Oh my god, my watch is missing. Oh my god, my watch is missing. If you guys watch my previous video i’m wearing a smart band from xiaomi okay, never mind. I have a new watch in this video i’m going to share with you a smart watch and it could be your first smartwatch. This is xiaomi. Watch live, let’s, open, wow, the box are so black. Oh behind here got some information. This is redmi wt02, which is global version of redmi watch and renamed as me. Watch live, it is compatible with android 5.0 ios, 10 and above mini watch. Light comes with built in gps, many sport modes and heart rate monitor wow the watch so premium Music wow. The watch so nice and premium Music let’s see what’s inside the box. Okay inside the box have watch charger and user manual blah blah blah no need keep away on the mini watch. Charger have mid logo and it looks so premium. Okay, move aside of this one. This one, this one all the balls move aside. Okay, let’s see the watch. Now the me watch light comes with a single button. The watch frame is making from tpu behind here got heart rate sensor, actually guys these straps can be removed like this. Here got a button: can you guys see it and press it press it harder, pull out, uh yeah like this, so this watch can change the straps with many colors. Okay, let’s see the watch display.

This is the watch display and set down for notification. So i am back and swipe up for control center and you guys can see here. Battery percentage, connect with bluetooth or not and slide left for more heart rate. Monitor this heart rate monitor only work when it’s on hand. It can detect it’s on your hand or not that to measure and the light is not working and if i put my hand here yeah can you guys see it’s working if i move away and it’s still measuring, but the light is won’t work. Mud bend like this. This is me ben4 and it doesn’t matter, it’s on your hand or not, it still will working the heart rate and you guys can see see no matter. It is on your hand, or not it’s, still working next sleeping data weather calorie reports, and here you guys can see how much calorie you burn the steps you walk and how much you standing in a day. Next one you can control your music from this watch. Oh yeah, you guys remember the button just now. This one remember press the button like this and you guys can see here the main menu here. So we can see all the function is here. First, one is workout. Workout got many spot mode exercise mode. You can choose even when you don’t know what you want to do. You can choose this one freestyle and this one is activity records and today now do any activities.

This one is calorie statistics and, like just now, we’ve seen next, one is hot heart rate. This one is sleeping data, and this is the special one breathing breathing guide. This breathing guide. You can choose how long you want to do one minute, two minute, three minutes and so on. Okay and then here got the speed fast mode rate, slow and here’s go okay. Now we do the breathing like this. Okay, just one minute and the breathing speed is moderate. Let’S go three. Two one follow the this one: Music. Ah, okay, this one here got heart rate is 85 and non exercise is 103. i’m, not sure what is representing all right. This is the sample. When you miss road, you can open your compass um. Next, one is air pressure. Okay, this one is music control like just now, hey opening uh like just now next is alam. You guys can set alarm here, not like ben the mi band. Just can close and on the alarm cannot set alarm here. You must set from the apps next. One is the stopwatch: this one is the timer. You can set timer how many minutes you want. Also you can customize inside there. This one is where weather information and this one is notification. This one ah yeah. This one is a useful thing. So when you miss your phone or you lose your phone somewhere else, you can find from here just tap the icon just now and search your phone.

Your phone will ringing. Next. Is this one? This one is tosh lite other setting. You guys can do inside this. One settings called watch face. Okay, i have a questions: how to connect this xiaomi watch with my phone me. Watchlight can call it with xiaomi wear application like this. Actually, i have married for one way and i just use as normal read notification watch the time and the battery is last for one bit, it’s, not bad, like even the heart rate monitor also always on. In my opinion, this watch is suitable for exercise. Oh yeah swimming also can use you can wear it when you’re swimming and this watch is suitable for daily use. This watch could be your first smartwatch.