This is josh here and for today’s videos, we’re going to have the unboxing and the quick review of the fd68 smartwatch. But before that i would just like to say thank you to one of our sponsors for sending us this watch and if you would like to check their store so just click. The link below i put that one in the description box. Okay, so let’s go first to the specifications of this watch, so this screen resolution is 320 by 240. It supports bluetooth, 5.0 and the screen size is 1.3 inch and it also claims to have an ip67. The operating system that will be available is for android and ios. It means it’s compatible, okay and then it has also mp3 playback touch screen bluetooth. What else guys and you have to make sure that your phone supports 4.4 android or ios 8.2 and above okay, and then we have here the function, so we have hit calendar clock case. So it has sleep tracker, also fitness tracker and the heart rate: attractor, interactive, music, permanent calendar, blood, oxygen monitor, yes, and the display type is iaps and the language is. You can support multi language, as it says: okay and the band material it’s, rubber, okay and there’s. No camera on that, okay and i think that’s it guys. So i will just show you the the different kinds of colors that it has okay, so you can have this one in different colors.

So, in our case, we have here the camouflage, and then we have here that, like the dark, green, okay, pink, red and black, so this is the black version, the red one, the shop. You can get that one for around 600 pesos. You can click the link below and that’s from alibaba, yes, okay and the more you buy guys, the lesser the price. Yes, okay, so now guys it’s time to open this clear case here and at the back. Yes, so you have also the specifications let’s open this one. So here are the straps guys. Okay, we have here the straps, okay, it’s nice, yes, it’s made from rubber or the tpu, so it’s like an army design. Okay – and here is the manual it’s in english and also in chinese all right, okay, let’s put this aside and there’s nothing more, and here is the watch guys. So, as you can see, it really looks stylish, okay and there are buttons here, but they are not functioning guys so it’s just only for the design. Okay, and on top you can see there the two pins for charging all right and at the back. I believe this is the sensor okay, so it feels light guys. So you know with the typical watch: yes it’s it’s kind of heavy, but this one is light guys, although it looks it looks heavy but it’s not so let’s. Take this one out guys all right and up an opening guide has already a screen protector, but maybe we it’s just for packaging, so let’s remove this one.

Okay, all right and now let’s try to charge this one first and i will be right back guys. Alright guys so we are done charging this one for a couple of minutes, so let’s try to turn it on. So this is the home screen of our fd68 smartwatch. So, as you can see guys it actually, the screen turns off immediately. I think this is also for battery saving when you try to long press this one guys here, okay, so it will give you a different kinds of watch faces, so you can change that one there. We are just going to tap guys this a lower part here. Just tap that one – and we have here steps guys so let’s try to long press Music. Okay, so it will record the k, cal and the distance that you. You walked. Okay, and we have here the heart rate: okay and the blood pressure, so let’s check guys. So you can see there is sensor here: okay, so our heart rate, it’s 94. Our oxygen is 96 and our blood pressure is 1 27 over 70 that’s quite high. So i hope guys that we are still okay, all right and then uh. We have here the sports okay let’s check. If what are the sports activities that we can have, i think this is running skipping and this is sit up. Okay, only three sports mode guys. Then we have here the message, so it says no message, so you will have to connect that one later on and weather.

Okay, no data yet, and we also have the remote camera control, so i’ll be showing you and how to use that one as well and find the phone shut down reset and let’s click on about. So you will have the qr code here. So we have here different kinds of watch faces here, so just do like that. Yes, okay, in our case let’s, i have this one all right. Okay, so let’s uh put the strap on Music. The strap has lots of holes in it and it has two two locks, so it will be better for us. So let’s have this one let’s just and voila. We already have our fd68 smartwatch, so guys it’s really light. So you can’t feel that you’re wearing a watch at all. Yes, so yeah very comfortable and it looks stylish so yeah. You just have to tap that one too look at the watch and i think because the light will automatically turn off, then it will be battery saver. Yes, wow it’s, really lightweight guys now, for my opinion, guys about this smartwatch for only 600 pesos. You can already get stylish watch, okay and also with the basic features, if you’re on a tight budget and if you just want a smartwatch with a good style and also smartwatch feature. So this one is good for you, alright.