com, the primer site for smart watch, specs news and reviews. Okay. Finally, we have here one of the latest, affordable feed pro smartwatch in the market. Okay, so what we have here? Okay, can you guess what we have here? We have the 22 2022 version of the the 20 smartwatch okay. So what we have here is the d20l, why 88, smartwatch, okay, so lets check lets have the unboxing of this wearable? Okay, so its a d20 l, smartwatch, okay on other promotional images, its the d20l y88 smartwatch, okay, so its a upgraded version. They say when it comes to the design of the y68 or the d20 smartwatch. Okay, if you recall, we have here the y68 smartwatch. So almost the same functionality for this one okay, so this is a macaron y68d20 smartwatch. So this is the upgrade. Did the 20 22 smart watch shows 2022 version so lets check it out? Okay, so at the back here, okay, we have a lot of color options here: okay, at least eight color options we have for the features here. We have a step counter: calorie calorie mileage, heart rate, blood pressure, blood, oxygen, okay, automatic activity tracking. Here with uh, we have sms monitoring sleep monitoring, remote photography. Looking for bracelets sedentary reminder, smart alarm, clock raised hand, call reminder fine phone, social, app and weather okay, so lets check the contents of the smartwatch okay, as expected, so almost similar in appearance for this one.

Okay, with the y60 d20 okay macaron type, okay, we have the smartwatch. Okay, still, it is using the direct usb charging here. Okay, say it. So this is your smartwatch. We have a fake crown button here, looking like a an iphone clone and we also have a fake rectangular button here. Okay for the aesthetic purpose, only okay, as you can see here flat frame this one is much key. Rounder well anyway. Well, have a comparison review of the design for the y68 versus the d20 l on our okay next videos, so we have here the design so lets attach this okay. So we have here the overall look of the d20 l, slash y88 smartwatch flat frame here plastic. You have a flexible, strap. You have the back cover here. Okay again, this button is just see fake button here for a static purposes. Okay, so lets remove this and see okay. Okay, so we have accent accidentally turn it on okay, so lets check the overall design here: okay, anyway, sharp display; okay, so the display here is 1.44. Let me check okay, so we have the d20 l, y88 1.44 inch. Okay, color screen 240 by 240 pixel resolution. Okay, we have a 10 day battery life, stand by time, five to seven days, normal usage, okay, direct usb charging ip67. We have an oled type display available in black pink white and other colors. As you can see here in the box, you have different color options.

A different features here: okay, so lets have a quick look on the menus here. So this is the screen or the watch face tap. So we have the touch button here. We have automatic counter here, dvd tracking, so it calculates for the steps, calories and distance yeah. The blood pressure here – okay, let me check so its now calculating okay. Let me show it to you: okay lets sweet, so it is automatically calculating the heart rate calories. Oh, no, the blood pressure and the blood oxygen okay. So we have the result again. I think its just the fake tracking here, except for the heart rate, we have the sports. We have running jumping rope. What else only two then so it is calculating long press again: okay, okay, we have the setup thats it again. We have running or walking skipping rope and sit up so three sports, all in all loaded to the smartwatch. You have message notifications here with the option to read the messages we have: music control slip, monitoring, weather camera and i lost reset the qr code. So it is using using the fit pro app the power off. So we have a 320 l version here. Okay, so thats it for the smartwatch. Okay seems like we dont have an option for watch faces, lets see so thats. It only two long press – and we have here the details – okay, so at least two watch faces here: okay, so thats it for the menus and the design of the new 2022 version.

D20L. Why 88 smart watch? Okay? So we will check on the support app for this one. The fit pro, although we have downloaded here several times anyway, were going to install it another okay, again, okay, in the interest of new users. Okay, if you have any questions regarding the smartwatch, please drop a comment below and we will try to answer your queries this year.