So i have to do that so here’s. The thing uh most of most of us might be aware that uh crossfit’s newly launched a product called crossfit orbit smartwatch with lot of expectations. So we, after going through the website and after going through the calling features, especially in the price price range of 5500, so we decided to buy the watch so going through. The reviews of that particular website, so, even without like the product is really awesome. And yes, so this is the watch that i’m actually looking for which meets my requirements. However, i want to tell you all that this is totally wrong, so i’m, not complaining about the product, so i went through the watch specifications. I used it for at least a day just to see like how the behavior is and, to be honest, like some of the features are good and some yes, definitely bad. But the thing that i actually having a problem with is not with most not mostly with the watch but it’s with the support of crossfit. If you’re buying this watch, then definitely you need to be ready to face the issues that you’re gon na face with the crossfit support. First of all, the support is not at all good, the reason being, let me show you like how exactly they have delivered. This watch okay, so this is the box that you’re seeing here. Okay, since i have paid 500 rupees for this particular watch okay, so i expected the watch to be delivered in a perfect or maybe at least in a proper condition, wherein you shouldn’t see these kind of damages here.

Okay, and second thing is, if you open the watch right, so if you open the box, if you can see here, there are a lot of damages here as well. Okay and third thing is okay box. Also, we can uh give it a month. We can keep it as an exception. Okay, we can ignore this. Okay, that’s fine, but inside the inside this particular box right. So this is how they send the watch with the cover here: okay and most apart from this one right. So the most important issue that i am facing with this particular particular watch delivery is, they have sent me the watch which has a scratch on the top of the glass okay. So this is the major concern that i have the reason being. I have paid 5 500 rupees, which is my hard earned money, and i don’t expect the watch to be delivered in this way when i’ve paid so much of remote, because just to give you an example right, i am, i mean i’m still using mi smart band Basic watch and the way they delivered is really good it’s, not that i’m actually boosting or you know, i’m supporting chinese company. No, not at all. So this, since crossfit is an indian company. I really appreciate what they do, what they’re doing and even i appreciate their product specifications because i went through the product specifications. I used it for a single day just to see if you know if there are any issues or what are the plus points, the watch has.

What are the negative points? The pause has trust me as an indian company. They have done a good job. However, in terms of beat support, rights, it’s totally bad, so after i got this uh crack in the glam after i got, this was delivered with a crack and a glass. So i approached the cross beat support okay. So what happened is so you won’t be able to call them? Okay, first thing, because when you call them you’ll get you’ll, hear a message which says so the wait time is 15 minutes and it’s difficult to connect them through the call, because it’s a coveted situation. Okay, that’s one thing second thing: is: you have to contact them either through whatsapp or through email, so i did contacted them using the whatsapp, and this is how it is. Okay, let me show you how the support is so here is the thing okay, so they asked for the photos of the watch, okay, which i sent it here. Uh you can see um, not a small scratch here. Okay, i’ll show you the better picture. Let me show you this yeah. If you can see here, this is the scratch that i have on the glass. So most of them – or most of you guys, might argue that you know this is a tempered glass that’s, fine, no it’s, not because the reason being, even though it’s a tempered glass. What i expect is the quality delivery which these guys are not up to the mark, and most important thing is, after sharing all these details right, even i shared the video as well.

Okay, like what exactly has happened here, so even after sharing all these details. Okay, so they said they’re gon na revert on this particular issue to the earliest, and i um they. They also mentioned that they would be addressing this issue on priority okay, so they asked me to send an email uh to one of the crossfit study, which is supports at I sent an email and i got a response that this issue or this issue would be addressed in three to four days. Unfortunately, if you look at my chat here, okay, so i kept on following up with them after three days i contacted them, so they said uh. You need to wait. I mean uh no need to worry about this issue and all that so then they asked me to share my email address after putting the video. Yes, i shared that and after that i sent an email, so i sent a message requesting them to provide me an update and nothing happened. So basically, they said: okay, stop worrying. We will receive this response at the earliest, see since it’s a new product, okay, on which i’m claiming the issue, so they need to address it within three to four days: okay, that’s max that i can give compared to the other vendors okay, so i expected a Faster response from them, but they are not doing that. Okay, so after uh, i waited till friday, like i actually received the product on saturday, and i notified the crossfit support on the same day, because there is a policy in cross beats which says you have to report the damage issue in 24 hours, which i did That and after that, so i asked for their uh update and you know i waited for six days and nothing happened and then finally, i had to send an email to them in this way.

Okay, so let me show you like what exactly they asked after six days on this friday they’re coming back to me, so they reflect my email saying. Thank you for writing to us, okay, first issue. Regarding the boss box. They are claiming that you know they’re not going to uh provide this replacement of the box. Okay, that’s really doesn’t make sense, because i am actually not looking for any warranty support on the box it’s clearly on the watch, because i have mentioned clearly that the damage is on the glass not on the box. Okay box can be ignored, okay, that’s. Fine second thing is: there was a scratch on the sensor, so they asked us to remove the sticker that’s back of the sensor. I totally agree with that because we identified the sticker. Yes, we can remove that that’s. Also fine, but here the third issue regarding the scratch: okay, they are asking us to share the images again, which i have already shared. Okay, i have shared the clear update and i mean i have shared all the requested details which they had actually requested for. Okay and they’re asking this on the sixth day, wherein i had to wait. Okay, for no reasons like so much of delay, is totally unacceptable. I mean, if you’re, doing a business with customer. We expect a quality support as well, not just the product. Okay, because products are electronics, products that you deal with and if there are a lot of chances that the electronics products may go for, go faulty within the short span of life.

And if this is the kind of support that you’re providing right so then i think you’re really not qualified to do the business, because service and the quality of the product goes hand in hand. Okay, if you are caring about the quality of the product, you should also care for the service without that it’s not it’s, really impossible to achieve a good score in the market, because there are a lot of other companies – okay, who are really doing better than you. So you need to improve here and most of the most importantly, okay, you, if you’re buying this watch. All of you should consider this point, but the support of the cross bits is really bad. Okay and after i sent an email requesting them, okay, i wrote a long email telling that this is not the support i expected and i need this issue to be fixed by saturday. They never responded. Okay, so they’re not really bothering about this so i’m. Just clueless. Now i know whether they are going to replace the watch or not so hopefully, after seeing this video they’ll respond and they’ll. Take quick action on this, and if not, the only option that i would be left with is to go with the consumer code and then let them know that this is what they’re doing with the customers see uh. I really don’t have much of an issue with the product here: okay, when it comes to specifications, okay, but it’s, the way they deliver and the way they’re treating customers.

So that is where i have the problem, and i request everyone: okay, okay, so that’s it about the support part guys i mean you obviously saw what is the issue that i’m facing okay – and i request everyone – okay – to raise, raise your voice against this and, if You’Re considering buying cross beats orbit watch like then, please do consider the reviews as well. That is some of the genuine reviews i’m talking about, for example, here somebody has protein in the crossfit’s website itself. Sorry in the crossfit’s uh google review like what exactly the issue that he faced and how is the delay. I mean how how difficult it is to deal with customer support here. Okay, so consider all these things, and only if you’re, if you’re, not worried about the support, part okay, if you’re fine with it only then you can go with this watch. Okay, i totally agree that, with the 5500 rupees price price range, they are providing the calling features, which is actually a good thing, but at the same time they need to improve on the service without that they never gon na achieve good business and my ammo request To everyone, please do consider all these things before you buy this watch and if you’re really not happy with the support or you know, if you really think that this watch is not for you because of the support issues, then definitely don’t buy it, because if the Watch goes.

Faulty then definitely you’ll be in a trouble. So thank you guys, that’s it for the day and in case, if you need more reviews or any other technical reviews about the watch, please do let me know i’ll do a second video.