Today i’ve got my hands on the brand new honor band, six, now priced just under 49 pounds. This smart fitness watch has some pretty amazing features for the low price, including amoled, display 580 and water resistance, and lots lots more. So, first of all inside the box, you will find user manual a magnetic usb charger and the honor band 6 itself. Now honor is calling this the honor band, but it’s somewhere in between a smart fitness band and a smart watch. So we can call it kind of a a hybrid, so you’re getting best of both you’re getting the lightness of a fitness band, but the style and design of a smartwatch. So it is like a hybrid design. Now, on the front, we have a very nice looking 1.47 inch, amoled display with a screen resolution of 194×368, and that is a 2.5 d tempered glass and considering that large amoled display it’s, actually surprisingly thin and light at only 11.5 millimeters thick, and it weighs only 29.6 grams, with the straps on now watch body is made completely from plastic, so the watch feels super light and comfortable on your wrist, so much so that after a while, you actually forget you’re wearing a watch and in case you’re wondering i have a wrist circumference Of seven inches and the watch does not look or feel too big for my wrist now on the side of the watch, you have a single multifunctional button, it’s your power button home button, and it also brings up your apps on the other side.

You just have your honor logo engraved and that does look pretty cool at the bottom of the watch. You’Ve got your heart rate sensor and charger. Pins and i’ll quickly. Show you the charger in action and it’s a magnetic usb charger clips on with ease, and you can go ahead and charge that up with any 5 volt usb source. Now it takes 2 hours to fully charge the 180 milliamp hour battery. But the watch promises to give you around 14 days battery life from typical usage. Now these straps are made from silicon and you can remove and replace the straps. Although it is a little tricky to remove the straps, you need to just lift up that clip there. We go once you loosen that clip the strap just falls off and replacement straps of different colors and designs are available for this watch, and i just want to show you the easiest way to put the strap back on. What i find is to place the clip to place the clip first so that’s how the clip should be inwards, like that, keep your thumb over that and then slide the back piece back on there, and you will just feel that click into place. So i find that is the best method that works for me when removing and replacing the straps um a bit more simplified design to remove the straps would have been nice, but at least we have the option. Now the honor band 6 connects to your smartphone via bluetooth and uses your phone’s gps for positioning.

So this watch does not have a built in gps and i can confirm that this smartwatch does work with android and ios. Now there is no wi, fi or nfc built into the watch, and the watch does not support bluetooth phone calls. Should you get an incoming call, you will have the option to mute or drop the call from the watch. Now you will get your notifications from your smartphone pushed directly to the watch and they are read only notifications so for your messages, emails calls whatsapp, etc, read only you cannot reply to them now. This smartwatch is running a basic custom os, which is easy to use and navigate, and the touch screen is also very, very responsive. Now the watch can track your daily fitness activities, which include step counter calories, distance weather 24 hour heart rate sensor, and you also have blood oxygen monitoring, sleep, tracking automatic workout detection with over 10 workout modes built in now. All your health activities get synced to the huawei health smartphone app. So on the top you see your step. Information with distance and calories. You’Ve got your exercise, heart rate, sleep, weight, stress and spo2, and any of this information can be tapped for more detail. Your sleep monitoring, so i had a two hour and 48 minute nap, so it was just a daytime nap had that had been three hours, it would have been counted as a sleep, so anything below three hours is counted as a nap, so sleep monitoring is very Accurate and it works really well, you can initiate exercises outdoor walks, run, cycling, etc, and it will use your phone’s gps.

You can see the gps signal right there to track uh your route, etc. Now under devices. If you tap on the honor band 6, it will give you some information on the battery steps, calories distance. It will give you access to watch faces. So if you hit more, you will have a whole library of watch faces that you can download, and there are quite a few watch faces there. If you go to mine, that will show you. The watch faces that are currently installed and you can install multiple watch faces, so you’re not limited to one or two now the last watch face. I i downloaded was this dragon one and you can see that nice soothing element that watch face brings so yeah. I do like that watch face and you’re spoiled for choice. You’Ve got your options to set for health monitoring, and you can see there that you can keep it continuous 24 hours or you can switch it down. You’Ve got your alarms, weather reports, notifications and under device settings. You will find two options and then you’ve got your factory reset and firmware update. The last section is called me where you can check out your own profile. You can set your targets and plans and so on and so forth now, third party services, so these are your only two options, so there is no strava or any other service that you can connect to this watch now coming back to the watch and another awesome Feature is 5 atm water resistance, so you can keep this on while you’re going swimming and it will actually track your sessions, your strokes with distance calories and time.

If you keep the center pressed, you can change your different watch faces and i will put the default one on just to show you that is the default watch face. So amoled screen looks beautiful, the colors are really popping and the watch does look much more expensive than it actually is. For that reason, now you do have a number of watch faces built in you can change them directly from the watch or you can use the smartphone app, as i showed you earlier, and i will now give you a few examples of the selection of watch faces Available Music now, quick, look at the watch features if you swipe down from the top you’ve got your quick toggles. Now, if you swipe left or right, you will have, you will see your health tiles and the first one is your heart rate sensor. Next is your stress, monitor, you’ve, got your local weather and your health rings and then you’re back to the watch face. If you swipe up you’ve got your notifications and, as you can see, these are read only notifications. You cannot reply to these directly from the watch. Now, when you press the button on the side that will bring up all your apps and we’ll quickly, skim through them, you’ve got your workouts. You have 10 workouts built in you’ve, got workout records, heart rate, spo2 activity records, sleep monitoring, stress, breathing, exercises, notifications, weather stopwatch, timer alarms, torch, fine phone and settings and i’ll quickly show you the settings.

You’Ve got display. Vibration do not disturb workout settings system and about so time to test out the accuracy of the health sensors. So this is the o2 ring it’s a medical grade device. You just wear it. You just wear it on your thumb and it will detect your heart rate and sp02 at the same time. So while that’s working, it’s magic, let’s, just swipe to the left and select heart rate, so here is a comparison. I’Ve got 110 beats per minute to my heart rate. You can see. The honor watch is also showing above 100 it’s, nearly showing 110 108. now they’re, both showing 108 111 110. So my resting heart rate is usually low, but as soon as i shoot a video it shoots up to 115. Now you can see the spo2 is 94 and i do want to test that on the watch as well, so let’s open up spo2. So my blood oxygen is 95 at the moment on the medical grade device we’re going to see what the watch gives us so 98. We have um, it just went back up to 99.. Now i am wearing another watch on my other wrist and this is the galaxy watch. 3.. Okay, so we are comparing the spo2 on the galaxy watch 3, with the o2 ring, and the current sbo2 on the ring is 96 let’s see what the galaxy watch three would give us. 97 96. I would say: that’s pretty close, 96 and 97 leaving it on this page.

You can see it’s actually gone down to 94 percent, so it’s getting more accurate. Why? Just you leave it on so 96 that’s going to 94., all right we’re going to do a quick screen on hand raised test galaxy watch 3 versus honor band 6.. Here we go one two three, and do it again all right, one, two three, but ultimately the honor band 6 has a very nice and fast screen on hand raises, which is what you need in this day and age. So there you have it guys. That was the honor band 6, so a premium looking smart fitness watch and i’m actually baffled to how good the screen of this watch looks and how they managed to keep the price so low. There is no gps or nfc, but it still works very well with your phone’s gps. When you go for your outdoor runs or walks heart rate sensor is great, sbo2 is a little slow but picks up the accuracy after a while don’t expect medical grade accuracy from this device, especially at this low price point, but nevertheless it still works very well. Now i actually enjoy wearing the honor band 6.. I really like how light and compact it is on the wrist, but at the same time it gives you a very nice large, beautiful, looking amoled display so great features: great design, 5 atm water resistance, sbo2 24 hour heart rate sensor, but above all it’s nice to See a new product by honor i’m always found on our products to be bang for your buck.

This is no exception. Now any questions do let me know in the comments. Meanwhile, thank you so much for watching, and i hope you all have a brilliant day.