This is anuj from Gadget Gig.. Today we have with us one more smartwatch from Noise and its the Noise Colorfit Caliber., And in this video we will do the unboxing and show you the features.. So here is the box of the Colorfit Caliber. In the front we have the picture of the watch, and here we can see its the fitness smartwatch. At the back. We have the Features, and here we can see the color, which is the metal black., And apart from that, its available in a few different colours. And about the features you get. The 1.69 inch TFT display Spo2 Monitoring 15 days battery life Body Temperature, which is new, Calls and sms quick reply, IP68 waterproof Heart rate monitoring, 60 sports modes, and you get the stress, monitoring feature.. The App noisefit is available on both android and ios., And here we have the MRP of this watch, which is ’99. However, the launch price is 1999, Now lets open the box and show you the content.. So here on the top, we get this thank you card, and here we have the warrant information and then we get these noise stickers. And then below it. We have the smartwatch, itself. And guys. My first impression about this smartwatch is that it feels really light weight.. We will look at it in a moment. Lets, see what else we have in the box.. So we get the user manual which has the detailed info about the usage of this smartwatch.

, And here we get the charging cable, which is magnetic, and here is how it connects at the back of the watch. SO thats. All we have in the box now lets. Look at the smartwatch closely. Noise, Colorfit Caliber is a budget fitness smartwatch. And Looking at the design and build quality. First of all, we have this flat edge design which looks decent, but I personally prefer the curved glass design and, in my opinion, the curved glass looks more premium. Now in terms of the build quality you get. The plastic build in this watch, which is expected in this price range and due to that, it feels lightweight.. But again, even though the build quality feels good. I am not that much impressed with this boxy design., But its just my personal preference.. The straps are made of TPU and the look and feel of the strap is good and it does feel comfortable on the hand.. Now, in terms of the overview in the front, we have the 1.69inch TFT LCD display and you can see the bezels on both top and bottom.. On the right side, we have the crown button, which is the function button, and it has this noise logo on it.. At the back, we have the sensors, and here we have the heart rate spo2, and you can see this white silver dot and that is the temperature sensor. Above the sensors. We have the charging points. So overall in terms of the design and build quality, Though the build quality of the Colorfit Caliber is good, but with the boxy design and chunky body.

In our opinion, this smartwatch doesnt look that premium. Now lets turn it on and pair it with our phone.. So for pairing we need the app Noise fit and at the time of initial setup it will ask you to select the watch., And here we have our watch paired with our phone.. Now lets look at the watch features first. Now. First of all, guys about the display we have the 1.69 inch TFT display on this watch, but i find the colour reproduction and the viewing angle of this display good. And, to be honest, its one of the best looking display. I have seen in a smartwatch under 2000 Rupees. Now in terms of the overview, so here we are on the watch face and upon long pressing, you can see the available watch faces. And also guys you get over 150 watch faces for this watch in the companion. App, which i will show you in a moment. Swiping down from the top, shows you, the notification, history and swiping up from the bottom will show you, the quick settings., And here we have the Battery saver mode, brightness, dnd torch and the settings of this watch. Swiping Left or right shows you the quick cards, and here we have the fitness data, heart rate, stress, breathe and music controls. To access the main menu. You need to press the crown button., And here we have the menu. So the menu looks exactly as the colorfit Ultra 2.

And about the lag and touch response. There is no lag in the menu and the touch response is very good and i am really happy to see this kind of performance form smartwatch, which is priced below 2000.. Now about the menu, so first we have the Noise health, and in this we get the activity which shows you the current days, fitness data. After that, we have the sleep which lets you see. The last nights sleep details. After that we have the spo2 monitoring, which is pretty accurate, and then we have the heart rate, monitoring and guys. This smartwatch supports 24 hours, heart rate monitoring, even though the data is accurate and we have also compared it with a dedicated device. But we noticed the same issue that it was able to give us a false reading when you are not wearing the watch. Hope noise can fix it in an ota update.. After that we have the temperature which, by the way, is new in Noise smartwatches, and here it shows you the surface and body temperature which is pretty useful.. Then we have the stress monitoring, which shows you a score and lets. You know how stressed you are., Then in the menu we have the Clock, and here in this we have the alarm stopwatch World clock and the timer which comes with these preset timers.. Then, in the menu we have the workout, and here we get 60 sports modes and guys getting these many options in this budget.

Fitness smartwatch is pretty impressive., Then in the menu we have the sports records, which shows you, your workout history.. After that, we have the weather, where you can see the current weather, as well as the weather forecast.. After that we have the music which lets you control the music on your phone and also you can increase or decrease the volume.. After that, we have the breathe menu, and from here you can do some breathing exercises., Then in the menu we have the reminders which you can set from the app.. After that, we have the Flashlight, which is a pretty handy feature, and you can also access the flashlight from the quick settings.. Then we have the watch faces, which shows you the default watch faces. And then finally, we have the settings. In the settings. We have the brightness vibration Wrist awake, which is the raise to wake feature. And guys the raise to wake in this smartwatch works, pretty good and also quite responsive, and also when you lower your hand, the display turns off.. Then in the settings we have the usual App QR Code, Reset and power off option., So thats all the features we have in the smartwatch and guys keeping in mind that its a budget smartwatch. I really find the options and the features of this smartwatch pretty good.. You are getting almost all the features which you get in the colorfit ultra 2, plus the Temperature sensor.. But again here we have the LCD display instead of the AMOLED display.

, But the pricing is also Less than half of Colorfit Ultra 2.. In terms of the companion app, we have features and showcased the app noiesfit in our previous videos as well, and today we will be covering just the basics.. So here we are on the homepage, and here you can see your fitness data and then on the next page. We have the Watch face, store and guys you get a lot of options for this smartwatch and also you do get the animated watch face. Support in this watch., Then we have the settings, and here you can turn on the reminders and also enable the auto heart rate feature and REM for better sleep tracking., And here you can select the apps for which you want the notification alert on your watch. And Talking about it here is how you get the call alert and guys, as i am using this watch with iPhone. I am not getting the quick reply feature, but i can confirm that it does work with android phones. And now let me show you the app alert and here in this you dont have the emoji support.. So, overall, the Noise Colorfit Caliber is a decent smartwatch in budget price.. The build quality is good and the design is fine, but instead of this boxy chunky design, I wish it had the curved display and sleek design.. The battery backup is very good and during our testing we noticed only 10 dip with the continuous heart rate.

Monitoring. Display is good and you get a good touch. Response.. The fitness data is fairly accurate, except that false heart rate reading, nonetheless, with the additional temperature sensor, we think its the best budget smartwatch. You can buy right now Under 2000 Rupees, which offers a lot of features and options. And as usual, if you like it and want to buy, one then do check the buy link in the description below., So thats it guys. This was the unboxing and Review Noise. Colorfit Caliber Smartwatch., Let us know if you like it and also do tell us if you have any queries or questions about this Smartwatch in the comments section below. So thats all for now. If you like this video, then please press the like button and subscribe to our channel gadget gig for more videos like this.