Now this is not an ordinary smartwatch people. You are looking at the first smartwatch that is capable of taking accurate blood pressure readings and also track your daily fitness, including heart rate, sbo2 automatic sleep, monitoring and lots more now. This is breakthrough technology people with over 30 new patents, including a miniature pump and air valve, allowing you to check your blood pressure entirely on the smart watch. Now. First of all, lets have a quick look. What you get inside the box, so youre getting a user manual, a usbc to usb a cable, and this is a clip on charger, so its not magnetic, and it has a standard, usbc port on the side and over here we have a measuring tape, which you Measure around your wrist, and it will let you know your wrist circumference, so you know exactly how tight to wear the watch now. The watch itself is made from a stainless steel watch case finished in this shiny silver color on the front. You do have a 1.4 inch amoled display with a screen resolution of 320 by 360.. Now the watch dimensions are 54 millimeters by 38 millimeters, its 12.9 millimeters thick and it weighs 82.3 grams. The watch is powered by a mediatek processor. I havent got much info on the processor, but it is running a basic custom os, which does appear to be running quite smooth and even when you test your heart rate and sp02, it does it pretty quick.

So it does look like we have a decent enough. Uh performance from this watch now this watch has bluetooth 4.0 for connectivity, so not sure why we havent got bluetooth 5, but there is no built in wi fi, gps or nfc, so no nfc payments are supported on this watch. Furthermore, this watch does not have an ip rating so its best to stay away from water. Now the straps are made from silicon, they are 30 millimeters wide and it does not look like you can change the straps, also the breakthrough technology that they are using to test your blood pressure is found within the bottom part of the strap. So you have this inner inflatable, strap and the bottom part of the watch has a built in air pump. So it inflates and expands this inner strap, which basically tightens your wrist. Just like a regular blood pressure monitor you use on your arm and then the smart watch is able to measure and calculate your blood pressure and then store the results on both the watch and the smartphone app. Furthermore, they do claim that the results are quite accurate, not medical grade accurate but quite accurate, so we will definitely be testing this out a little bit later in the video to find out how accurate this is. So this is how the watch looks on my wrist. So yes, a full size watch quite large um, although im not minding it. The weight and thickness is actually not bad and to give you a better idea of how big this watch is, i will slap on the samsung galaxy watch 3 right next to it.

So the visible screens do look similar in size, but of course, youve got this long shape to the watch, but otherwise it doesnt look too bad when compared to the galaxy watch 3.. So its certainly not a monster on your wrist um, it is um. It is actually surprisingly comfortable now on the side. Youve got two buttons one for power and the other one is your menu and back button and at the bottom of the watch you will find your health, sensors and charger pins, and i want to quickly show you the charger in action, so youre basically dropping the Watch down onto the charger, so the watch will fit nicely its not a magnetic connection, although it is secure so its not going anywhere and plug in the included usbc standard 5 watt charging and it does take 80 minutes to fully charge that 180 milliamp hour battery. But it promises up to five days of battery life. Now lets have a quick look at the watch faces so thats the default watch face. If you want to change, you just keep the center press, youll feel some haptic feedback and then youll be able to switch between a few built in watch faces that you have and, as usual here are a few examples of the selection of watch faces available on This watch, so those were the watch faces now lets have a quick look at the smartphone app. The app is called bpdoctor and its available for both ios and android, and as soon as you open up the front page, it will give you all your current readings.

So you can see blood pressure, spo2 heart rate, workouts, step, counter calories burnt for the day, and it even does automatic sleep tracking. Now you can expand any of this info by tapping on it and it will give you a more detailed report of your health. Now. This watch is designed for blood pressure monitoring. So, of course it will keep all your records. So every time you run a test, it will show you your records and its even got a chart at the bottom, letting you know if its low, normal, pre or high. So very detailed information there for your blood pressure, monitoring, which is good stuff youve also got calendar planning and youve got a profile section now from here. It will show you your battery information. There is a watch face market or dial theme market. They like to call it if you tap on it. Youve got a store here with seven watch faces that you can download, and that is pretty much it theres no other watch faces. If you go to my dial. These are the watch faces that have already been installed on the watch, so limited watch faces available. Remember this is a blood pressure monitoring watch its designed, especially for your health and fitness, so the emphasis is more on that side than the watch face side. So you can get away with using any of these default watch faces now. This watch also supports ota updates. So when i first connected up, there was a firmware update which hit done automatically for me, and there was also a change log to.

Let me know whats new, so its great. That updates are supported on this watch now. Another thing this watch does not have is incoming call notifications. So if someone rings you youre not going to get any alerts or notifications from the watch, but you do get some of your regular phone notifications pushed through now lets have a closer look at the software. So if you swipe down from the top youve got some quick toggles with a very handy brightness, slider, so yeah, the screen does get quite bright. Youve got um, bluetooth, controls, alarm battery and settings. If you swipe to the right, it will give you your health at a glance, so youve got your distance calories step, and that is pretty much it if you swipe towards the left. Youve got your blood pressure, monitoring heart rate sensor sbo2, and that is everything if we go back and swipe upwards. Youve got your notifications and then, if you press this big button over here, it will take you to your apps and ill quickly. Go through them with you, youve got blood pressure, monitoring, spo2, heart rate, workouts, alarm, calories, sleep monitoring, weather settings and hrv. All right, so now were going to test out the health sensors. Now lets actually begin with the heart rate sensor. This is the o2 ring, its a medical grade, heart rate and spo2 monitor you just wear it on your thumb and it will give you accurate results for both your heart and blood oxygen levels.

So you can see the bp doctor pro smart watch has already given us a reading of 89 beats per minute, and if we have a look at the ring its on 84, 74, 82, 74, 76, 73, 72, 74 and 74.. So you can see they are now on par with each other 79 80 on one wow. So it looks like youve got a medical grade, heart rate sensor in this watch people, even though its not advertised as one it is keeping up with my medical grade oxymeter, that is impressive, so now were going to test out the blood oxygen. So if i open up the spo2 app, we are now measuring the spo2 on the watch. You can see the o2 ring already has a reading of 97 now were waiting for the watch to give us our result. 95 and 97. lets give it a minute thats going to 96 and 97 on the o2 ring 98 and 97 wow. That is what i call impressive, so it looks like its doing a very similar thing to the o2 ring its doing it in real time. So its not just giving you a reading and stopping its continuing to calculate the spo2, you can see its gone to 97 and the o2 ring has gone to 96. That is pretty damn accurate. I am surprised by this watch so far now to me it seems like the heart rate sensor and the sbo2 monitor is actually more accurate than samsungs galaxy watch.

3. ive used this watch extensively, and i can tell you now this one has a better or more accurate heart rate sensor and blood oxygen monitoring, but what about the main feature that this was designed for blood pressure monitoring? This is it. People here is a blood pressure unit, so i need to wear this on the left arm as well start this blood pressure test. So this is test number one were going to do this three times here we go Music, so heres the result of the first test: 130 over a 108., so recently ive discovered my blood pressure to be on the higher side. This is the lower end of the spectrum um. I was actually getting 180 over 108, so yeah that was like critical level and – and i dont know why this is. I guess this is what happened to me over lockdown, being unhealthy and locked down and stressing a lot, so you guys may have noticed im, not dropping videos every single day, and this is one of one of the reasons im trying to improve on my health. Yes, ive got a passion for tech, but health has to come first, alright, so that was the first reading. Lets do reading number two all right result: number two one for one over 108 were going to do this one more time. So that is the third result. One two four over eighty, so the three results you will see on the screen, one two and three in order, and that is what we achieved now so were going to test the blood pressure on the watch now.

This is something which i really wanted. Somebody to invent, i wanted a watch that could test blood pressure accurately now. What we need to do is we need to elevate the hand so its in line with the heart. I am sitting down now to make things easier, but if we just grab a box without advertising, what that product is watch is now in line with my heart im going to keep my arm straight. If i can give you guys a better view of what the hell im doing right im, also going to do this three times. So here we go. The first score is 135 over 76. im gon na. Do it again and this time im trying im gon na try not to move? I just wanted to make sure you guys get a good view. Im gon na press start and were gon na do the second test. So here we go 125 over 79.. So before i do the third test, i want to describe what happens so the inner strap will expand, tightening your wrist and thats, how it does its calculation, and it feels very similar to how it feels on your arm with the regular blood pressure monitor. So it makes you feel like its doing. The same thing lets do the test for the third and last time and then well compare our results, and that is the final result. 1′ over 74., so youll see the results for both tests on the screen.

All three results and were going to compare the differences. Now i found that the regular blood pressure monitor takes three tries for an accurate result. So if we take that third result from the bp monitor, which is 124 over 80, then that means this smartwatch has done a pretty good job. So you can see that the smartwatch has achieved between 74 to 79 for diastolic reading and systolic reading between 125 and 1′. And of course, that would put me in the pre high blood pressure. Category and ive actually brought that score down from critical by hitting the gym and being more active, so overall, very impressed with these smart watches, blood pressure, monitoring capabilities and i have to say its nearly as accurate as the regular blood pressure monitor. So there you have it guys that was the bp doctor pro smart watch and throughout my week, testing this watch. I was actually quite pleased by how accurate all the health sensors are heart rate and sbo2 on par with the top of the range smart watches out there. Ie apple watch and galaxy watch 3, but the absolute breakthrough here is the blood pressure monitoring they actually pulled. It off guys, i mean you, can check your blood pressure from anywhere and it keeps full reports with date and time, so you can monitor your progress. This watch is super convenient for those who have to regularly check their blood pressure and whats. Interesting is every single reading was actually close to accurate, whereas the regular blood pressure monitors need to be tested at least three times for accuracy.

Furthermore, the watch is quite comfortable on the wrist and the amyloid screen is also nice to look at now. There are a few things id like to mention. I would like to see more watch faces and also it would be nice if those watch faces could fill up the full size of the display to take advantage of the amoled goodness battery life is supposed to be five days, but for my tests i achieved around Three to four days, which is still not bad, considering i was testing my blood pressure throughout and i do have one more wish. I wish this had ip certification of some sort, even if it was just splash proof, but all that being said there is no doubt the bp doctor pro is an amazing piece of tech. The patented inflatable, cuff design is very intriguing, and if a company like samsung or apple, saw this, they would certainly be scratching their heads asking themselves. Why could we have not designed this watch? Moreover, yhe intelligent technology, which is the name of the company that has created this bp doctor pro smart watch, is currently working on another brand new smartwatch model, which they are going to name the bp doctor, med and thats, going to be medical grade people. So it will have a double inflatable cuff and it will give us medical grade accuracy with fda and ce medical certifications, and you can bet your bottom dollar when that watch comes out.

Im gon na try my best to get my hands on it. Any questions or anything you want me to test, do let me know in the comments.