This is big phil from big field tv and welcome back to another video. This time im going to be doing a real and honest review of the halo gst. It is an affordable, smart watch and, as i mentioned earlier, it has a lot to offer and ive been using it for about three weeks now, even though i promise you guys that ill be doing the review really soon. First of all, i want to apologize for the fact that this video has taken so long, but i wanted to really use this smart watch to know everything about it. So ill be honest with you guys, my subscribers, my viewers, i love yall, you guys are the reason why im doing this, so i have to be honest and please, if youre new to this channel, hit the subscribe button and turn a notification for a lot of Good videos come up on big fail tv without wasting moist time. This is a review of the halo, gst im gon na keep this video short and simple thats, because during my unboxing of the halo gst, i mentioned a lot about this smartwatch. I said so much about it, so im gon na drop the link of that video. If you want to know everything the features and everything about this smartwatch check out the unboxing video, but in this video im going to talk about the things i like about this smartwatch and the things i dislike about, it lets start with the things i love about.

A smartwatch number one the build quality. I love that i mean, even in my in my unboxing video. I keep saying that the watch has a very nice build. I mean for the price the watch has is still built. I mean the frame is all aluminum, its, not plastic like most affordable or entry level. Smart watches, theyre all plastic, but this one has a nice steel bear, i think its aluminium build and the silicone stripe that comes with it is very nice, very comfortable, ive used. It in the gym, ive taken to bed ive used it daily, wear it all the time, and i like it, i like the overall build quality. Second thing i like about this smartwatch is the price which is about 35 us dollars, and for that price it is a great smart watch for people who dont want to spend too much money on the top flagship level. Smart watches or people who are just getting into the game of smart watches or people who are thinking about buying smart watches for their kids or for their family members. We almost get into christmas, so its gon na be a nice gift for family members yeah. So the price is another thing i like about it. I also like the fact that this smartwatch comes with a 22 millimeter watch traps, which means you can change it with any other 22 millimeter watch straps out there. You can buy them on ebay on aliexpress on amazon.

They are like million of 22 millimeter watch traps out there, which is great, i mean you can buy leather, silicone, stainless steel. It all looks great on this watch and also i like the fact that the release mechanism is universal, which means its easy to take it out easy to replace the watch stripe so nice, so great. So, even though the watch is cheaper at 35 euros dollars, you can buy nice straps put on it, it makes it looks great, and another thing i like about this smart watch is the fact that it comes with some nice health features like the blood oxygen. Is there the heart rate, monitoring, step count and swerf workout mods and last thing i like about this smartwatch is the application that you have to download on your smartphone in order to customize the watch. It is good, it is customizable, but not highly customizable. It has a normal rate of customization, you can do things like downloads new watch face or you can see your sleep records or you can see your fitness records. You can change and customize. So many things from the application, so the app is good and thats. Another thing i like about it, but there are a few things i dislike about this smartwatch lets talk about those right now, and the first thing i dislike about this smartwatch is the fact that the watch does not have many languages. It only have english. I mean i try to change it to other languages, but i couldnt find it i dont know and being the fact that the watch is something that you can buy from any other countries.

I mean you can buy it on aliexpress. You can buy it on amazon. You can buy it on ebay and people from different countries use different languages. The fact that the watch only have only english, i dont know it might be a drawback to so many people right now, im in thailand – and i have so many friends here in thailand who, like the watch, they want to buy it. But the fact that the watch does not have thai language, they said no, because they cannot read english. They dont know how to use those features in english language, so some of them is a drawback, and secondly, some of those health features are not very accurate, especially the step count. The step count is not very accurate, like most of the time when i have it on and im working im trying to see. If, if the watch is counting my steps, but i realize that no its not counting – i can go for like 20 steps before the watch will actually start counting and recognizing hey ive moved for like 10 or 20 steps before the watch can catch up. No, its not very accurate, but sometimes it is, i mean its, not a hundred percent of the time, sometimes its accurate, sometimes its, not so its not really stable, and the sleep tracking is another example of features that are not really accurate. There are times when the watch will track your sleep really.

Well, it gives you the amount of hours that you sleep, but there are times when it doesnt even recognize your sleep like i was so i was so confused because the first day i took the works to bed. It gave me that i read, i slept for about six and a half hours. The second day i took it to bed, nothing i got up in the morning. I checked it out zero zero hours, but i snapped so. I was confused. So then, the third day i took you to bed, you read it again. It gave me seven hours, so the accuracy of most of those health and basic health features theyre not really great, even when i took it to the gym in the gym, was all right. The blood oxygen when you measure it its so well its so accurate because i compared it with my my apple watch series 7 and my huawei watch 3 pro. The blood oxygen is really accurate, thats a good thing about this watch. The blood oxygen works so well, but the other features works, not a 100 of the time, and the display of this smart watch could be better im, not really complaining about it, because the watch is an affordable, smart watch. It is cheaper for 35 euros dollars. You dont want to complain too much about a display, but i feel like they could have improved on the resolution a little bit better. I mean to improve on the pixel quality, the brightness and all those things, but its not something that you can complain too much based on the price.

But one thing that i really dislike about a smartwatch is the watch faces the watch faces. There are five default watch faces that comes with a watch and you can only add one at a time i mean, whenever you go to your smartphone, you download new watch face, you can only download one at a time so five default watch face. Then you add one six thats all very few, and the last thing i dislike about a smartwatch is the fact that it doesnt have microphone all speakers theres no speaker on this watch theres no microphone, which means you cannot make cars from the watch. You cannot even receive sound or notification, it only vibrates. So when you have notifications or when you have an incoming call it vibrates, you cannot pick, you cannot receive calls from the watch. You have to go to your phone to do everything on your phone. The watch is not there to mirror everything thats going on on your smartphone. You cannot reply sms nothing. So the watch is just like a mirror to your smart, your smartphone, so everything thats going on on your smartphone. You can see it on the watch, but you cannot interact with them yeah, but its not something that you have to complain too much. If youre. Looking for all those features, microphones speakers replied sms from the watch make calls from the watch. Then you have to look somewhere else. You have to look, for example, the mid range smart watches or the top flagship, smart watches.

Those are the watches that you can find everything, but this is an affordable, smart watch. So you have to bear in mind the price 35 us dollars. I think right now you can pick it up for like 33 or 32 us dollars so its way cheaper. It is a smart watch, though, when you put it on, especially if you have a nice strap on it like the leather strap that i put on it looks amazing. It looks good and the build quality is great. The battery life thats everything about the halo gst. Let me know down in the comment section if you have any question about this smartwatch or any other smartwatch, that you want me to compare it with. Let me know down in the comment section and for other videos check it out on big field tv, because ive done so many videos on so many smart watches from huawei from samsung from apple from other companies, check them out or bigfieldtv. And if you like this one, please give it a thumbs up. If youre new to the channel, please hit the subscribe button and turn on notification for a lot of videos.