But in this video were talking about the six very best smart watches you can buy and you might be wondering why do we have six if its the best of the best? Why not just one and the reason for that is because smart watches perform so many different functions, and therefore people have different reasons for wanting them. You might want something that is just for style. You might want something that has a great battery life. That is great for fitness tracking. You might not care about fitness tracking, and maybe you just want something that gets great. Notifications has offline spotify whatever it might be. We have six categories in this video that i think should address pretty much everybody out there so that, at the end of this video youll know the perfect smartwatch to buy so lets go over the six categories we have in this video. The first one is the very best sports smart watch. The second one is slightly different. This is the best for getting healthy or losing weight, and these are very, very different, ill explain why theyre different later on in the video. The third category is the best looking smart watch honestly thats a little more more subjective, and all of these i think, do look really nice but ill point out the one that i think really really looks the best. Then we have the best budget. So if youre trying to spend a little bit less money – and you still want to get the best watch you possibly can – this is one of the fastest evolving markets.

So i have a great pick for this one. Then we have the best fitness band, which is going to be a smaller, cheaper little band that goes on your wrist. These generally have a longer battery life, theyre a little bit more subtle and they still do a great job of tracking while costing a little bit less and then. Lastly, we have the best of the best, the overall top pick. If you, if somebody just says hey mike, i want a smart watch and i only get one answer: thats going to be that one right there so lets start off with category number. One, like i said, is the best sports smart watch now this is actually personally what ive been wearing most lately ive been doing a lot of running and cardio, and so focusing on more of the detailed stuff is going to be really important. You want great accuracy on the gps, you want great accuracy on the heart rate and for me i want a long battery life. I dont want to watch its going to die after 45 minutes or an hour of using gps, and so for this one, its actually the garmin venue 2 plus. This is a watch that came out just a couple months ago, its one of the newest on this entire list, and this watch is really, in my opinion, the best one from garmin now garmin does have some really intense sports watches that you know have solar panels On them and things like that, but as far as smart watches go, this is going to be very capable as an everyday smartwatch giving you access to your voice assistant.

You can answer phone calls on here with the microphone and the speaker and youre still getting a fantastic battery life on this watch. On top of that, of course, were getting some fantastic accuracy with the heart rate with the gps and and everything like that. I talked about in the original review and were getting offline spotify, which is something i really like when im going on a run or bike ride or whatever it might be. I can leave my phone at home, connect my earbuds to the watch and play my playlist directly off the watch, so thats a clear pick for me. Theres many other watches out there. That really do very well, but this is one that i just find myself wearing. Every single day – and i love that watch moving on to number two – this is the best for losing weight. Now i really want to differentiate this from the first one, because garmin the garmin venue, 2 plus, is going to be great, and if you want to lose weight, you can definitely get that done with this, but its kind of geared for a different audience. This is meant for people that are training for triathlons or trying to push themselves, and you want to dive really deep into your analytics, whereas the fitbit sense is really more to gamify and give you single easy numbers that you can look at and see how healthy Youre being and if youre moving in the right direction.

Personally, i think the fitbit app does a great job of kind of giving you the insights. You need in the most easy digestible way to essentially let you live your normal life, but just look at your watch. Every now, and then it gives you subtle reminders like hey, maybe do a workout today do this and its going to help, you essentially lose weight and become more fit. I personally know a lot of people that have lost a lot of weight and whenever they ask me what to get, i always recommend a fitbit to them just because its so easy to get started, and the fitbit sense gives you a lot of those great insights. As well as some great health tracking with ecg capabilities, they can now answer phone calls on there youre getting apps its overall, a really nice smartwatch, but the fitbit app just ties in very nicely there. Moving on to the next category of the best looking watch. Of course, this one is going to be different for everybody, but for my own taste, im going to have to go with the fossil gen 6 and the skogen gen 6. im tying these two together because they really are the same watch theyre made by the same Manufacturer, the only difference is going to be a very subtle difference in design, but its a watch that gives you essentially promise of warehouse 3, which is coming very soon. A new operating system theyre, giving you a decent battery life, decent ish, like on par with the apple watch and other ones, theyre, giving you all the fundamentals you want in a warehouse watch and in my opinion it looks the best for a full blown.

Smart watch. Now, of course, we have another kind of sub category here, if you want to count hybrid watches the best looking watch in my opinion, then, which honestly, i think, hybrid, watches, look better but theyre a little bit more limited and ill. Explain that in a second. But my pick is the withings scan watch now this watch came out like two years ago, but they didnt actually launch until maybe a couple months ago in the us, because they were pending, uh ecg approval from the fda, and so essentially this watch is going to Be a little bit more limited, its an analog watch on the front, but it has a little screen on the back and thats going to be perfect for health tracking for tracking, like your steps, your heart rate, things like that notifications calendar just the bare bones fundamentals. So thats, why im kind of separating hybrid watches for the best looking versus full blown smart watches for the best looking if you want to get the fossil gen 6. Of course, thats going to show you everything you want youve got tons of different apps. You can track flights on there sign in to hotel like thing all types of things like that, so one other thing i want to mention all of these. If you guys want to know more about them or if you want to see the latest price i do have links to all of these in the description below just make it a little easier for you to find exactly what youre looking for and speaking of price.

The next category is the best budget smartwatch. Now i thought a lot about this, because we have an interesting landscape with wareos watches, where these watches essentially are mostly becoming obsolete. Almost all of them are going to become obsolete when the new wear os 3.0 comes out. In the next couple months, and so theres really only a couple good options for android that are going to be lasting for the next couple years and most of those are a little bit more expensive. So my pick for the best budget smartwatch is not wear os. Its not an apple watch, instead its actually an amaze fit watch. This is the amaze fit t rex pro selling for under 150, if thats too much for you theres, also an amaze fit t rex, not pro for about a hundred dollars, and this watch. The amazing trx pro is giving you a lot of promise for a really low price tag and ill explain what the compromises actually are, but the things youre getting first of all are about a 20 day battery life, which is substantially better than almost anything else. Im covering in this video, its also extremely durable with military standards and great temperature durability, thats great. If youre buying something thats a little bit cheaper, youre on a budget you dont want to have to buy it twice. You want to buy it once and have it. Last a long time, so durability is great. You have a 1.

3 inch amoled display, which isnt uh has always on display as well. It has a lot of fitness tracking gps, heart rate notifications, all the basics you want, but the compromise is essentially going to be that, first of all, its a little bit of a bulkier watch as some watches that are more durable are, but really the big one Is that youre not going to be getting a lot of third party apps? Really what it comes with is what you get, but it comes with the basics. You can get notifications, weather heart rates, things like that and all that basic stuff that you probably want, but youre not going to be getting like the starbucks app or the uber app on your watch, at least not with this one. But if 150 dollars is still a little bit out of your price range or if the t rex is a little bit too bulky for you, you might be better off getting a fitness band instead of a smart watch. Now, fitness bands have really come a long way and in many ways they can compete directly with smart watches, while offering an incredibly low price and a very, very compact, small design that allows you to have a subtle little wristband on that most people dont even notice That you can easily forget is there, but is it going to have a great battery life and still a lot of that amazing health tracking that you really want to see so for this, the actual winner in this category, the best fitness band is really a no Brainer this is the fitbit charge 5.

youre getting nfc payments on here. So you can have your credit card on here, your phone at home and you can pay for things whether youre at a gas station or wherever you might be. You also have gps on here. So you can run again without your phone additionally youre getting access to the fitbit app youre, getting a lot of advanced health tracking on here. Basically, everything we saw in the fitbit sense, because we have these little rails on the side, youre able to have that extra contact for like ecg style measurements and additionally youre getting all the basic stuff. You want from health tracking weather notifications things like that all showing up on a color display the fitbit charge. 5 is probably out of this entire video, the easiest recommendation for a gift for somebody else who is really going to like it. I always have to mention the me band 6.. The me band 6 came out about a year ago, so were probably pretty close to a me band 7 coming soon, but this is selling for like 45 and it does a lot of the same stuff as a fitbit charge. 5, minus gps, minus nfc payments, but other than that its really doing a lot, and it has a pretty reasonably large display and for 45 dollars for a really really subtle little device. This is perfect for you. If you want it or maybe for your kids or whoever, it might be its a really nice little device, but that brings us to the best overall jacking, the price back up no longer looking at 45, the best of the best.

I have to divide this into ios and android for obvious reasons, because the best for each is not compatible with the other, but starting off with ios this ones, the most obvious technically. The best is the apple watch 7, with a larger display, better durability and, overall, just a really beautiful, solid watch. The apple watch 7 really has no competition for apple users, but its not actually the best for most people, even though its the best overall, i would recommend most people considering getting. This watch should look at the apple watch, se its on sale for about 240 dollars, which is substantially less than the 400 price tag, youre likely to pay for the apple watch 7, and it does almost everything identical like. I think the difference is really almost imperceivable. With the exception of an always on display a slightly smaller display and no ecg right, thats, really all youre lacking there and so youre saving a ton of money. I know a lot of people that really liked apple watch sc, and so i think that has to be a strong recommendation here and then. Finally, the best for android users is the galaxy watch for classic. I think this is a beautiful looking watch, really no black bezel around there, instead, its all metal bezel here, and we have a physical rotating bezel that allows you to navigate the interface, its really iconic for galaxy watches and for good reason, its so fun to use And it makes the interface navigation incredible, like really really easy, additionally youre, integrating very well with any android device, but especially with samsung devices and youre.

Getting a lot of benefits with this youre. Getting some great health analytics a lot of advanced features, including things like body, composition and ecg, and things like that that can really measure a lot more on your body than most other devices on the market. But just like, i said, with the apple watch, the galaxy watch 4 classic has a really great competitor from themselves. Thats a lot cheaper and, in this case literally offers exactly the same features as the galaxy watch for classic the same everything the same processor, the same interface. The only difference is the physical design, its a little bit more compact, a little bit more for fitness oriented people, its going to be a little bit lighter and you dont have that physical rotating bezel. Instead, you have a touch bezel, but still galaxy. Watch 4 is a fantastic option there. Now i have an honorable mention for the last category. I almost made the ticwatch pro 3 ultra the best for android, because it does have google assistant on there, which i think is really convenient. But the drawback is that its still running wear os 2 and it doesnt have that rotating bezel. But those are my picks for the overall best watches you can buy right now. Leave a comment below and let me know which of these is your favorite watch.