This watch is awesome. We have one of the smoothest designs ive ever seen on huawei watch. We get tons of customizable watch, faces, spo2 heart rate, stress sleep and skin temperature tracking, and we can now quick reply to answers with emojis or preset answers. Hey folks, my name is leonard youre watching the product reviewer and today i will show you my top 10 features of the huawei gt watch. 3D. Pro a feature that i just love about. Smart watches are the notifications and on this bad boy right here, you get basically all of your messages right to your wrist. There are lots of preset ads that you can use which you, by the way, can customize on the huawei health app as well over. Here you just have to click on quick replies, then add reply and you can already type any message with up to 36 letters, which really is more than enough for any occasion. Now, since i like to use emojis to make my message look a little nicer, we can now use emojis as quick reply options as well. One of my favorite and something that i play around with quite a lot are the watch faces. I tried counting how many watch faces you have on the huawei gt3 pro, but i stepped after like 300, and those are just the ones that you can get for free in the health app. You have seven different watch face sections with analog, hybrid digital and free watch faces, and a few more, if you want to, you, can buy some for around 1 or 2 euros, but i bet everyone can find the right one over in the free section thats, where I have all of my watch faces from now by long present on the home screen of your watch.

You get to your watch faces and if you look closely, you have a little settings icon below one of your watch faces. If you click that we can start customizing, this watch face depending on which watch face you are on. There are multiple things that you can do. You can basically change all of the display. Metrics, like your heart rate, burn calories, sleep battery life, music player and so on. I personally like watch faces with lots of metrics, so i think i will go with this one for today. As for the battery life, i think we are in a good place, depending on your usage. You get about 8 to 14 days of battery life. Out of it. Now i have all of my health features turned on and running. In the background, i have my brightness settings set to medium. I get quite a few notifications and i have the awesome display mode turned off now, if you think 8 days, isnt a lot now, let me tell you that this watch charges from 0 to 25. In just 10 minutes and all the way up to 100 in just 85 minutes, which is average but still good, the huawei watch gt3 pro might be the best. Looking smart watch right now now this watch is available in three different variations. Now you can either get it in all titanium. You can get it with a black silicon, strap or with a gray leather strap.

So that would be this one right here now: theres one more version of it and that will cost an extra 100 euros over here. In germany, and that would be the white karamic version and guys i have to tell you this one is just gorgeous. If you have the spare money, i would definitely go with this one anyway. This one right here is pretty chunky with about 46 by 46 by 11 millimeters in size. You get a 1.43 inch. Amoled color touch display with a resolution of 466 by 466 pixels, so all of the colors and tags are sharp and vivid on the side of the watch. We get two physical buttons of which the lower one takes you straight to your sport modes, but since this one is customizable, you can connect it to any of your other apps for quicker access. The upper rotatable button either takes you to your app menu or back, and you can scroll with this one through your apps and messages and you can zoom in or out in your app menu on the side of the watch. We have a mic and a speaker. So you can talk to your friends and family every time you feel like it. This watch is water resistant up to five atm. We have a built in gps which, by the way, works great, and this watch weighs in at 53 grams if youre looking for a smartwatch with great activity tracking this one right here is your solution.

Well, i wouldnt suggest the aluminum or the karamic version, but the other two are great. Overall, you have about 100 different sport, mods that you can track on your watch. If its running walking cycling, swimming diving or maybe golf, this watch has it all and in addition, all of the sport modes are customizable like we get on the garmin menu 2 or the galaxy watch 4.. So if you click on the settings icon next to the activity, we can select a target or go what kind of battery performance we want to have and choose a different data display. We can customize up to four different displays with up to four different metrics on them, like your heart rate, workout time distance and maybe the speed or something like that. Now, once you start one of your workouts, you can even customize the display on the go change. Your music and swipe to your different metrics after your workout, you can check out all of your stats either on the huawei health app or on the watch itself. As for the accuracy of the building, gps, im pretty pleased now its not the greatest but its not bad. Now it seems like theres no difference between if youre in the city or in the park, since the lines are always a little bit off track, but really not that much and gps cuts corners every once in a while. But besides that the gps works. Well, alright.

Another great feature, especially for all of the runners out there is the offline music over in the wow music. Apps are millions of songs that you can first download to your smartphone and then connect them with your smartwatch. So you can listen to them offline. You can create playlists and add favorites as well, and once the earbuds are connected to your smartwatch, you dont have to listen to music on your watch anymore. I mean you can and it gets pretty loud, but i would say: earbuds are a little bit better. As for the next point, i would like to talk about the navigation and everything you do on. This watch feels just great swiping to the next tile works without lagging or if you open up an app thats very fast as well. If you swipe down from your home screen, you will get to your quick panel with some basic functions such as the dnd mode settings by my phone, or you are long swiping up takes you to your messages and left right will lead you through your different tiles. Something you can do is to reorder them in the settings, so you will get to see your sleep track first and not as less just one example, as you may know, while watches are always pretty darn good when it comes to half tracking and this one is No exception the sleep tracking and the heart rate tracking is spot on. This watch tracks your light and deep sleep as well as your ram and time away.

You also get a small analysis on some minor sleeping stats. The standard 24 7 hardware tracker works great and you can even set some alerts for whenever youre, having a very high or low heart rate and on the stress, tracker and basically, all the other trackers. You can look at your stats from the past week month or even the year point number nine on the list is the phone feature and the arnolds cars. However, you want to call it since this one right here has a built in mic and a speaker. You can take or decline cars or you can send them a quick text to call you back later or that youre busy right now now, if you miss the call, you can even call them right back for your watch isnt that cool, but, as always, it looks A little goofy when you talk to your wrist and so point number 10 on the list. I would like to share some quick tips with you guys. First off the gt3 pro has an auto workout detection that you can toggle on over in the workout settings, and this one supports running walking, elliptical and rowing quick tip. Number two is the pin code like on most smart watches. You get these days, especially the ones that you can connect your e water to you can set a pin code in case you lose your smartwatch, so no one else has access to it. Just open up the settings, click on pin and right here you can set a six digit pin to lock your smartwatch up and in tip number three.

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