Every time you make me nervous its been a while, since i forgot the most sinful words, Music lets start with the price. The gt3 smartwatch has a price tag on aliexpress of 36.83 dollars and around 27.99 pounds in uk. Like always, i will leave links in the video description. Please check them out for best price and product information. The gt3 smartwatch comes with a silicon, strap a tab, a usb charging cable with two magnetic pins and the manuals. When you take it out of the box, you can see that the design is simple and looks like a huawei watch. 3.. Well, i would say it is a copy of that watch. The gt3 comes with a 43.5 millimeter size and weighs 38 grams without the straps. The body is made of think alloy and looks really good build for a better watch. The screen is made of glass and doesnt look cheap at all more on the screen. In a few moments on the right side, you have the two buttons on the back is plastic but again well built at the center. You have the sensors. On top, you have the magnetic pins for charging on the right side. The speakers on the bottom, the microphone, the gt3 smartwatch its only ip67 waterproof, so no more than watching your hands, but anyway the wind is here in uk. So no problems, i will say the pairing process – is so easy and straightforward using my iphone 13 pro max Music.

The g3 has one amazing. Look with this round 1.28 inch screen with hd color display is an all round high definition screen with 240×240 resolution. The colors are clean and poppy. The gt3 smartwatch has a microphone and speaker, so you can answer calls on your watch its amazing to see a watch of this price with this function. Now that we have seen the look of the watch – and we know that you can get calls on the watch – lets see some of the tracking features. The gt3 smartwatch comes with many tracking features like heart rate, monitoring, sleep monitoring, step, cutting blood, oxygen monitoring and even a drink water reminder before we moving on from the tracking field. Just a reminder that this is a quick unboxing in review and that i havent had time to test all the sensors properly moving on the gt3 smartwatch has a sport mode as well. So you can record all your sports data like when youre walking running cycling or even when you go for your badminton game if thats, what you like and if you listen to music when youre exercising controlling the music with this watch, is no problem. Lets see some of the specs more in detail now the cpu is real tech, 8762c, bluetooth, 4.0 lcd 1.28 inches with a resolution of 240×240. The screen is ips hd battery size, 250 million per hours. It got bluetooth. Coal, waterproof is ip67 Music, like all the smart watches, the gt3 has a companion app tafit is the name, a very simple app, but with all the information that you need, you can check your training records all the data from the steps, heart rate tracking sleeping and You name it youll, be able to check for updates and configurate.

Your smart watch as well changing the watch faces are possible and the last the battery. It has a 250 million per hour battery, giving you 20 days in standby and taking you around 2 hours to fully charge very good for a budget smartwatch and thats it guys. This was my review on the gt smartwatch, a cool smartwatch at a budget price, with some cool features as well and thats all for today guys. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did give this video a thumbs up and if you havent subscribed, is now the time to subscribe with this said, i wish you guys a great day and i will catch you later.