As you can see, the strap is very much improved. They have a big screen this time and this is the charger. This is the magnetic charger. I got uh. It will be a very good it’s, going to be a very convenient experience used to be a hassle from before and the honor band 5.. This is the main uh uh. This is not. The uh default watch face. Okay, so like, if you hold it like this, you’ll get a menu all the faces that are already installed. Just you can install hundreds of them. I don’t know how much i still don’t know how much you can install they’re all removable customizable, not customizable, but uh changeable. I like this one so like this is the main screen. This is uh. If we swipe down, we get this new uh menu. It has settings in it, it has vibration, control, uh, alarm, settings, etc. If you swipe right, you go back see if you swipe up, you get the notifications, and this these are the widgets, the the widget. This is they’re all like the that and the huawei health app. This is the heart rate. Monitor. Okay, like this is the weather, app music, alipay, uh duration. You can complete this. This is basically a target oriented uh, widget, okay, so like here we are back so now i will quickly go through the menu and all the other stuff that it has uh this okay. So this is the drop down menu and they have included this this.

For the first time, it’s, not in other bands, a quick, very quick and convenient uh drop down menu containing the basic settings it has. I think this. What is this okay? This is uh, do not disturb this is uh aod. Then we have vibrate function. Then we have alarms you can set as many alarms, but this is the settings menu settings shortcut here: okay, uh! So in. If you go into settings we have a display, uh icon, that it used to you can use it to switch change watch faces. What is this? Okay, this is for the widgets. You can move one play around with the widgets, you can replace them, you can add others. Then you have brightness. Okay, we even on one. It is quite bright, very much visible in the sunlight and it goes through down to five. Then we have advanced then in advance. We have sleep, uh manual, sleep settings and screen time settings okay. So if we go back, we have vibration display. Then we have vibration. Control here and then we have do not disturb all day scheduled. Then we have workout settings, um, okay, detects. If your idle or you need like in watch faces, you will see them in all of them. Then we have systems restart power off reset. Then we have up here, then we have model version, number mac, address this and that okay, now, if we press the side button, we get the main get into the main menu where you can find workouts.

We have here uh uh, almost 10 workouts how to run indoor run outdoor walk into a walk indoor cycle outdoor cycles for huawei compatible, uh phones, huawei phones, whether we have elliptical. We have rover, others they’re, almost like any other workout. They just track your basic calories burnt in timer. Okay, now we have workout records here then we have heart rate. Heart rate sensor is very uh. They’Ve included the whole graph here, like in watches, unlike bands, it’s quite comprehensive. Then we have spo2 sensor, which is very quick and smart as compared to other devices or smart bands. Then we have activity records and they have included a whole menu down there. You have pedometer, we have activity logs, we have active hours and goals, then we have sleep. Monitoring, sleep, monitoring and honor band is way accurate than many others they’re the best possible algorithms. And then we have stress monitoring, and this also have a full uh menu like in the huawei, help health app. We have breathing exercises if you’re feeling a bit stressed out and that’ll guide you to do some breathing exercise to lower your heart rate. Okay, then we have music controls here then we have notifications. You can also swipe up for them. You can access them from here we have a complete weather widget here, uh, okay, like weather app i’ll, have to connect it. It is a complete weather app. Then we have alipay, then we have stopwatch timer basic timer.

Okay, i’ll show it to you timer. Then we have alarm here too flashlight that white bright screen. You can take help of in dark. It is in amoled panel quite bright and we have fine phone and then the settings again. Okay. So this was a quick uh go through um they’ve changed the bad quality they’ve improved it. A lot like me band had a very smooth rubber texture here. They have also changed this time. Unlike uh honor band 5, it used to get a bit hard and difficult to put on for like 24 hours a day or more okay, so like uh, i hope you liked the video look like please like and subscribe the channel. If you like it here, this is the notification panel. I was talking about this bluetooth. 5.0. 1.47 inches amoled screen. I love that. Thank you.