So, whether or not you love or hate wireless charging, youve at least got the option and Ill dive into that a little bit more later on in the review first up. What is new in this watch? Well, this watch adds a bunch of new features over the existing Viva move sport, as well as of even move three. Now these watches are a little bit different, as you can see here, it doesnt look like theres, actually a display at all, but in reality, once I go ahead and wake it up, you can see the display there keep playing the studio. Lights are kind of doing. Funky things here, if I put it just like that, there we go. This is what I actually see when theres not like weird Reflections on it, and you can see all the displays on it now. Just a couple quick items that are brand new to this watch compared to existing watches number one. It adds, of course, the wireless charging that well talk about number two. It adds Garmin contactless payments or Garmin pay, so you can load a credit card onto this and then simply tap somewhere to go ahead and pay for something number three. It adds barometric altimeter and that matters, because you get four counting so stero counting. If you go upstairs, you can now go ahead and track that as well. It adds sleep score onto the watch itself, though existing Viva move sport folks will get that in a firmer update as well, and you can of course see that on Garmin Connect too, it changes the display type underneath the covers there from OLED to LCD thats.

The same display type they put on the Garmin Lily, the tiny little watch there and thats notable because its way brighter than it used to be in the past. Ive always had problems with kind of these stylish Vivo watches from Garmin, because you couldnt actually see the darn display outside, but now its much much better. I can easily see it outside and sun and clouds it doesnt matter indoors. Outdoors really happy with that. Theyve also increased the touchable surface of the touchscreen, if that makes sense its down basically edged Edge in the past. It was a much smaller chunk there and then, with that theyve increased. The display resolution on the screen right here and theyve gone ahead and theyve changed. The bezel, as well from a polymer to a stainless steel kind of outer register just making a little bit fancier than the even with sport. Of course, theyve increased the price compared to the Viva move sport as well, but keep in mind this also sort of competed with garmins higher end like vivamoo style and Lux range, so its not quite a one to one comparison. In any case, the new price is 269 or 299, depending on which style exactly you choose versus the Viva move. Sport in the past was 179., oh and the case size here is a 40 millimeter case size, hey uh, so quick note from future me in the wireless charging section of this video. If you are finding this video instrument, useful whacking that, like button, really does help out the video in the channel quite a bit, and that way by time you get to this circus act.

Section of the video youll be like ready to rock and roll. Now. For this type of watch, I think its probably just best to walk through the features on the watch. Note that you might see me miss a few touches or not respond to touches thats, because its on the table, when its on my wrist Im at like a hundred percent touch accuracy. So, as you can see right there, its not currently on the display is not on normally when you raise your wrist up like this itll turn on instantly, or you can always just simply tap it to go ahead and turn it on you can see here. This is my watch face. You can customize this a couple different ways if you want to, but I can also then swipe to see different widgets. This is the first one, the step widget and then each one of these widgets I can tap into for more details. So theres my steps over the past week and Im going to swipe to the right oops there we go swipe to the right to get back and then swipe down through the widget menu. You can see theres one of those missed swipes, really just a lot better. If its like, on my wrist theyre, stair, counting theres intensity minutes and again all these, I can tap into and see where I am intensity months on the weekly graph. Of course, this is the morning on Wednesday, so its you know showing zero right now versus the previous two days were quite a bit higher.

This is the heart rate page. I can tap into and see heart rate over the past four hours I had to watch off for a little bit right there, so theres little gaps in that swipe down as well. Here is my respiration array. Again, I can tap into that and see that over the past seven days and then just kind of continuing to the widgets. This includes the music Control. There is no music on this watch, though, so just keep that in mind, but just control music on your phone. Without any problems and heres the weather uh, so this is Celsius and if I tap into that, I can see weather for the next few hours and I can see it for the next few days as well, and one thing youre probably noticing. As I do this the hands right there, these analog hands are moving out of the way so watch this. If I go right now, theyre, you know across the basically nine and three, but if I find one of the gauge Pages up here, you can see four cups out of the 12 at once for the day, then they they now go to this upper position right There its the same true theres, my stress level, so it uses the hands in all sorts of different places and its trying to get out of the way the text as best as possible, so continue on down to kind of one of the last things here.

Theres. My sleep score for last night: you can see 5 hours, 15 minutes of sleep and 74 for my score and theres the different sleep phases I dont tend to focus too much on sleep faces the way to validate those isnt. All that accurate to begin with. About 80 is kind of the peak youre gon na get for ways that you can validate sleep stages. I do look at, though, what time I fell asleep and what time I woke up and found this to be very, very accurate in that realm. So thats kind of what Im mostly focused on now whats notable here is, if I hold down on the middle youll, see a menu, and this is a menu to start a workout up there to go ahead and access some of the heart stats. For example, pole socks uses the optical heart rate sensor on the back. You can see the green lights right there thats for regular heart rates, but if it goes into a red light mode and its very, very difficult to capture that, because this particular feature is super sensitive to movement and it really doesnt want you moving at all. So if I try to flip it over really quick, you might be able to see the red lights there. We go a little bit of red light there, its going to turn off boom as soon as it basically fails, see too much Movement. Try again so swiping back here, though, I will not try again thats your blood oxygenation level and thats, something that you can track at night automatically or manually during the day um.

I wouldnt bother to do that. Its a huge battery burn. It didnt work that well for me even last night, for example, it only tracked just like a 30 or 40 minute section of the entire night, even within that it wasnt all that accurate showing about 90. Additionally, any smartphone notifications that you have on your phone will show up here depending on again how youve configured them on your phone for Android users. You can actually respond back to text messages for iPhone users, Apple users. You cannot because apple does not permit that. Only for the Apple watch, but not for third party watches, but you can go ahead and do that from the notifications window and, of course, no matter which phone platform youre on you can see the details of that text message or that notification by just simply tapping It some of them are very short, like this. Others might be a little bit longer like that, one right there, but again, these are all shown on here and you can kind of swipe through them, as you see fit tap and sweep this back up again hold on to getting the menus here is your timers. So timer stopwatch, you can see, set, alarms, swipe to the right and then Im going to settings. I can align the hands and for some reason, these hands get out of alignment. You can actually realign them, basically recalibrate it if you want to otherwise kind of some of the normal settings that you would see are on display alert vibrations.

It does have a vibration motor in it, but no audible alerts so swiping back again here, Im going to go swipe to the right this time – and this is where I can see my battery status right there as well as my date up at the top right. There and then I can go ahead and find my phone using this option right there to basically ring my phone or I can set do not disturb up here or I can go ahead and pay for something using Garmin pay right there. I would go ahead now and add my PIN number here and then you can see heres my credit card and I just simply tap into it again. Keep in mind this. It does depend on your particular bank and Garmin having an arrangement with that particular bank. Its not just all Visa cards or all MasterCards. You can find a huge list on Garmin site for every country which banks to support its a lot of banks, but its not all the banks that I have either okay, so back to the watch. Face lets go ahead and start a workout, so again double tap this to wake it up, hold the middle for a second and then tap the workout option. There are 14 different sport profiles. You can see them here and here you can load 10 at a time on the watch and you can customize them as well, so Im going to tap on run and its now going to try to find GPS using my phone.

So this right here and it basically goes ahead and leverages Bluetooth, connect from the watch to the phone and then the GPS in the phone for GPS here, theres no GPS in this watch, so its called connect to GPS. You can see that happened almost instantly and you can see over here. It shows the GPS is connected if it had a little X over. That thatd mean its well not connected. Now you can see its ready to roll here. I just would simply double tap this to start the workout and now its going to show me the data Pages Ive configured, you can configure a couple different data pages with a handful of different data, metrics per each one of those data fields again on the screen. Right there – and I can swipe through this by just simply swiping up – and I had no problem doing this – the middle of a run, even a tempo run yesterday. So pretty darn hard run no problems like swiping through this with sweaty fingers and it works just fine, and I can also see the display no problems Outdoors either. You can see heres some still photos. I took along the way. Ive always had problems in the past. Taking pictures of some of these watches either because of brightness or because the screen refresh rate so from like a sports Tech, geek reviewer standpoint, my favorite feature of this watch is that every single one of my videos and photos came out perfectly without, like weird refresh Issues on the display things that you never see in real life, but if you have to do this as your job its this is super nice to have this all like just just works now, once youre done with your workout, you can save it theres.

No summary information displayed on the watch, thats really anticlimatic its just like saved and done, but you can see all that information on Garmin Connect either the phone or the website. You can see some screenshots here of my run from yesterday and youre going to get way more information on Garmin Connect than youll see on the watch itself. You basically get the same amount of information or very similar amounts of information than if you had a really expensive Garmin watch like a thousand dollar Garmin watch. Yes, those watches have a couple other like super geeky stats, but like 85 percent of the stats are the same, including the fact that barometric altimeter data. So what about accuracy? What about heart rate and kind of GPS, if you will accuracy out during workouts, so starting off indoors on an indoor, cycling workout here this was like a pretty intense workout. It had just a few seconds 15 seconds of rest in between these longer intervals. Uh. You can see overall, its very, very similar. This is compared to an Apple Watch on the other wrist a chest strap and the whoop 4.0 band on my upper arm. You can see overall, its very very close. It did lag a little bit, uh, which I saw on all the optical sensors compared to that chest strap I was wearing, but otherwise it wasnt that big of a deal on this particular workout next heres yesterdays Temple Run that I did Outdoors very, very close across The board, in fact this is the rare scenario.

In fact, I think the only scenario that the Apple watch Ultra was wearing on the other wrist completely crapped itself, like it the heart right, there did whats called Cadence lock where it locked on to the Cadence of my running, and you can see it was wrong. The entire time showing you that a 800 watch can be wrong uh, some of the time as well and again. That is super rare. But I just kind of noted, because youre probably looking at the graph like whats going on there as far as Aviva mood Trend, it basically matched the chest, strap the entire time. A little bit lag again on some of the increases in intensity about five to ten seconds, not too bad uh. The one caveat, though, is I did see a few little bobbles here and there, where basically would spike the heart rate up about eight beats per minute. Uh no real obvious explanation for this. This is a very, very clean run for me, no distractions, no like changes intensity that were meaningful, so not sure what happened there, but uh something thats kind of notable. Now, as far as GPS goes, it is going to use your phone. In my case, I have an iPhone 13 Pro and so its using that. However, each app can actually finesse the data a little bit. In fact, you see this here where I had the Garmin Connect Mobile app there effectively powering the GPS for this, but also the whoop strap app on there and the aura Ring app on theyre all recording from that same data source, but in different ways.

Now the aura data, like just wouldnt export out – I just I gave up on trying to export it, but the whoop data is in this image here and you can see that also compared to the Garmin epics watch as well as a Apple watch Ultra and you Can see at a high level, they are very, very similar, but if you look closely, you do see some very, very minor differences, even between those apps using that same phone Source data on the case of whoop and Garmin on this little corner right. There theres a tiny bit different uh later on. Actually the phone did a better job, despite being in my running shorts pocket, then both of the Standalone watches uh. The Apple watch like way cut the corner here. Uh the epics also cut it, but not as badly as the Apple watch, but the phone, like correctly nailed that Ill be a few moments later. The phone based ones just slightly like missed some of these sharp churns that I did around some construction stuff versus the dedicated watches, did correctly uh nailed out for most people, though the accuracy is good enough on this, its not the latest Optical sensor from Garmin. It doesnt support ECG either something that Garmin just rolled out last week, but it does support wireless charging. So lets talk about that very briefly here. So Garmin supports the Qi, wireless charging standard and thats, basically the standard for kind of all things.

For example. This is a standard wireless charging mat. I can put my phone on there in a couple seconds. Youll see Itll initialize there we go now its charging and the same is true for the Viva move Trend. I put that on there put in the middle in a couple seconds boom its charging its as easy as that now in my testing, its not charging super fast, and I asked Garmin, basically theyre saying under two hours as kind of theyre theyre notable there. So I did a quick test where I charged for 15 minutes just to kind of see what the charging rate was. In that case, I did about 11 during that 15 minutes. So youre looking at like point seven five percent per minute – uh not super fast. It is the same speed as the wire charging oops uh, which is this here. It does include a USBC wired charger which is kind of cool. It is a clip on style. A Garmin has basically two styles of Chargers, their standard, one that they use for. Almost everything and the clip on charger for a handful of watches like this, and so you can see clip on charger, goes in the back there and then USBC on the other side. Now, when it gets into compatibility thats where you find the wild wild west of Qi Chargers again, these arent like Universal standard, what virtually every company is using out there. But there are some caveats.

So this is the random one I bought on Amazon about 12 bucks or so Ill link, all these down below uh, and then I asked Garmin for a couple recommendations. These are not official recommendations. These are like these should work pretty well uh. This one here called tozo again put it in there charge it and youll see when I put this on. Usually lights will change. This is true as well on this particular charger and then Ive got this anchor battery pack again the same thing here pop it on uh turn on the button. There we go in a couple seconds: it should light up, come on put it right in the middle there we go, and sometimes its finicky on some Chargers like this uh battery pack, but Ive had no real problems in the other ones. As long as its vaguely in the middle, it works just fine and in fact even the Samsung watch charger. Uh works too so watch this there we go boom charging easy peasy, but there have been some caveats: uh, so unplug this right here, Ive got this anchor charger. This is one that was recommended uh, including the cable that came with it and all this kind of stuff – and this is I you know again – I trust anchor as a brand. They use it for tons of stuff, including this battery pack right there, but this one. When I put it on there, nothing happens.

You can see it blinks this little blue light a bunch of times this charges, my phone just fine. So I know that particular portion of its working there you go, you can see the charging up top there, but theres. Clearly some differences – and I dont know why this ones failing it. It should actually work. The same is true as well, for this moderately sketchy old thing I found in a bin that just says power, port chi. I plug this in to try to charge and nothing happens like it. Just it doesnt do anything and again this is the wild west of QI charging still its cool to see. Garmin doing this and, more importantly, I think its cool to see the fact that they kept the wire charger. I really do appreciate that. I dont appreciate how darn slow the wire charger is or how slow their wireless charging is compared to the competitors which are generally under an hour 45 minutes to an hour, but hey its a first step here. It is interesting. We see Garmin starting off on these sort of watches, but this isnt unheard of. Ultimately, the Viva move trend is a perfectly nice little watch. If you want that stylish watch. That does not look like its actually a smart watch, but still has all the smarts in it. This is a great option. Its got virtually every other like health and wellness feature of garmins other watches, but just doesnt look like a smart watch anyways.