You will get the watch itself and you also get easy, installable and replaceable silicon straps, along with a charging cable, which also has a proprietary connector. At one end, you also get the warranty card, along with some additional information about the watch itself and how to get it started. But lets quickly take a look at the build quality and design it is made out of aluminium and the back case is made out of polycarbonate and the aluminium looks really nice and despite it looking like a chunky and nice sized watch, its actually quite lightweight and Weighs in only at 48.2 grams, it is available in a whole host of colors. We are checking out what they call the brown plus blue combo, but you can make your own combinations by replacing the straps and picking the case color of your choice. The watch is rated for 5 atmospheres of water resistance, which means that about 50 meters under water for 10 minutes, this watch can survive, and this is usually a rating given to higher end watches. The display of the watch is a 1.32 inch lcd display and it has a 360 by 360 pixel resolution. The display is quite bright and vivid and of course you can control things like brightness and colors as per your choices, and you have a whole host of watch faces that you can customize as well, so about 100 watch faces are provided at the launch and you Can also make your custom watch faces by adding your own picture in the background, and then more watch faces will be added in the future.

The app is available on android as well as ios, so you can pair up with both the phones and you do get call notifications on the watch itself as well as far as tracking is concerned, you do get a whole host of tracking features on this watch. So you get sleep tracking, which not only monitors your light sleep, but also your rem, sleep and you also get sp o2 monitoring, which is oxygen levels, and you also get vo2 max levels, which is the maximum oxygen consumption during a fast run outside. So if youre a runner, this watch is definitely useful for that. Apart from running, you can also track up to 14 different sports activities, which include a outdoor or an indoor run, also a walk, a swim, even cycling. All of that can be tracked on the watch and it also has an auto sports tracking feature. So, if youre already in the middle of a sports activity – and you forgot to turn on tracking on your watch, the watch will automatically detect it and turn it on. For you, so apart from all that tracking, you also get a heart rate monitor and a step counter. You also have a breathe app that allows you to take some time off and have some deep breathing in your day to be a little more mindful. You also have things like a period tracker and a calorie counter. You also have things like a hydration reminder, which will remind you to drink some water throughout your day, and you also have idle alerts which will give you a notification that youve been sitting for too long and itll remind you to get up and move around a Little bit, one of the most interesting uh features on this is the stress meter, which tells you the amount of stress you have, and this gives it in a number form, which is not something that ive seen in the past, but its a unique indicator and itll Tell you how much stress youve had during the day – and you can look at that number and try to keep it low so that you have a less stressful day and it can be a really useful tool for that now, once the watch is connected with your Phone, you also get features like alexa on the watch, and you also have the ability to control the camera shutter button from your watch, so it can act as a remote shutter for your camera.

You also have the ability to control your phones music from this. So if youre on a run and youre listening to music, you can just use your watch to control the music on your phone. You dont have to uh pull out your phone every time, so the watch has a 300 milliamp hour battery and uh. It is rated for 14 days of use, but well be testing it out to tell you if that is a valid figure to expect from this watch or not. And if you guys are interested in that and would like us to fully review this watch or let us know in the comments below and if enough of you are interested well fully review this watch. Although we have tested some of its features like the sleep tracking and the step counter, along with the sp o2 and the heart rate, monitor and all of those are pretty accurate when compared with other devices as well. Overall, i really like the design and the weight of the watch, its really lightweight, and it looks like a premium smartwatch. In fact, if you look at it from a distance, it doesnt really look like a smartwatch. It looks like one of those old premium watches, and that is what i like about. The design of the watch. If you guys are interested in the titan, smart well have links to it in the description below and if you enjoyed this video dont forget to smash the like button hit the subscribe button, if youre not already a part of team again, this has been bharat ill.