However, only a select few offer the looks, features and performance as fossil gen 5e does and if youre wondering how this watch actually performs in day to day usage, then you have come to the right place because i am making this fossil gen 5e smartwatch review after Using it for more than a month, so is this watch worthy of all the praise and attention it gets lets find out before we proceed further, i would request you to hit that like and subscribe button. If you like this video, it would motivate us to bring you more reviews, tips and tricks on smartwatch wearables. Fossil is a name that comes to everyones, mind and thats. What most users who own a fossil smart watch are looking for, and fossil womens gen 5e is not any different from any other smart watch from the fossil family, so lets talk about the design and build quality of the watch. First, what makes the fossil smart watches special is that you can get them in various color and design combinations for our review. I have selected the rose gold, glitz, color variant of the watch. This particular model sports, a 42 millimeter rose gold case, which is accompanied by an 18 millimeter stainless steel, bracelet strap. If you dont find the bracelet strap comfortable, then you can go with the mesh or pink silicone strap variant as well. Besides this one, there is also a silver and gold dual tone variant of the watch.

The looks of this watch are without a doubt star of the show, but one thing that stands out to me is the 18 millimeter strap, not a lot of smart watches available out. There come with 18 millimeter and are usually 20 millimeter wide, at least, and some smart watches, with those big straps arent that appealing to everyone in the looks department, i dont think the watch would disappoint you in any way. I am sure you would receive a few. Compliments or inquiries about the watch every day, while the looks are an important factor. The display can make or break the watch. In my opinion, thankfully, fossil hasnt cut any corners here, as this watch comes with a 1.19 inches amoled display. So the screen is quite crisp and easy to read in almost every lighting condition it only struggles a little bit when under direct sunlight under direct sunlight. The watch is legible enough to read the time and check up on the notifications, but extensive use wont be easier. Another thing to note here is that there is no automatic brightness on the watch, so you will have to manually adjust the brightness every time youre out. All in all, i think the display is good for day to day use and shouldnt be an issue for most users, no matter how expensive a smart watch is. It wont matter unless it comes with good software to back it up and fossil gen 5e womens smartwatch is running on wear os made by none other than google itself, so you can get access to the play store which allows you to download and install various apps On the watch, while app selection is fairly limited compared to an apple watch, but this watch supports both android and ios devices.

Therefore, if you plan to switch your device in the future, you wont have to worry about the phone not being compatible with the watch to connect the watch to your phone simply install the wear os app on your respective android or ios device once connected youll. Be able to use the smart features on the watch once connected, you can sync notifications from your phone to the smartwatch and keep updated with instagram dms text messages or any other important notifications. Furthermore, the watch also features a built in speaker and microphone, so you can use the watch to answer or decline incoming calls. I found this feature to be quite handy when my hands were full during grocery shopping. The watch gives you two options: either answer the call on the watch or pick up the call using watch and answer using the phone along with that. The microphone and speaker can also be used to access google assistant, so you can check for weather, updates, keep notes, set important reminders, get sports updates and more on the go. You can also make contactless payments using the watch as it comes with a built in nfc. In the smart feature department, you wont be missing out on anything, and fossil has ensured that smart watches and fitness trackers provide a great way to track daily health and fitness activities and thats. Why this fossil womens gen 5e comes with optical heart rate tracking that can track heartbeat per minute.

24 7.. It will be a useful metric for fitness enthusiasts, as it will allow them to track their workout activities to start tracking. Your fitness sessions simply use the google fit app available on the watch. It comes with built in profiles for running walking, biking, treadmill, running stationary biking, elliptical, yoga and other fitness activities. The watch would also sync your fitness activities to the google fit app on your smart watch using the fossil 5 jenny. You can track your calories burned, the time elapsed, distance covered and various other metrics while running or performing other fitness activities. However, one thing to note here is that there is no built in gps on the watch, so this watch will piggyback on your phone for gps connectivity when youre out for a run that might be a deal breaker for hardcore fitness enthusiasts or athletes, but thats. Not what the primary audience for the watch is. If you are an athlete, then i would recommend checking out our list of best garmin watches for women ill, be leaving a link for the blog on the description box below so do check that out. Coming back to the fossil watch, it also comes with built in sleep tracking, so the watch can track how much sleep youre getting. It can be further quantified into how much light sleep youre getting and how restful you were, while sleeping. I dont know how useful other users find sleep tracking to be, but it is a must have feature for me.

It helps me, create a better sleep schedule and ensures that i feel energized the next day. Overall. This is a great smart watch for basic health and fitness tracking, as it gives pretty good insight into your daily activities. However, i wont recommend the watch to any athlete looking for in depth sports analysis or outdoor adventurers. This brings us to the last part of the review, which is performance and battery life. This watch is powered by snapdragon 3100, which is accompanied by one gigabyte of ram, which is more than enough for handling day to day tasks. Talking about the battery life, a single charge would give usability of 24 hours or more depending on your usage. This could have been a major deal breaker for me, but thankfully fossil provides a rapid charging cable with the watch. It can charge your watch from 0 to 80 within an hour, so an hours worth of charge in the morning will be sufficient for the day. There are also built in battery profiles in the watch, namely daily extended, custom and time only daily profile, as the name suggests is for daily usage and keeps all the features enabled extended. On the other hand, disables always on display, speaker and other functions to prolong the battery life and enabling the time mode would make it into a simple watch. I would recommend opting for custom mode as it will allow you to create a profile that enables only those features that you require still battery life is a department where wear os has always struggled, and i dont think this issue has anything to do with fossil.

Rather os itself, all in all, this is a great smart watch for women from fossil. It delivers on fancy, looks as well as performance, which is quite a rare combination in the world of smart watches.