Let’S begin so, first of all i’m going to slide this container out of this cardboard piece all right now. This is a very mysterious looking box Music, and that is our watch. Oh that’s, the sticker. I forgot to put on the stickers great all right, so let’s pull this out. Oh um, all right yeah, so i successfully got this out of the thing um and i also have my sticker on it yeah. So this is the actual watch now i’m going to boot it for the first time guys guys get ready. Oh my god. So this is a qr code. I need to scan with my mobile yeah, so yeah now now i’m going to show you how to um start this app before that um. I took all of the accessories out of here and there are no accessories left because i already took them out. I only have the one the accessories are outside the box, they are charging and yeah. So i took out the accessories from before this unboxing because um i want to showcase the watch, not the success. Oh guys, we have got the watch working. Oh my god, guys guys. The watch is working or just kidding, it’s just a sticker. Yes, it’s a it’s, a sticker, it was an illusion. So the first thing is is that you don’t need to scan the qr code. Um, you don’t also need to click next, you just have to throw that watch away.

You don’t have to click next, nor you have to scan the qr code, all right, so let’s start now. You, first of all, you have to install the app just go to the play, store and search hello and install the app after you have installed the app you have to open it, and then it is going to ask you to login. Now i already have an account, so i am just going to log in. But if you don’t have an account, then you will have to register by going to the registration page and then coming back to the login page to login. But i already have an account. So i’m, just going to login from here. So, as you can see, i have logged in and now you can add my watch so i’m going to go to the third third icon in the bottom: nav navigation bar and then i’m going to um click, add device and then from here my my watch is Right there so i’m just going to click on it and as soon as i am going to click it on here, um, a message is going to appear on the watch on the watch. It is going to say something is trying to connect, yes or no. You have to click, yes, as you as you. Can you will click? Yes, the board. The watch will be connected and it will start working now. You can tweak around with the settings of the app, so you can, for example, um receive calls um.

By setting this setting index, you can receive notification messages you can set all of that. Whatever you want to change, you can do that um and yeah.