This is essentially everything that you need in a smart watch and im going to try and keep this clear and concise. So right now were already about 20 seconds into the video, so were going to try like i said, im going to try and not beat around the bush and get right to the point. Now ive only owned this smart watch for a very short period of time. So i can do a very brief review and give you my first impressions on it, but i have owned many different smart watches in the past, including other fitbits, multiple other fitbits. Okay, i love the brand love all their smart, watches and gear um. So im gon na give you this review and my first impression so, first and foremost, design. Okay, it has this uh circular square shape for the watch face fantastic. The band is great because its super duper easy to put on okay, nice new design. Super duper easy to put on. I remember my old, my other fitbit uh watch having a different design. Okay, so, like i said this is to the best of my my memory uh, because i got rid of that watch a while ago, so really really easy to put on im, not gon na put it on, though, because im in a very confined space over here, Um very, very comfortable to wear overall physical design, fantastic, not too big, not too small, just the size that you need to see thats all we like to rhyme here on this channel in these videos with regards to the interface lets.

Uh start her up over here. Okay, as you can see, really easy to use, okay, so uh, depending on which way you swipe youre gon na get different options. So we have our notifications here. We have our widgets going that way. Okay over here you have your settings and then over here you have your apps, so you can swipe through so like really really easy to use. This is essentially like your home screen and then, depending on, which way you swipe youre gon na get different options. Um, like i said, i have some notes to the side. The next thing that i wrote down was overall feel and comfort um. In my opinion, it feels great comfort level, fantastic. This band – i i wore for a while, and i just sort of tried to get a feel for how it would feel on my wrist um. You know i did a little quick little workout, i was sweating and it felt great it didnt feel like it was rubbing along my wrist or anything like that. Um overall, it felt absolutely fantastic to be honest with you um so overall feel and comfort is great. Um with regards to the price, it sort of falls right in the middle of the price point of smart watches, at least where i live, and at the time that im filming this. So there are some more watches that are more expensive and there are smart watches that are cheaper if youre looking for the cheapest option, this is not going to fit your bill if youre looking for the most expensive option with the most features, this is not going To fit your bill its right in the middle, but it places a focus on health, okay, which leads me to my next point, which is sleep tracking sleep tracking um ive only had a chance to brush up on it, like, i said ive only for a very Short period of time, but every fitbit product that ive ever used has had excellent sleep tracking.

So theres, no doubt in my mind that this is going to have great sleep tracking as well. Um, like i said, display, so look at the display over here. Okay, super duper easy to read. Okay, you can change your clock face, but everything is easy to understand. The fact that i can swipe to the settings – and i understand who all of these are without even reading the manual is – it speaks volumes. I know what all of these mean and i havent even read the manual right so, like i said everything is just super easy to understand. You know easy to to know what you want to do. You know you want to look at your clock. You go to your clocks. You want to look at your gender, your calendar, you go to the calendar over there settings alarm time or weather its just straightforward. Okay, today you can see what we did today. Voice assistant exercise, eda scan. You know every everything which, by the way, eda scan really really cool. I tried that out a few times, absolutely love it. Okay, um ill, probably do a very, very quick demonstration in a moment, um overall, the setup process was really quick. It only took me a couple of minutes to set this up and update it. It didnt take long at all um and it was really efficient. I really only had to type a few things and click a few things and the rest of it did itself and its been ready to use its really that easy, no physical button on the side so right here, as you can see theres an indentation.

If i push it, i get a haptic feedback, its vibrating, that whenever i touch it um but its not a physical button, which is cool because you know youre sweating right. You know when you sweat, you get water along the side of the watch. If theres a physical button theres a chance, the water can get inside without a physical button, less of a chance the water is going to get inside um and then, with regards to its overall use uh. It is just incredible at tracking health stats, its absolutely fantastic. It has so many trackers its unbelievable. You see all these symbols right here. Just gives you an idea of what it can track. Okay, you know if you are data driven and health focused. This is the watch for you. Let me tell you, which is definitely part of my arsenal, for the most part so, like i said ill just go and demonstrate an eda scan, really really cool its pretty cool. So, like you could do a quick scan, two minutes, which is what i did last time. Okay, no problem um were here we go so i wont ill leave that on so i can oh no ill leave it on, so i can use it in a future. Video to explain what what it does and stuff like that plus, i probably want to read through it again. Ive only done it a few times. I want to give that a thorough reading so were going to click, got it so.

Okay, calm your mind and breathe, which im not doing right now, but were going to place our hand over the screen in a moment. Yeah cover the screen and keep still okay and what it just gave me. The haptic feedback and its timing me and its gon na count my responses, which is really really cool right, so it paused im, not gon na, do the whole thing and make you wait two minutes, but if i wanted to resume it, i would just cover it Right, its really really cool like something so simple, and just this calms your mind just thinking about it right so overall, i just wanted to give you the um there we go. I just wanted to give you the uh. First impressions and review of the fitbit sense. Smartwatch, if you like this video, please be sure to give it a thumbs up. Let me know what you think down below as a comment and, of course be sure to subscribe for more great videos, just like this one and thats all i have for you today.