This is hw 22 and this is fk 75. So these are. These two watches are very good, so let’s start a comparison wait. This watch is more weight see. This is very thick. I’M very fat right and fk. 75 is not as sweet as much weight as hw 22, so it’s very weightless see it’s very thin and it is very weightless. Hw 22 is more weight than fk 75. Then design the sun, wise it’s your opinion, because these two designs are same right see same design. Only the difference is the back it’s light. This light is like this, and this light is like this. Okay, then thickness. This is very fat, and this is not fat. This is very thin and this is so thick, then quality, strap quality, see hw 22 strap is see. The quality is very good right, it’s, very good, and if k75 is not not good, you are paying more money and you are getting very yuck yeah. Very you know: very poor quality, strap right, see this thing comes out and in this watch this thing don’t come you know, hw22 strap is original apple strap, and this is not like that this and they bought it in china. In some you know in some factories like that, so quality wise. Of course, this is very good and wallpapers. You can only set six wallpapers in hw 22 see these are doorbell one one, two, three, four five six. This is a custom watch face which you can add any watch face from the app or else you can design any watch face about your face like that, and this this watch has more than 20 wallpapers.

My favorite one. Is this one by the way and see and some watch watch faces are like this see yeah, then? Okay, then this watch has split screen, see the split screen. If you open any app, it will come here which app you open like that now i’m. Opening this. This up sports outdoor sports app, so let’s see what will come see here. It comes then. This watch don’t have split screen. Only some watches have split screen, but some also has yeah. These chinese watches, which are built by chinese, are coming like. This then see this, and this wallpaper is very cool right, see the apps. There are uh so much app, not that much, but there are so many apps see. If you do like this, it will come like that and say hw 22 subs. There are lots of lots of apps in hw102, the water you can set see i’m confused of yeah. This one see you can create a password in this watch see how to create first, you should go to setting yeah. This watch is very smooth see. This is yeah password this one. No sorry yeah this one. Why this one is. Oh first, you should connect to your watch. So then only you can. You can put the password, and this one don’t have password. Hdr 2 is very good. This is like normal watch, but it’s. Ok, you can add music in these two in these two watches see you should first, i i put a video how to connect fk75.

If you didn’t watch go check it see. This is starch light these two phones. These two watches have torchlight yeah okay, so this swatch is better than fk 75. So i forgot to tell the price the price hw2. I bought these two watches in aliexpress, so in aliexpress it is very cheap. You can buy that. I can give you the link down below Music. Okay then hw 22 is is how much dollars it’s like 25. No, no, not 25! It’S. 19! I will give you the cheapest link. Okay, so you can buy the cheapest one. I will give you the link after i upload a video so after that only i search it see and fk 75 years 18 yeah. These two watches are same price. I forgot to tell that in that price you can buy this watch. This watch is very popular, but you can you only have six wallpapers in that watch. You have 2 wallpapers in this watch, see see the apps. I forgot to put this. You can do like this like this, then then you can put like this. Also like this. It gives a vibration when you do it up when it is already up same to so the download let’s see where it is. I don’t know where it is, but you can set this tree in hedgehog and to also seem so see. The apps are very beautiful, and this edged up into like apple watch, it’s very beautiful right, but actually these two watches are copy copy cat.

I mean these two watches. Are these two watch brands copied apple watch, so it’s not fair right. If apple watch series 7 comes, then they also tell this will be like fk something this will be like hw, 32 or hw 42 yeah it’s copied right. This watch is a low and low end version in fk fk series. This is fk 75. There is fk 75 fk, 78 fk, 88 fk, 88 pro and fk99 fk99 plus fk99 pro fk 100, and this is not the low end. This is high end in hw series. There are hw12 hw16 hw22 they released now only so. These two watches are copycat of series. Six apple watch series six, so you can buy hw20. So thanks for watching my video and please subscribe like share my video and comment, so i will give the link down below and fk 75 watch and hw 20 watch. If you want to buy it takes a lot of time like one month, i will give you free shipping link or else and give you a shipped link. I will give you free shipping, okay, the cheap one.