We have a watch that i’m very excited about testing. This is the 4runner 945., so i currently have the garmin fenix 6 and i love having all the features that the garmin fenix 6 has, but it does weigh over 80 grams, so it’s a little bulky little heavy, where the 945 does still have a lot of Those features including maps and two weeks of battery life and tons of activities, but is only 50 grams and is actually a little cheaper than the phoenix 6.. So in this video we’ll start with a very quick unboxing of the 4runner 945. i’ll do a quick side by side with the phoenix 6. So you can see the differences in the size and everything like that and then i’ll do a quick 24 hour review of the 4runner 945 now check the description, because i do plan on doing a more in depth. Full review of the 945, including several in depth. Tutorials showing you how to use it and get the most out of it all right, so let’s go ahead and get started and get the 4runner 945 unboxed. So i’ll just take the top off right here and then there you go there. It is kind of has a similar look to the other four runner watches such as the 245. The 645 remove the screen cover there. We go so right off the bat you can tell the difference. This is a very lightweight garmin watch, which is exciting, with all the features that it has now.

The face right here is going to be 47 millimeters, which is the same as the standard phoenix 6, and i think it looks really good on my wrist. The screen right here is going to be 1.2 inches and pretty high resolution at 240 by 240. So you should get some nice detail, nice colors out of that as well. Now the look of this watch, i think it has a really nice look with a dark bezel that has engraving on it as well as engraving on the metal buttons right here. So, as you can see power and music controls and then on the right side, you have two more buttons with the back button and then we have the starter. Stop button right here now the band is going to be silicone. I, like the texture on the front of it with the back being a nice soft silicone, my experience with these bands they last a long time. They hold up very well and they don’t actually collect a lot of dirt. On the back. Here we have the charging connector, which is standard for garmin, so you can buy a replacement for less than ten dollars and then we have the heart rate sensor. That also has pulse ox in it as well as you can see. That does not come up too far from the back, so you shouldn’t have any issues with indentation. Anything like that go ahead and get the screen turned on.

You can see the little garmin emblem. As you can see, the display is kind of much smaller than the actual face here, so i’m really interested to see. If i notice that – and if i like that so doing a quick side by side here, you can see. The display is larger. On this phoenix 6 and the bezel is also larger, just a bulkier watch in addition to that it’s also thicker as well all right. So now that we’ve done an unboxing and taking a closer look at the 4runner 945 i’m going to go ahead and get it set up, then i’ll use it for about 24 hours and i’ll. Tell you what i think so it’s been just over 24 hours. Since i started wearing and testing the forerunner 945, i have to say overall i am very impressed with this watch. It is an awesome blend of very comfortable lightweight material, with a ton of features that are really useful and really fun to use. So i want to start out with talking about the build and the size of this watch just the way it’s designed so like i’ve said many times. This is a very lightweight watch that makes it more comfortable and i didn’t have any issues wearing it through the night, while sleeping or any discomfort in any way. Since starting the test to watch i’ve done yoga and hiking, i had no issues with doing any poses in yoga on my wrist or any fatigue in the arm that i was wearing it in while hiking for several hours.

The buttons also have a really nice feel to them very snappy device, very quick when you go through the different widget screens and control the menus. The watch reacts very quickly and you have a lot of detail on these screens with great color. Now the size of the screen – i was a little worried about that, but i really didn’t find it to be an issue and it was just something i noticed because i had the phoenix 6 before it. Didn’T have that little area between the screen and the bezel. So when it comes to features on this watch, you’re gon na have the ability to read notifications. If you have an android phone, you can actually respond to text messages. Things like that from your watch, but not if you have an iphone. You can also store music on this watch either. Just music files spotify can even download to it different music services like that or you can control music on your phone there’s. Also, a ton of activities that are built into the watch, which is kind of different for most garmin watches. If you get a garmin vivoactive 4 or a garmin venue, you’re not going to have a hiking activity, but this watch has tons of activities. We’Ll just go through them very quickly, so you have hike in yoga navigate all these different things here, but you even get into some things, such as treadmill pool open water swimming triathlon.

We can even go into more so you can do a virtual run. Just tons of mountain biking tons of activities in here, so basically you can record any sport that you’re doing on your watch. They even have bouldering, which i thought was pretty cool and then once you start those activities they’ve actually customized each activity so that it displays the information you need to see while you’re hiking or swimming things like that. So with the hiking activity, you have your time. Your distance, then you also have total ascent and your speed, which i think is really cool, so you have to go in and build all these activities build out. The data sets and the screens it’s all customized perfectly for that activity, and you can customize it further. If you’d like so once, you do complete an activity, you can see all the data that is collected by the watch and it displays in a really easy to understand way. So we can go and select it, and then you can see all the information you can see all the stats, so everything your trading effect heart rate. So if i select that you’ll see the different times and zones for heart rate, you could see a map of the entire hike or run anything like that and that’s. Another thing. The maps on this watch are incredibly detailed. They show you trails, they even give you the name of the trail, as you can see little kennesaw trail and they even point out things such as summits, and i don’t know if you can see that right there, but they even show the location of bathrooms.

So, unlike maps for your car, where it shows roads, this also has that but it’s going to show you more detail when you’re, hiking or you’re exploring outdoors, so you don’t need to look at your phone or worry about having cell phone signal. This is all built into the watch, so it has nothing to do with your connection to your phone and, as you can see, you can pan out and see a lot more information, including other countries. So if i scroll down here, you can see south america and while some countries may not have as much detail as i’ve experienced in the united states, you’re still going to have information that might help you. If you were in those areas, such as towns, you’ll be able to see where the water is located. Things like that one of the things i really like is this abc widget. That shows your compass, your altimeter and your barometer it’s, really cool it’s, almost like james bond. When i turn the watch, it changes the compass and then i like it. When i’m, like driving out west, i can watch the altimeter as i go up and down in elevation, it’s, just a really cool widget that garmin has included on some of their watches. You can also see your vo2 max on your watch, which is pretty cool. You can go in and see when that was measured and then also your race predictors there. This watch does have pulse ox, so it will measure your blood oxygen level, but i haven’t found it to be that reliable and i’ve seen other people say this online.

So while it might be useful for you, i haven’t found it to be that useful. In addition to all the activities and the different features, you also have basically the standard activity. Tracker stats, such as your steps, counted or your stairs count calories, and they also include intensity minutes and that’s when your heart rate goes above a certain level, so you can go in. You can see all the information there, a graph of throughout the week or months. It’S cool how much data and information is available on this watch. In addition to that, they also have menstrual cycle tracking and hydration tracking. So you can measure how much water you’re drinking it throughout the day and tons of customizable, apps and widgets that have been built by third parties to install on your watch. Including watch faces like this. So you can include a lot more information than is available with the built in watch faces, and a lot of these like this one here are free i’ll, put a link in the description to this watch face if you’re interested in it. So when it comes to accuracy of the tracking for this watch, first with the location on the gps, didn’t find any issues. It actually seems to be much quicker with establishing a gps sync, which is great, because when you start an activity you don’t have to wait for it to sync. It takes. Maybe you know five or 10 seconds which isn’t bad at all sleep tracking.

I found that it was able to recognize when i was falling asleep and then, when i was waking up, and it also had a ton of information in between for rem, sleep and when i was waking up to go to the bathroom things like that. The step tracking and heart rate tracking seemed to be comparable with other garmin watches i’ve had such as the phoenix 6, the 245, the vivoactive 4 things like that. I didn’t find anything that seemed to stand out from the accuracy of those trackers compared to the 4runner. 945., so that was a quick unboxing and initial review of the garmin 400 945. I do plan on posting more videos about this, so if you’d like to see a more in depth, review or tutorials over how to use the watch check, the description. I’Ll add those down there. If you have any questions about the 4runner 945 leave a comment below i’ll get back to you as soon as i can i’m going to add an amazon affiliate link to the description below. So you can find this exact watch on amazon. If this video helped you give it a thumbs up, and please consider subscribing to my channel engaging gadgets, more gadget, reviews and tech tutorials.