im gon na go over what its specs are. What its fitness and sleep tracking is all about, and really is it right for you lets, go ahead and get right into it. Music all right lets go ahead and get right into those specifications. First thing it is coming in at about 450, unless youre getting it on sale comes in three different colors. It comes in a silver stainless steel. It also comes in a slate stainless steel and it also comes in a cream gold type, stainless steel as well. It does have a touchscreen amoled display with gorilla glass, 3 on it and thats coming in at about 1.3 inches. It does have a silicone band with a 20 millimeter, quick release, band thats built in and the bands pretty good, but you can always replace it really easily. It does have 5 atmospheres of water resistance. As far as its battery life is concerned, you can get up to nine days with it as a smart watch. If you want to do always on itll, probably be anywhere from four to five, maybe closer to three days. If you want to add pulse socks, which is going to help with your sleep tracking as well, which i turned on youre – probably going to get around five to six days, and if you want to use it with gps, you can get up to 24 hours with It on gps, but if it does have music on its going to be around eight hours or sensors are concerned, it does have a heart rate, monitor a gps with glonass galileo, very accurate with its gps.

It has a compass, a gyroscope, an accelerometer, a thermometer, an ambient light sensor and a pulse ox detector as well, and it also has an altimeter as well so youd be able to check your elevation and stair climbing as well. It is connected via bluetooth, 5.0 to your smartwatch device, either ios or android. It has two separate apps, either garmin iq, which is going to customize your watch faces and also has the garmin connect app that were gon na go into a second. We get into the fitness and sleep tracking, it has a bunch of different running profiles. It does a little bunch of golf stuff as well with outdoor activities. Cycling features as well, and it has kid activity tracking features if thats something youre interested in. As far as what it does, when it does activity track, it tracks, calories, burned, floors, climb, distance, traveled intensity minutes and also, of course, tracks your steps as well and also has body battery as well. That is something that garmin does that kind of lets. You know how much energy that you have left in your body battery and does deplete throughout the day, but if you take a nap it does increase and stuff like that. All right now lets go into its fitness and sleep tracking. You do need to go into the garmin connect app for all of that. I dont want to pay with my watch, even though you can do that, you can use garmin pay through this watch.

I dont want to set up any reminders. No thank you, but right here at the top, tells me where my body battery is how much i charge throughout the last night, how much ive drained where my stress levels are, which is always great, my intensity minutes for today and for the week so far. How many steps i did the floors? Ive climbed? This is all great built right in, but when youre going to go into your activities, you can jump right into there. So lets go into all activities, so it kind of gives us idea whats going on. So i did a cardio workout a little while back and it did fairly well, so the spikes did really well. It was a hard workout for me, but there were a couple of little things here and there that it dropped on. So, if you do switch it over to the side, it will go with you and you can actually zoom into this if you like, so you do see a little things where it does drop here and there thats, when my wrist was in a little bit of A flexion in more of a plank position where it dropped, so i was a little disappointed when something like that happens. It took a little while for it to come back, but when it did, it was very accurate. Also be posting. My whoop data right over here as well, so i was a little bit disappointed by all of that.

But as far as its run tracking is concerned, very accurate with run tracking. It did great, with the run tracking, very great, with the heart rate tracking, and not only that the gps tracking was on point and of course it has 24 hours of gps tracking. If youre looking go on triathlons and stuff like that, and it has move iq built in so youll – be able to kind of let your watch know when you are switching activities from like running to swimming to cycling and stuff, like that. So lets go into our sleep tracking, that is under health stats and, of course, under sleep today. It tracked me at about five hours and 56 minutes, which was a little more than i actually did. So i did wake up at four oclock, but it had me going to sleep a little bit early here and there. The garment does track me a little bit earlier before i fall asleep. I do look at my phone uh, while im laying in bed for a pretty solid period of time, but my whoop catches me when i actually do end up falling asleep, where this more along the line catches you, where you are just kind of just stop moving Type things so thats a little disappointed, but it did catch that big awake time that i was awake for a little bit. So that was awesome. Even the rem sleep is pretty accurate, deep, not so much, but throughout the entire week that i used it, it was fairly accurate.

I mean nine hour one, but it does catch me when im waking up and feeding my daughter so overall, a fairly good sleep tracker with a lot of great information, and not only that respiratory rate is built in pulse ox here at the bottom and kind of Tells you how much youre moving here at the bottom as well, so its a lot of great data. If you need data for sleep all right going through the user interface here, we do have three physical buttons on this side kind of a ho, a kind of a back button, a middle shortcut button and the top button which goes to things like widgets. So when you do hit that top button is going to give you your favorite activities and then when you hit this bottom button, you can actually change these, but you have other things you can work through as well. Then the back button will bring you back each time when you swipe down. This is going to give you a daily idea of how everything was like. If you want to go to your notifications, if you want to go ahead and reply to a text message, anything like that hitting back and its all built in and all very customizable as well built right into the system and then when you swipe down comes all The way home this middle button right here when you hit it, it does a shortcut you can set it up any way you like, with alarms with locations brightness anything you would like to, but it is already set up if you want to hold it to go Right to a voice assistant, you can set up your voice assistant, google assistant alexa.

Anything like that when you hold that top right button. This is going to give you this whole entire little wheel that you can also customize as well. Your wallet is up here. If you need it and off button call button, if you want to turn, do not disturb mode on again, you can customize that and then back at home when you hold the bottom right button. This goes into. If you have more watch faces built into your actual phone built into your actual watch, you can switch it out, whichever one you would like, and it goes right to it. And then you have other things built in there as well different phone calls and history, and then you have your settings right here you. This is where you change out anything uh. If you need to change your which wrist youre on the sensors and what theyre doing the connectivity, your profile, battery management and stuff like that, if you want to turn on always on display, you could turn it on always on things like workouts and stuff like that. So if you want to time your shortcut out to always on, you can always do that during your activities, which i forgot to do with this watch here and when you turn it around. Of course, it does have all of its sensors, and not only that this is where you put the barrel charger in that kind of clicks in and charges relatively quickly, and then you also have your quick releases back here.

So if you do want to switch them out, theyre easy to switch in and out relatively quickly on the fly Music. So what are my overall thoughts and recommendations with the venue? 2 plus? This is a great band. I actually thought about replacing my galaxy watch 4. As my daily driver, i dont really feel like. I need to switch over anytime soon, because this gives me great battery life through its charging cable. It charges fairly quickly. So, if you want to take a shower, i do not use it while im taking a shower. So you can charge it through that little bit of shower period and if you do that, you probably wont even have to charge it for like two three weeks at a time, even with that just a little bit of a boost just from a little shower in Between so thats one of the biggest things that i was a big fan of, but i probably wont be switching over because i am a samsung fan – there are things that are built into samsung its a little bit better of a smart watch. But for the price of about 450, it is a little bit more expensive than a lot of the watches out there, but it has so many great features. Its got a great build. It has awesome battery life, great smart watch features and overall you will be very happy with its screen and all that and its buttons.

So it is a great watch. If you are looking to purchase for around 450, i would take it over a samsung watch. If i didnt have a samsung phone – and i would definitely take it over an apple watch as it had just has battery battery life, so youll be able to check your sleep stats as well. But if you arent, looking for things like the speaker or the microphone and you dont need to take calls and stuff like that, and you dont need the bigger watch face. You can just go with the regular venue too, which will also give you a great battery life. Even do say, it has better standby in the smartwatch area as far as battery life is concerned. So if you dont need the things like the google assistant, you dont need the things like the speaker or the microphone, then i would just go with the venue. Hopefully this video was helpful for you guys if it was. Please smash that like button, if it was really helpful, make sure you subscribe to the channel hit that notification bell. So youll be one of the first ones to know when my newest video comes out and if you do check out the links down below it is gon na shoot you over to amazon at a regular price.