Digital zoom, the main sensor, not only has an impressive amount of megapixels optical image, stabilization and bright aperture lens, but it also brings a lot of innovation. While we calls it a super spectrum sensor which can absorb up to 40 more light than usual. If you have seen my galaxy SN plus detailed review, you probably know that I absolutely love a powerful and versatile camera setup that now consists of regular telephoto and wide angle lens. I was really curious how these two powerful camera setups compare to each other, and here are my test results just before we start make sure to check out full reviews of each phone and you'll find all the links down below the video daylight image quality using the Main camera is really good on each device processing may be a little bit different and it's a matter of personal preference which one you like some shots may look a little bit better on the p30 pro and some on the galaxy SN plus. It is worth mentioning that the galaxy phone sometimes has better dynamic range and colors, but it all depends on the shot, as the p30 pro can take better. Looking photos in some cases tell me in the comment section which phone you prefer. Obviously, the p30 pro kills. The galaxy s 10, plus when it comes to zoom the wowie phone lets you take high quality pictures if you use up to 10 times hybrid zoom.

Most importantly, you can go up to 50 times.

Digital zoom and the results are pretty good for a mobile device. The SN plus maxes out at 10 times digital zoom, the p30 pro, is better in low light with all camera lenses. No matter, if you use the main sensor or zoom in the pictures look sharper, there is more detail and less noise. On the other hand, some my charts taken with a wide angle, camera may look a little bit better on the galaxy s n plus, although this is not always the case further, the SN plus simply does not have a dedicated night mode to compete against a P 30 Pro that can take one of the best looking shots on a smartphone, some selfies look better on the P 30 pro, at least this is what I prefer. The pictures are sharper and I, like the skin tones a bit more. On the other hand, selfie images on the galaxy s 10 plus look really good too, so you can rest assured that you'll be able to get a nice looking Instagram picture. Selfie portraits look better on the SN plus thanks to a dedicated a depth sensor. Also, I found them to look a little bit sharper and better looking overall, if you take portrait pictures in artificial lighting with the main camera, both phones produce pretty nice. Looking images and it's hard to tell the winner night selfie image quality really depends on the shot.

During this camera shootout, I managed to get better looking selfies on the galaxy s 10 plus, but the P 30 pro takes comparable or sometimes even better.

Looking images my selfie portraits are sharper on the estin plus, but there is more noise. The p30 pros front facing camera produces images with less noise, but pictures are noticeably softer. Overall, I would pick the galaxy SN plus for nice, selfie portraits when it comes to 4k. Video, the p30 pro is probably the best phone. While we has ever made. The footage is very smooth, stable, sharp and detailed. However, I found a video from the galaxy s 10 to be better looking overall, also, the SN plus assures a smoother transition between all three cameras during video recording selfie video quality is much better on the galaxy s 10, plus because it can record the video in 4K resolution, you simply can't beat this amount of sharpness and detail. Last but not least, the sound recording quality is significantly better on the galaxy s 10 plus. So this is handle video I'm standing here in the shade. Today'S lighting conditions are great I'm, comparing the quality of video with a Samsung Galaxy S Plus, while we 30, while we 20 pros, see video test using the front facing camera of a samsung galaxy s 10 place. So this is Han little video arm it standing here in the shade, so there's a little bit different test than the previous one.

When I was recording video so yeah, I know that I could have made this comparison even more detailed, but the purpose of this video was to give you guys a general idea of image quality and show you which phone is better in particular scenario: I'm leaving you With more camera samples, please watch an entire video and tell me what you think, which phone has the better camera for your needs: the p30 pro or the samsung galaxy s 10, plus, as always liked the video.

If liked it. Please subscribe to the channel if you haven't already, it was Linus. Thank you for watching and stay tuned to the tech line: YouTube channel Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. This is a 4k media test with the WHA will be 30 pro today see sunny day, so the lighting conditions and standing by so you'll have an idea how something called what it is: okay, switch between cameras haven't you given this video using the real camera right Now sometimes don't, and I just watching to the wide Music okay one one thing I'm gon na do right now is I switch to the main camera Music, some holding the pony, which he has no Kimball's whatsoever, finds old advice as steadily as possible. So here the closer so on exposure that was maybe a test. This is he for key video test with a Samsung Galaxy S 10 place. This is a handheld video I'm, not using any civilization to today's 24 Wow 13.

So, okay and I will be switching to happen, so this is 2 times optical zoom. In again, okay, I'm. Switching to the main camera I'll be doing a short video stabilization test, so walking normally holding the pole in two hands. This is how the video looks like so I'm Stan I'm, also working by loud, noisy streets, so keep that in mind, but this is also a sound recording test so guys better ATM cell 42 k, stew exposure, dynamic range and autofocus test close up video of the Rani, why we be 30 pro, so this is handle Brio I'm standing here in the shade.

Today'S lighting conditions are great I'm, comparing the quality of video with the Samsung Galaxy first, while we 30 Wow 20 pro May 20 power and some other polls. So let me walk a little bit let's see if the video is shaky or not I'm holding the device in one hand and holding it in the horizontal position. So I'm curious I'll, try to help you decide. For example, if you have an older model, this is a video test using the front facing camera of the samsung galaxy s, T plus. So this is a little video arm it standing here in the shade, so there's a little bit. There look different test than the previous one when I was recording video in direct sunlight, so yeah. Let me walk a little bit right here, walking just holding the phone in one hand holding the device.