Ive been wearing the epics for the past month, so lets get into exactly what makes this smart watch so good. As long as you can stomach that price, the best way to think about the epix gen 2 is like garmins high end sports watch, the phoenix 7, except its got a much nicer screen in this long term, review im going to be diving into all of the Main features and functionality and my experience with them over the past month, you can jump straight ahead to particular sections with the time codes provided in the description below, as well as a link to the full text review. If you want to dive into even more detail and, of course down there too links to the latest pricing and availability because thats the big one with this watch, we have to talk about straight off the bat. It starts at 900 us dollars, which is admittedly, a lot of money for not just a smart watch, but a high end sports watch as well. So is it worth it lets dive in key feature that sets the epics apart. Is that 1.3 inch amoled display its bright and clear, really easy to see in broad daylight, so your workout stats are front and center and the resolution is high enough. So you can see maps and navigation with a level of detail that you probably havent, been able to see on, say other garmin watches that have a transflective display its just so nice to look at and it really elevates the look and feel of this watch.

In particular, i love the always on display on this watch now, if youre coming from other smart watches that are a little bit less expensive than the epics say like an apple watch, galaxy watch youll know that always on displays with amoled screens, dont necessarily correlate to Long battery life, maybe like a maximum of two days, if youre lucky well talk about battery life, specifics in that particular section when we get to it, but spoiler alert, youre gon na get almost a week with always on with this in real world testing and thats. Incredible you navigate the watch by using buttons, the touchscreen or a combination of the two, and when you start a workout by default, the setting is to turn the touchscreen off to avoid any accidental presses. I love the customization options on this watch. There is just so much to adjust from the first party watch faces that have multitudes of complications. You can put almost anything. You want stats wise on your wrist to workout options and when youre doing say a run. You only want to have certain metrics appear on your watch face. You can adjust absolutely everything you want lets talk about size, because this watch is a chonka. Now youve probably been seeing footage of the watch on my wrist and probably thinking to yourself either secretly or not so secretly, look lexi that looks a little bit big on you im not going to lie. I agree with you, while this watch does not feel too heavy to wear for me with smaller wrists during say a workout or every day.

I think it does look a little bit too big and thats, because its only in one 47 millimeter size. If you have larger wrists, i dont think this is going to be a problem at all aesthetics aside, i really think the only size and weight issue that this watch presents is for sleep tracking im, a particularly active, sleeper, um, very animated, shall i say, as i Snooze and im just genuinely concerned that i am going to knock my teeth out with this watch, because the construction is so solid. Buy a beware Applause. Now there are so many workout types and activity tracking options on the epics that it can almost feel overwhelming. For say, a more casual athlete like me now ive mostly been sticking to the more. I guess standard workout types like running walking, cycling and yoga, for example, but there is extensive functionality here for surfers for golfers and for skiers in particular, ive written a little bit more detail about what those modes entail in the review in the description below so go Check that out, if youre interested in a little bit more detail than i can go into in the video here, i found that the heart rate sensor accuracy was good for cardio based exercises, say like running walking and cycling. In particular, i tested it against a dedicated chest, strap which is considered the gold standard in consumer heart rate tracking. Now i would say that, if youre doing activities and wanting to make sure your heart rate sensor, data is as accurate as possible.

Youll need to tighten this watch a little bit just because it is so large, or at least it just is on me. Your mileage will of course, vary depending on your wrist size. I did find that i had to tighten it, probably one notch more than i would if i was wearing it, just regular everyday use as a smartwatch, just because of the size to ensure that it wasnt wobbling around too much during my workouts gps on the epics Is solid, i compared it to a control phone and i was impressed with the results. I also found that the gps locked on super quickly as soon as i started, an outdoor workout theres, also a new real time. Stamina, feature kind of like a fuel tank to give you an idea of how far you can run or ride so you dont burn out, although i think its most useful for endurance runners, i didnt find it. Was that helpful doing a shorter workout like the venue? 2 series, the epics, also has animated workouts that show you what muscles that you should be targeting for specific exercises. Other features from garmin watches that are brought over to the epics also include the body battery. Now this is kind of like an indicator to tell you if you should do that workout or take it easy that day, based on variables, like your heart rate, variability and overall stress and activity levels, you also get vo2 max that takes into account things like altitude.

As well, which is kind of nice, and you get blood oxygen, tracking and monitoring, you can either do this as a spot reading or throughout the day and night. During your sleep, sleep tracking is also on board with sleep stages and a sleep score that rates the quality of your snooze. The watch also has high and low heart rate alerts and in terms of overall safety, it has a garmins live track system and as well as incident detection that can send an alert to your emergency contacts. If it detects a you know, a high velocity event. Unfortunately, ive had incident detection trigger false positives twice over the past month. It seems to be very, very sensitive. Lets put it that way. The mapping features on the epics are extensive and kind of be on the scope of the video to go into absolutely every single one. But my favorite is round trip routing you put in the distance that you want to travel either running or riding, and the watch will suggest a couple of different routes to mix things up. Ive genuinely enjoyed this. It has provided a bit more variety to my workouts Music. Okay lets talk battery life and smart features. Now i dont know what kind of alchemy garmin has done with the epics, but they can get six days of battery life out of this watch with the always on display active, like what i dont understand common. Like tell me, you tell me just tell me your secrets tell us your secrets, because this is incredible and if you want to do more, regular, smartwatch use without as many of the bells and whistles and turn the always on display off 16 days.

I dont know guys my mind is just blown officially. The epics is a sports watch first and smartwatch second, but there are still a number of important features to talk about, including ios and android compatibility yay. However, if you are attached to an iphone, you will not be able to respond to text messages from your wrist. Youll. Only just be able to see them come through. Quick responses are available. If you are paired with android, you can put your own music on this watch. You can also use third party apps, like spotify, amazon, music and deezer, for example, to store your music for offline playback. There is a storage disparity, though so 16 gigabytes is internal storage. For this stainless steel variant and if you have the sapphire and titanium version that bumps it to 32 gigabytes, it also has garmin pay support for contactless nfc payments from your wrist, and you also get a variety of third party apps available to download plus third party Watch faces from the connect iq store, Music, okay, so whats missing now for a 900 watch, youd think it has got everything and the kitchen sink. Alas, that is not the case now caveats here. If youre only looking for a really fully fledged fitness and sports watch, you will do no wrong with the epics. You might not need any of these other things that im talking about the first is an ecg or electrocardiogram app theres, also no speaker and microphone.

Now the venue 2 plus from garmin does have that, if youre looking for more smart features and smart functionality and to be fair, thats, probably the watch line that i would expect an ecg to be introduced in first. I would like to take a quick call from my wrist as long as my phone is in reach and if my phone isnt in reach, i would also love to have lte or cellular connectivity for staying in touch when i am out doing a workout say if I dont want to take my phone on a run, because this watch is heavy again, would love to see it. It would detract from battery life im sure, but for 900. I really wish it had that too. So there you have it my month with the fx2 theres, so much to love about this watch that glorious screen that durable construction round trip route support, mapping all of the extra bells and whistles that you get for activity tracking, which is incredible, then theres, the not So good things price is pretty much the main one um and missing features that other smartwatches have for half the price so im genuinely torn. I think this is garmins best watch for fitness enthusiasts 100 and i would choose this over the phoenix 7 line. Full stop, but again, i would probably wait for the sale thanks so much for watching. I hope this was helpful for you in working out. If the epics 2 is going to be the right fit for you.

As always, you can leave me comments down below with any questions that you have any comparisons that youd like to see.