levels from the watch itself or the style of the application menu in four different formats. But obviously I miss many other things such as that we do not have an ambient light sensor to adjust the brightness of the screen automatically. We can only do it manually, nor do we have GPS to be able to record the routes if we go out for a run only with the watch. If we call ourselves, our Smartphone will not record the route we have taken and we have nfc connectivity. That is somewhat limited. It will only serve us to make payments by PayPal to the ipai, etc.

would be fine that we could link it with some type of credit card from our bank and others, but at the moment we cant. But yes, I sincerely believe that for less than 30 euros we cannot ask for much more and proof of this is the average opinions that it has from users 4 with 9 out of 5, with more than 400 positive reviews, highly recommended for its price, really on The other hand, The application of this watch is quite basic, but very functional.. For this specific model. We use the application that shows a summary of our activity on the main screen and from where we can access our sleep data, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, as well as being able to run a sports activity and configure the smartwatch to our liking or install A watch among many different designs going to the most expensive model. The kumi gt6 is a watch with a better manufacturing metal case. Interchangeable, strap of 22 MM and a design with straighter lines also very comfortable, only 40 grams of weight and in this model, as far as design is concerned, it stands out in that we can buy it in four different combinations of d. The colors are really cool. Everyone has sent me several., Ive, been using gray and black, but look how cool the rest of us have it in blue and red in pink and black in gold and red, and we can combine them well with our style to dress and others.

As I told you, I think it is one of the things that stands out the most in this smartwatch. As far as design is concerned, the color combination is a watch with an ips screen of one with 72 inches and 356 by 400 pixels, with a curved finish, also a screen that looks very good too and with enough brightness for outdoors, but without automatic brightness And With a lot of wattsface that we can install from the application, the watch also has a single button that only serves to wake up the screen and the sensors on the back. That also serves us the same as in cau 6 to measure our blood pressure.. In fact, I think that being able to measure blood pressure with these smartwatches is one of the things they want to highlight the most in this GT 6 model.. We also have IP68 water resistance.. In fact, we have a lot of sports that we can monitor up to 24, of which we have swimming, but, like the other one, it does not have GPS to record the route. If we go running, for example, And like the cheapest model, it is also a smartwatch that can be moves quite fluidly through the different menus. Obviously we are talking about a closed operating system. Notifications and others are also displayed well messages and WhatsApp without emoticons. As expected, incoming calls that we can reject with this model, we will not be able to talk on the phone, since it does not have a microphone nor integrated speaker as if it had the previous model really, even though it is a more expensive smartwatch, it seems To me that it is a more basic smartwatch where its star function is to be able to control the home automation of our home.

Let me explain if we use products compatible with the application of this smartwatch. I already say that it is different from the previous model. If you look closely, the application is very similar to that of smart Life, where we have a lot of home automation, devices that we can add to the application, and if we have added them, we can create scenarios and run them from the watch itself. Since I dont have devices compatible with this application ation because I have not been able to use this function by sliding from top to bottom, we have access to the control center where we can adjust the brightness of the screen, Turn off notifications. We also have direct access to the search for our Smartphone and also to the settings of the smartwatch itself. If we scroll from bottom to top, we access the notifications and if we scroll from right to left, we have the activity cards, heart rate, Sleep, monitor, weather and home automation, scenes And finally sliding from left to right. We access All applications, sports status, heart rate, oxygen in blood, blood pressure, Sleep monitor, time, Smartphone, music control messages and other functions such as timer, stopwatch or flashlight. In this model, we do not have nfc as if we had in the previous model, but I have not found that it has an alarm clock or alarm, which you have missed me a lot That does have better autonomy than the previous model about 78 days.

Without any problem And finally taking a quick look at the application, let us tell you that it is very basic. As far as the smartwatch is concerned, we have a main screen where it gives us activity and sleep data. A second tab with more data from exercise, calories and so on, and the watch settings section where we can install more watch settings for watch sensors take photos using the watch as a trigger or adjust notifications a little more.. You have been able to see two very interesting smartwatches., Although I personally prefer this one 29 euros with which we can talk on the phone and has a blood pressure monitor. Although this one also has a blood pressure, monitor and has other features such as two color designs, or that, for example, we can execute home automation scenes if we use compatible devices. Now, I would like you to participate in this video telling me below in comments. If you use a smartwat ch and which one you use interests me a lot so Ill be reading you all. I hope you liked this video at least. I hope I was able to quickly convey what these two new kumi watches can offer us. If so, I would love it if you would leave me a good like no forget to subscribe to Channel and activate notifications for more videos like this once again.