Sport, hybrid smartwatch, from garmin, so the vivo move. Sport adds another option to garmins viva wood lineup of hybrid smart watches, with something that looks like a traditional timepiece, but still has plenty of health, fitness and activity tracking features. So the vivomove sport attracts your steps. It tracks your heart rate, 24 hours a day. It has an spo2 sensor for tracking your blood oxygen saturation levels. It calculates your calories, it has 14 different sport and activity profiles, and it also has connected gps with your phone for tracking outdoor activities. So this vivomove sport is a slightly less expensive version of the higher end. Vivo move 3 and the main differences are that the vivomoo 3 has a stainless steel bezel, where this does not. The vivomove3 also has an altimeter and the main difference there is that the vivomove sport will track your floors climbed. However, this vivomove sport will be a little bit smaller, as well as a little bit lighter, and it actually has a display with a slightly higher resolution, but those are really the main differences. So this video is going to be kind of like half tutorial menu tour and a half review so ill. First, go over all the features of the device with the menu tour and then ill kind of wrap things up at the end of the video, with things like heart accuracy, for activities like running cycling as well as weight training, and if the information this video does Help you out at all dont be shy by hitting that, like button down below its a small little thing that you can do, thatll help this video and the channel quite a bit, and i appreciate it.

Oh, and one more thing i wanted to note, is that you may see a slight flicker from the display in some of this video, but you cant see that, with a naked eye, its just that i cant seem to find the right frame rate with my camera. To produce that flicker, but you totally cant see that in real life. So probably the neatest thing about this device is that it looks like a traditional timepiece but actually has a hidden display underneath there. So to wake up that display, you can either double tap on the screen or you can just raise your wrist just like that, and the display will wake up. So this main watch face display sort of thing right here shows the current time the date my battery percentage steps, as well as current heart rate and theres different displays that you can choose from in the garmin connect smartphone app. So there you can see the display turns off after a certain time period to wake it back up, just go and double tap again, so theres going to be different widgets with different types of information that you can access by just swiping to the left or right From this screen, so if we swipe here what youll first notice that the hands kind of move away, so you can see the display completely. But the other thing i want to point out too, is that you dont have to swipe on the actual display itself.

You can swipe up here by the watch hands which i thought that was kind of cool yeah. You cant swipe by the garmin logo, but you can swipe on the watch hands. So if we swipe over here, the first were just going to show your steps as well as your step goal for the day. Next is going to be intensity minutes, so intensity minutes are going to be minutes, doing vigorous activity as well as the goal total that you have for the week. Next is going to be body battery, so you can think of body batteries. Your energy level throughout the day based off of your sleep, your recovery, as well as your activity level. Next is going to be a stress, widget right here, so this takes a little second or two to measure, so you can actually see your stress levels throughout the day right here. Next up is going to be your hydration widget. So this is where you can actually log your hydration levels for the day, so i have a 15 cup total next is going to show your current heart rate and then youre going to have your respiration widget, showing your breathing rate next is going to be music Controls playing controlling the music thats playing on your phone, it doesnt have music storage or playback, but you can control the music playing on your phone and then next is going to be a weather widget. If we click on this, you can actually access a few days ahead right here.

Next will be calendar widget, showing any events. These are going to be notifications. What i want to do too right here is: i will just go ahead and send myself a text really fast. Just so you can see what that looks like boom there. We go click on that. So if you have a long text message, you can actually just click on this arrow to the right right here and then thats, actually, an emoji right there of a flame, so whats cool is that i have this connected to an android phone right now. So if we click on this theres going to be a trashcan icon and then a reply icon on an iphone, you cant reply to the text message and that has everything to apple garmin actually wants that functionality, but apple keeps that locked down to apple watches. But if we click on this reply, so theres going to be these predefined responses that you can actually send back to the other party, so thanks boom, just like that. Okay, so next is going to be the distance that youve walked or run in a given day. Next is going to be the calories burned for the day and then heres going to be an spo2 widget. So this is going to be the last measurement that it took and if you click that itll take about a minute or two to take the measurement and theres also some womens health tracking features.

But i obviously cant test that, but ill at least show those on the display right now and then were back to the main watch face so theres going to be some more functions that we can access by long pressing on the display. So if we long press there were going to have your activity profiles, functions related to the heart rate sensor timers, as well as alarms, functions related to being connected to your phone or bluetooth, and then just general settings. So lets go ahead and go back to the activity profiles. Okay, so with these activity profiles, if you click into here, you can have up to 10 profiles loaded at one time, so we have walking running generic cardio profile, cycling, strength, training, breath, work, yoga pool swimming treadmill as well as the elliptical, so theres going to be 14 activity profiles in total, but you can only have 10 loaded onto the watch at one time. So if we click on one of these profiles that you could do either inside or outside what we do is that with this walking, if we click here, youll see theres an option to use the phones gps. So if we click this itll actually connect to the phone and then, if youre, going to be doing an outdoor activity, itll track your speed and distance. But if youre doing an indoor activity or you just dont – want to track your speed and distance. You can actually just click that little arrow right.

There turn that off and itll still track your heart rate in steps, so youre good to go there and then to start the activity. You just double tap on the screen. It just starts and then, when youre in the activity, it shows your current time your steps that youve taken your current heart rate, lap time, the current time, music controls and then back to the elapsed time to stop the activity or pause it. You just double tap again and then you have options to save it. Resume discard so well just go ahead and save it boom there we go and then heres an example of what an outdoor activity looks like when you go to save it and gps accuracy. Doesnt necessarily apply here just because its going to be relying on your phones, gps, so its going to vary from phone to phone. But, as you can see from this example, it lined up perfectly fine with the other test devices that actually did have gps. So next up were going to be functions related to the heart rate sensor and information related to the heart rate sensor. So click on here this is going to be the sp02 widget like we saw before so again. This takes about two minutes to happen right there and then next is going to show your vo2 max value for running next is going to be fitness age and fitness age is garmins way of trying to create, like a little more more relatable figure than vo2 max.

For people to assess their fitness level, so fitness age basically is based off of your vo2, max your resting heart rate as well as your bmi, so you will need to enter your weight into the garmin connect smartphone app to calculate this figure. Next up is going to be heart rate broadcasting, so right now its actually broadcasting my heart rate, so you can actually pick this up from like some sort of training app like zwift, if youre doing something like indoor cycling and then just tap that to stop it. Next, up are going to be timers as well as alarms, so we click that basically its going to have the duration of the time right here we can edit that so we can set this to. However, many minutes right there choose the seconds as well and then to start the timer, you just double tap it and then double tap again to pause it, and then you can reset it. If you like, right there too, so next up are features that are related to being connected to your phone. So if we click on this heres, where you can turn bluetooth on or off, theres, also a find my phone feature as well as a manual sync feature. Then over here is going to be settings so heres where you can enable or disable a do not disturb mode. This is going to be aligning the hand, so sometimes the hands can get off with mechanical timepieces.

So what you can do here is you can align the hands to noon which will basically align it with the correct time. Next are going to be watch related settings in terms of display and brightness and timeouts and stuff like that. So if we click here its going to have different display settings in terms of the brightness, so were just going to crank that up all the way to seven auto will basically just kind of automatically adjust the brightness. If youll notice, here too itll, say that this setting will reduce battery life, so do keep that in mind. Oh and by the way battery life is rated to up to five days in smart watch mode and then, if your battery does happen to die out, itll. Actually still run as an actual watch like it looks right now, with the traditional watch hands for like another day and then heres going to be different. Timeout settings so long short and medium were going to keep it long for the sake of this demo at least, and then this is going to be the gesture mode. Whether you want to have that always on or you can turn that off and then you can also adjust the gesture sensitivity and then next you can adjust the alert vibrations for the haptic alerts on the watch, so theyre actually fairly strong. I wouldnt say like super super strong, but i definitely feel them. Then next are going to be different settings for the heart rate sensor, so you can turn the heart rate sensor off completely if youd like to, and that main reason you want to do.

That is to save on battery life, but you can have it come on for activities only you can turn it completely off or you can just have it on like that, and then these are going to be high and low heart rate notifications that you can enable, Or disable theres going to be relax, reminders and heres, where you can enable or disable the pulse ox sensor for sleep tracking, and this watch does have garment sleep tracking that you can actually track sleep stages to then next up are going to be the safety and Tracking features, so this is instant detection, so you can enable or disable the instant detection feature for different profiles, walking running as well as cycling, so instant detection will essentially try to detect when youre kind of doing an activity you come to a complete and sudden stop And then stop moving so and then itll actually send an alert to one of your emergency contacts and then theres also live track right here. So live track again, well, send a link when you start an activity. If you turn this to auto start right here and actually send a link with your location, and somebody can actually follow along with your outdoor activity, if you like, and then one feature i want to show you thats related to the safety and tracking features, is something They call assistance or get assistance, so if you just rapidly tap on the screen, what happens here is that you say that its assistance begins in five seconds.

What its going to do now is have a little countdown. You can cancel this if you want. So what this feature is designed for is in the situation where you dont feel safe, and you want to quietly send an alert to one of your emergency contacts. What this is, what that does so itll actually send a text as well as an email to one of your emergency contacts. So youll probably hear a text message tone in a second there you go exactly so. It actually just sent an alert with my location to basically my other phone if this is just kind of a false alarm. Hopefully, what you can do is just tap on the screen right here and then your location is shared right now, but you can actually just tap to end and then you can end it and then youll send another im. Okay message or you send an im. Okay, message to your emergency contact: you will have to be in range of your cell phone for this to work because its going to be using your cell, your phones cell phone signal to send that alert. Sorry about that pretty darn cool feature. So if we long press again lets go ahead and get back into the settings and finish this up here and then heres, where you can turn off activity tracking, if you want to for some reason, you can also enable or disable move alerts, as well as the Goal alerts then heres, where you can change the time format from 12 to 24 hours.

You can set the time manually if youd like to and then you can choose which wrist youre going to wear it on so im choosing on my left wrist right now and then you can change the uh from statute to metric. If youd like to here and then heres, where you can choose your different languages, then this is going to be basically resetting the watch. If you want to and then last is just going to be kind of like boring, watch information like the software version and stuff like that, all right, so thats the full menu and tour of the device. But now lets talk about hardware accuracy. So for indoor cycling, which is one of the easier types of activities for wrist based optical heart rate sensors to track accurately, the vivo movesport did a really good job here. So you can see that pretty much for the entire workout. It tracked quite accurately, with the chest and arm heart rate monitors that i was using as reference units, which tend to provide very accurate heart rate data at the tail end of the workout. There were just a couple spots were dipped momentarily, but overall this was pretty darn solid and then for running again for the majority of the workout, pretty good results. There was a strange spike right here, a few minutes into the workout, but it got back in line pretty darn quickly and then for the remainder workout. It was very in line with the other heart rate sensors and then with weight, training and high intensity interval, training.

Theres a lot of arm movement and wrist flexion, which poses a lot of challenges for these types of sensors, so its kind of the holy grail for risk based optical heart rate sensor accuracy. So for the majority of the workout, it wasnt bad at all. Actually, quite good in a lot of areas, but you can see at the beginning that it read pretty high for the first set. But after that those are pretty respectable results. You can see at the end, during the high intensity intervals, that it was actually pretty close, but what happens with these types of sensors is that theyll usually be a little bit behind something like a chest. A heart rate sensor, which i was wearing as a reference point still not too shabby and still a very usable average heart rate, so thats the vivo move. Sport from garmin, so ive actually been wearing this for the last few weeks, and i have to say that i really dig the look of this thing and i do like that hidden display. I think theres, probably a lot of people out there who want reliable activity. Tracker that still has plenty of health and fitness features, but still wants a look of a more traditional timepiece and thats. What this device is all about. So, with this versus the vivo move three, i think if you want to save a few bucks and you dont care about the stainless steel bezel or the altimeter well, i think this is a pretty good option.

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