You know most wishes have replaceable straps, but the new here we watch GT cyber even has a replaceable watch case. Now there are many different watch cases available, such as Sports vision and Explorer. I have a sports version with a silicon black strap and watch case. The other features of the new cubaway smartwatch are AMOLED display GPS NFC phone calling and Harmony Devin o operating system. Do you know the price up here we watch Gigi cyber is 235 dollars, so it is quite expensive. Smartwatch lets do a full review of this watch and see if it is worth the money Music. First, you need to know that they have a Chinese version of the new Huawei Smartwatch, but it is already available on the global market, for example Mexico. Here we watch GT cyber comes in two boxes. One of them has a watch keys, while the other box contains a watch face. First lets open the box with Swatch Keys. The feature of this Smartwatch is a removable Keys. As I already said, I have a silicon black case, but it is more gray than black. There is also a small user manual in Chinese and a special tool to remove a crown of the watch. We will talk about this a little later in the second box. There is a watch face as well as a magnetic charge in dock. Add another user manual in Chinese, so here we watch GT. Cyber is definitely the most unique Smartwatch on the market because you can take the watch face out of the case, as the body of the watch is made of 316 stainless steel, while the bag is plastic, as a crown on the right side is also Metal by The way the new smartwatch as the military created your ability to withstand extreme temperature dust shock and water.

You can dive down with this watch to depth of 50 meters, so it is really meant for Sports. On the back of the Smartwatch, we can see heart rate and spo2 sensors. There are also microphone and speaker around it. They are used to receive and make calls. We will also check your phone calling later in this video. The weight of the watch face is 34 grams and it is about 57 grams with a watch case. You know theres a thick black bezel around the display, but when the watch face is in the case it is not visible taking about display. It has a diagonal of a 1.32 inches and 4cm 66 by 466 pixels resolution. Actually, the screen is one of the main features of here. We watch GT cyber because it is AMOLED panel with a very high brightness, Rich colors and always on display support by the way each which faces has its own dial for the always on screen. This is amazing under attend, which faces available on the smart watch. Out of the box, but you can upload more from the app on smartphone. The watch faces have names as well as power levels. You can click on one of them and treat what the power level means lets talk about. Other functions of Huawei watch GT cyber. He knows a new Huawei Smartwatch is powered by Harmony OS. This is probably the smoothest interface on the Smartwatch that they have ever tested.

I think it is the same as on the smartphones, because Harmony OS is available for both smart watches and smartphones. In a quick settings menu we can see the connection with smartphone battery level. Indeed, as well as the following functions screen on alarm, Do Not Disturb mode flashlight. The lock screen, fine film drains of water and settings menu. You can also swipe up from the main watch face to read the new notifications. There are widgets available on the Huawei Smartwatch, such as heart rate, spo2, daily stats, weather forecast, LEP and sleep the main menu with all notifications opens by pressing the crown you can rotate the crown to increase or decrease the size of the icons. Lets. Look at the all applications on here. We watch GT cyber flashlight timer, stopwatch alarm: fine phone weather sleep, daily status, Breeze, WeChat notifications, spo2 workout modes, workout records, stress level, settings menu, NFC cards, high altitude, monitoring, running ability, index cartridge phone calls, LEP, music player phone contacts, air pressure and compass in the settings Menu, we can go to Bluetooth and connect the smartwatch to the earphones here. We s tag heart rate, strap speed, Cadence Sensor and power meter later. I will show you how to connect here with watch GT cyber to the earbuds and listen to music from the Smartwatch. The next menu is watch face and home here you can choose a watch face turn on off, always on display erase the show always on display erase the show watch face and home layout.

Here we watch GT. Cyber also has the themes you can choose: fantasy, electric digital Sports and other Sims, depending on your main watch face and watch Keys, the display and brightness menu as the manual and automatic brightness sleep time and screen on time in the sound and vibration menu. We can change the volume for ringtone and workout broadcast change, vibration, power, youd and a crown haptics. You can also set a pin on a smartwatch here. We watch GT cyber as a permission manager, but I dont know what to do here. A smart assistant will give you the tips during the workout in the workout settings. We can change the volume for workout broadcast turn on off, always on display and auto detect workouts. The new here with Smartwatch supports heart rate data broadcast the system and updates menu, include update, restart power off disconnect connect more and reset. Finally, we can read about the watch face, such as device name model Mac, address Harmony, OS version Etc. Now I want to tell you about a music player. You can swipe right from the main watch face to see a weather, forecast and music player in a music player. We can see the name of the song play, pause, the music switch tracks, Loop, song or play in order and change volume. You can also go to the more menu to delete a song and choose audio Channel. As I already said, you can connect the earbuds to here.

We watch GG cyber. You just need to press on pair and then select the earbuds. Now the music will be played on the earphones by the way the new cubaway smartwatch has an independent music playback. So you can upload some music on the watch and create your own playlist. So you dont need a smartphone during workout, because the music is uploaded to the watch and the earphones are also connected to the watch. It is very convenient Music, foreign Music Music, calling as a new smartwatch doesnt, have SIM support, but you can connect the watch to the smartphone and then receive and make phone calls Music. Okay. Now I want to measure a heart rate and spo2 level. I am in a calm state right now and my heart rate is 80 BPM spo2 level is 96 percent. Now lets talk a little about workout. First here we watch GT. Cyber has more than 100 Sports modes, such as outdoor running indoor, running walking, cycling swimming and others. There are also different courses and plans available on the smartwatch foreign Music lets warm up with a fast walk or not before starting the workout to prevent injuries. So when you start a sport mode, for example, running the Smartwatch is searching for GPS. By the way here, we watch GT cyber as a built in GPS, glonas, Galileo navigation systems. When the GPS is detected, the workout is started and you can see the heart rate, split, Pace, distance and split time on the next screen.

There are steps Cadence and calories. You can swipe next to see the total elevation chain and altitude heart rate level. Average pace, intensity and training stress, and then you can swear trade to see the trajectory and a swipe left to control the music set, the metronome and check the sunset and sunrise. So I can see that here we watch GT. Cyber is a perfect sports watch because it has built in GPS and very informative workout modes. You know I didnt find information about battery capacity of the new Huawei Smartwatch, but the battery life on a single charge is about 7 Days in a light use. What I mean by light use is 30 minutes of Bluetooth, calling heart rate always on scientific sleep at night experience 60 Minutes a week with GPS on and a new notifications. The battery life depends on the usage habits, but I think you can count on a week on a single charge. Here we watch GT. Cyber is independent Smartwatch because it has built in GPS storage for music connection with earbuds Etc. But if you want to use all the functions of the watch, then you need to connect it to the smartphone. The app is called Huawei Health in the devices menu. We can see the connected Smartwatch. First, you can upload the new watch faces. There are many watch faces for all tastes, then you can upload some music to the Smartwatch. As you can see here, we watch GT.

Cyber has 2 gigs of built in storage in the up gallery. You can install additional apps on the watch, such as radio games, home workout and others. There are not many apps here, but I think they will be added finale. You can press on the watch to see the settings here. We see which faces music and app gallery again, but we can also go to house monitoring with here with true sleep activity, reminder continuous heart rate, monitoring, odor stress test and other spo2, and then we can enable notifications find device set alarm. Enable weather reports add favorite contacts, quick replies and some system options, so here we watch GT. Cyber is a real Smartwatch because it runs on Harmony OS and it has built in GPS, NFC, storage for music, Bluetooth for connection earbuds and sports equipment. You can even install additional apps through the smartphone. However, is the main feature of this watch? Is interchangeable. Watch Keys. You know the watch Keys completely changes the look of the Smartwatch by changing the keys. You basically change the watch, but this is very cool. What do you think about here? We watch GT cyber.