com. Phyto is back with us and in this particular watch, they've combined a couple of new features that they've brought out by the way love their packaging. Two new features: one is temperature monitoring and in this nice round, watch with the great big dial they've added their rotational navigation system in here as well. I know i know most of us wouldn't think wow that's a big deal unless you've been around smart watches and see how many of them come with a knob that does nothing when you twirl it it's about time we're starting to see, watches that you can actually Use the knob look at this beautiful carbon fiber back charging ports there there's your uh temperature monitor and your sensor for heart rate. Before we get deeper in the box. Let'S, take a look at it, they're calling it the k15 at their uh final company store on aliexpress uh different pricing, depending on what the combinations are, but you can check the show notes to get a link that'll. Take you to this buying page in um right under our video and have a look at it in terms of specs. What this thing is is a 240 by 240 1.28 inch round screen watch with the new rolling menu function, body temperature, heart rate detection, blood pressure is in it, it's got 22 millimeter, detachable, straps and, of course, all the standard functions we typically have in a smart Watch the app uh is fit cloud pro that it works with and here's the basic specifications for the watch got the pedometer fitness tracker mood tracker.

It says interesting: okay and uh english language. I don't know what other languages are supported and that's about it. Okay, as we go deeper into the box, we find a manual and a little charger connector, which is again a standard two pin usb connectors. Most of these watches are whoop, always get it backward put it on that way. My strength test, it's strong enough to hold the watch so good magnetic coupling plug it in charge it and that part's done and then the manual we've got a bracelet user manual, which means you may see this watch by another name by different companies. Doesn'T have the actual name printed on it: there's the qr code again for downloading fit cloud pro or check our show notes for it very simple manual, just giving you a brief overview of what the watch will do. It'S mostly left up to you to actually dive in and give it a try and the other side is all chinese. Okay, let's charge it up well with one button that sticks out quite a ways: it's obvious what we got to press to get it to turn on, holding holding vibrated, says hello and it pops right into our opening watch face, which is the last one that you Had on the watch and you have about five or so um different watch faces and a custom, one that you can put in on your own if you'd, like you, have to twist your wrist to see the time if you've got that thing activated, and here you Simply turn to see a watch face now: that's one of the ones you can install from the app which i've already done here's another one wow it's pretty bright.

I think i need to dim the watch down a little bit, which i can go in here and turn it way down so it's a little bit better for the video let's bring it up to there and we come back and there's that watch face here's another One they got some nice analog watch faces and then this really colorful digital face and we're back to where we started from okay. When we slide down you saw, we could change the brightness. You can turn it off directly from here. You got to twist your wrist to see the time settings and right here right here. Oh it goes out on me right here. You can go immediately into the thermometer yep, it does uh body temperature and it does skin temperature, which i'm about to show you. You see it's live it's, changing right now, as it's going through this we'll get to that in a minute. So those are all of the different factors that are available up here. Uh settings we'll look at those a little bit later. When i go over to the left, you're going to get the whole app drawer, that shows all of this and more and by the end more i mean when you go this way, there's that uh thermometer test again then you've got your step, count, calories, burned and Distance traveled ooh and heart yeah in calories, yeah yeah, heart rate's over here on this panel and then you've got last night's sleep time, which i haven't done yet, but it'll just give you your breakdown of time and those are the things it doesn't go any further.

You bring it back, you can get back to the watch face and if you come up, if you have notifications pushed from the phone they'll show up here now showed you the whole layout. I want to tell you this is the watch that i'd want to be wearing. If i um, you know we're kind of stuck in a quarantine situation with the virus or god forbid, it happened to anybody. I know and i needed to monitor them, but not be near them and i'm going to put it on, because i want you to see this in action. This is an exquisite uh of watch capabilities as a sensor receiving node for all of your different vitals and in combination with the paired app. It works really really good, so let's walk through. First of all, what you can see on here, bbt, i don't know what that stands for belly: button: temperature, um, bad boy temperament. What do you think bbt is? Let us know in the in the comments bbt when you hit that button. Now. Let me talk about this for a second we're, doing an initial temperature test, and yes in this video to this time, i'm going to run through all these tests, because i'm going to point out some stuff you don't normally hear about in them, starting with the temperature. One i know if you've seen this on some of the others it's getting the skin surface temperature. Now i just put it back on my arm, so it did drop down a little bit.

The ideal is you're going to leave it on your arm for at least 15 minutes. This is not an instantaneous reading. This is one that's going to be more accurate once it stabilizes okay, so it is taking a while to get the uh the skin temperature, and it continues to rise from that and the fact that it's actually using the green diodes down below it's, going to somehow Using an algorithm compute, your actual body, temperature and that's, what shows up down here, it's changeable in the app from centigrade to fahrenheit you've got all those kinds of controls, so the app is really well integrated with the watch all right, we're going to come back. Oh there, you go okay, 98.04 down to hundredths of a degree, it's going to say we're, going to come back and do it later because it needed for me to stabilize enough on the on that. Reading sport data is what we saw already that's, just basically your pedometer stuff and then there's a whole sporting section, where you have all kinds of different activities that you can choose and whichever one you go into jumping rope. It'Ll give you the countdown it's going to give you time. Heart rate and calories burn pretty much on all of these things, even the uh, the ones that would have distance in them like running or walking. So as a fitness watch, i would not recommend this you're. Not even getting step count on versus time, so don't buy it for fitness, but if you're really looking for something that's going to do the all the health functions, including temperature and apparently do them really well, this is the way to go.

You'Ve got heart rate there. We'Re going to do heart rate and the other measurements actually triggered from the phone, so i'll skip that for right. Now, timing out on me, you've got last night's sleep and you saw the screen on that blood pressure and blood oxygen. You go in them and you're going to see you've got, you know, icons and it's going to take it a little while and you'll get your measurements, which i'm going to show you then there's, a remote music player, you've got weather and this again fahrenheit or centigrade, And just a forecast for you, you've got a stop watch messages which we already saw, find your phone and then basic settings which now we'll go into, which was the same as up above there you've got. The uh selection of watch faces that you can choose right here or, of course, you can twist the dial. You can change the overall brightness which we've done and you can. This is the fun stuff. Now you can change your screen time to 5 seconds to nine seconds, although it doesn't seem like it's holding nine seconds for me and twist your wrist time usually it's about two seconds, but you can go up to six seconds with this one. So you twist your wrist the screen's supposed to stay on for up to six seconds before it goes out, which is really nice. If those of you who've been frustrated that you're looking at stuff on your watch – and it just goes out too quickly – vibration intensity.

Three different levels and it's pretty good. You can feel it well in terms of overall languages, it's chinese and in most european languages in this one i'll scroll through them quickly for you, we get them yeah, so not a lot of the esoteric ones. You guys ask me about are on this watch there. They all are listed in the qr code to download the tethering app and back to system again, which is about this watch the k15 and shut down and reset – and i think we've covered everything here so i'm going to get the app ready uh so that we Can play with that wow that's, a bright screen and look at that it's down on number two in brightness we're using fit cloud pro we've talked about this one good things, bad things intermediary things we've seen it quite a bit today, you're gon na see it again From a slightly different perspective, i'm gon na open it, it goes through its opening screen. You go through setting up an account. I'Ve got other videos that show you how to do that. Let'S dim this down a little bit so it's, not too bright. There. We go there, it just synchronized, you see it brought over the step count and all that kind of stuff, here's, what's, so cool about this particular app and its interface with this particular watch. You'Ve got temperature heart rate, blood, oxygen and blood pressure. It'S last night's sleep time as well, but those all those other factors are sitting here and are accessible in a one touch button that will run through and do all of these measurements takes about a minute and it'll settle each and every one of them down to Give you an instantaneous reading now, i'm envisioning somebody that's sick with covet, is laying and wearing this watch, and somebody who's monitoring them to see if they're doing, okay or they may need to go to the hospital, can just call up the app hit health measurement and Get a synopsis of all of the things you need to know your blood oxygen, your overall blood pressure and heart rate and the body temperature.

That would be great, and if this one will do it and it does it with this watch but i'm not going to do the one time thing, i want to show you each of these separately. When we go into temperature, you saw that we just did that and here's a reading for it and look at this it's, giving you your highest average and lowest over time. So i've got it in continuous monitoring mode, so you can track now we're going to get into some statistics: gang there's, there's, your hardcore, number, 98.36, okay and then there's. Your your deviation from that hardcore number and uh 97 to 98 is the the range right now. So you you've got the opportunity to compare readings to see first of all, are they reasonable and, secondly, uh what's? Your feel, for that is this a high temperature is somebody sick. Would they need to go to the hospital if their readings over the last 24 hours? Two hours, whatever is uh between 97 and 98., probably they're, okay, but if this is 103 to 104 yeah you're gon na have some challenges: it's good. To have one number that you stick your thermometer under your tongue and you've got it but that's, just one number. Even that number is not necessarily 100 accurate, it's within a tolerance zone of being correct, and this gives you that tolerance zone that's kind of what i'm getting at shows you your overall references, knowledge and information about temperature, really really good that's on the temperature and, of Course you can hit start and create an instantaneous reading, and all of this is for your long term.

Um monitoring of continuous heart rate let's go into something like heart rate itself. That was temperature heart rate itself. This is what i want to show you here. We go i'm going. I'Ve got some numbers that are already in here, but i'm gon na start one and the the watch doesn't even light up. It does well. It did because i twisted it, but if i were laying in bed what i'm getting as you don't even have to wake a patient or anything uh. The watch is acting as a transmitting sensor node, without even having to activate gives you longer life that way, and you don't even need to worry about it. You'Re looking here, so you see it's doing a countdown and now it acquired its first reading 65.. Now you see this happen on a lot of different watches when they're doing the initial test, they grab a number and then it starts to ramp up or ramp down or change a little bit back and forth around that number as it's honing in on what it's Going to give you as the best and final answer, the answer is and it's going to give you that degree. Well, that may or may not be your true heart rate, most likely it's close, and how close is it that's where you've got these ranges? Okay, so see it's kind of jumping up and down it's settling at 71 as the average you saw it moving and when it finished it picked the average and it derived that out of the spread of 65 to 75, so that's kind of wide.

I would say i might want to take that again. That'S 10 points difference it's, not like critical i'm, not 150 to 160. You know, but if i really wanted it more refined, i would do this again and stf up. I think you can figure that out uh. I would just be quiet, and that would give me uh and calm and still – and i would most likely get a better closer range of deviation, uh, and that gives me a sense for how accurate this is as to what's the variability in the highest and lowest Doesn'T so much apply to heart rate, that's, a pretty simple one, but man. Let me tell you when you get into blood pressure you're talking about this is a tricky area, because there is no real individual blood pressure measurement when you, when you consider how it's done with a cuff it's listening to the sound when it's a when it first Makes a noise of a certain repetitive beat of your heart as the air is oozing out and the pressure is dropping and you're catching it at a particular time. Yeah you take three different readings and you'll get four different answers. The question is: are they all close or are they far apart? If they're all spread out far apart, then you're getting bad readings and you need to you know change your position start all over again. 131 over 77. now look at it. It jumped here and it's.

Jumping again but it's tracking, all of that stuff. So when it's all said and done after 30 seconds it's going to give me a high and a low with an average and i'll be able to say okay, i'm between 120 and 132 and it's telling me my uh estimated uh blood pressure is 127 over 75 And then i can kind of gauge it. You know it's, like ah, i think i'm i'm lower than that. I think i'm higher than that, or i think this is way off i'm gon na. Do it again the point i'm making is yes, like all the other watches and all the other apps you're getting data, but how believable is that data and how much can you use your own judgment in the believability of that data with this app and with this Watch and with finals implementation on this i'm, getting a much happier feeling in my gut that the numbers i'm looking at are things i can use i'm, not going to say they're, accurate, but i'm, also not going to say they're, not accurate, i'm going to say they're. Giving me an estimate with a spread and with that information and a gut feel for is my blood oxygen, probably above 95, or am i gasping for breath and am i about 85? You know i just got to put it into real world situation, and this can be helpful, seeing the spread, as well as the final number, especially if you're in another room when somebody is laying in a isolated bedroom or something wearing this watch and working on getting Through a really bad sickness and you're monitoring them without waking them beautiful, beautiful – and i really like this: okay stop we're at 97 and a spread from 96 to 99 and there's the numbers, and so you've got uh different days, different numbers, you know and uh all That'S tracked as well: oh yeah – and this is this one: oh there there brought it up.

This is the continuous blood oxygen monitoring chart here, okay, wow? How could it go above a hundred that's interesting? I thought it was 100 saturation. How can you get 110? Maybe they got to work on on that chart, but you saw that on the other ones too. I go into blood pressure and here is wow 102 to 144. I would say i probably was moving around a lot when it was taking the blood pressures at different times during uh this window from 10 26 this morning to 1 24 this afternoon, and probably the end points could be thrown out, but maybe on average i'm around 125 over 73 different ways of looking at all of this okay, so that's this whole section again. If i hit health management measurement, i get one single number on all of these. After about a minute's worth of testing the rest of this you've, seen in the other apps uh that we, the other watches and bands that we've covered that use this particular app. So i won't go into a lot of detail. I will point out that you can set uh dials from here and one of them that i showed you forget, which one this one here that's the one that i downloaded on here and again i can get to it just by turning. I kind of like that. One for night time, it's, nice and soft and gold and goes well with the band, but you can pick any of these other ones here.

Don'T see a way to do a custom band. Maybe i think this one? No, i don't know edit edit. Just let you throw them away so on this app i'm, not sure you can create your own, but you can choose from the ones that are there. You definitely want to turn on enhanced measurement, enable your twist your wrist to see it continuous monitoring. Those two you want turned on if you're going to do the long term averages of all of your different readings and the rest is just up to you left or right, 12 or 24 hour, and then in the mine you put in your basic information, you can Connect with google fit so you can transfer the data over there, but remember the fitness stuff is pretty lame: there's, no gps. It doesn't monitor, step count when you're running or walking use a different watch for for fitness units and all that stuff. For here settings and suggestions that you can send in, but basically it comes back to this home page, and this is all it's about you wear the thing you get your vitals, you get your step counts. Um, basically use it for that. So, all in all for a fitness watch you can do better, but for a health monitoring health screening device. This is top notch, including temperature it's, taking its good sweet time using an algorithm that also incorporates the the green diodes back there somehow to compute what your actual body temperature is from the skin temperature over time that it's reading it.

You can pick this up from fine now directly in their aliexpress store. We'Ve got a link in the show notes: that'll click you right over to this buying page and they get a notification that you're buying it from watching. Mr ticks.