Gt3 and im gon na be doing some indoor running. I think uh with some guy called mo faro. Apparently um so im gon na get my hands on the device. Um see whats new, how it compares to the wireless gt2. There are some kind of new running features here to kind of check out so ill. Have a look at obviously be looking at those closely. As well and yeah give you my initial run thoughts on the huawei watch, gt3 Music, make it hurt Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. So, im going to take you through the key details, ive learned about the gt3 for my briefing time and my very brief run and play with it. The first thing to note is youre getting 42 millimeter and 46 millimeter case sizes which actually matches what we got for the huawei watch. Gt2, where things have changed is that youre getting a bigger higher resolution display on both sizes and its also bringing in more features from the huawei watch. 3. theyve got a little bit heavier, but its not something. I largely noticed comparing it to the huawei watch. Gt2 pro and the huawei watch, gt2 e, so in terms of those hallway watch, three features were now getting the rotating crown with haptic feedback and its running on a fuller version of harmony, os huaweis new software platform. That means youre getting the new ui look and that chessboard style app grid. It does also have access to huaweis app gallery to download third party apps that the version of the huawei health companion that i had to use was a beta version.

As of what doesnt go on sale until november theres, actually a fair amount, thats happening here, thats going to appeal to runners, hawaiis upgraded its true scene, biometric sensor to boost heart rate accuracy, huawei says its managed 96 heart rate accuracy compared to a polar h10 trestrack Monitor it says also tweak the case design to better mould to the wrist to improve accuracy when youre on the move, its also introducing new training plans that can help you train for particular distances and track. Your progress with an ai coach, though those features will be rolling out at later dates its bringing in more running and training insights like a running index to score the intensity of your training, along with training effect and recovery insights. Another big feature is dual pan satellite support, which is something that introduced on the huawei watch 3 pro only and weve seen crop up on the watches like the chorus vertex 2.. It can speak to the key 5 satellite systems and is seeking to improve anti interference. Performance as well and says the navigation features youre getting the basics with root back and route sharing features on offer. Battery life has remained largely the same with up to 14 days for the 46 millimeter of gt3 in up to seven days for the 42 millimeter version. Those numbers drop to eight days and seven days respectively, based on heavy usage, so ive just finished. My first run on the huawei watch, gt3 and ill be honest.

It wasnt a very long run. It was a very kind of short indoor run, a couple of sprints and trying to run at moes marathon pace, which i failed at, and i guess most people would anyway um, but i did kind of manage to run thats kind of short session um with the Golden enduro, as well kind of head up to my garmin hrm pro chat, strap. So i could kind of get a sense of a little bit of data. Now indoor kind of tracking data is kind of there there about so didnt massively look into that. It was kind of 0.6 runner, 0.8 runs so and but the heart rate actually interestingly kind of held up um, pretty well um against the chest. Strap it was kind of one six, four 165 to 166 um on the chest, strap. So from that point of view, work quite nicely but again, ive been able to go out and um run without doors, which is well a lot of the kind of bigger features. Um kind of really lie. Um. I will be getting a sample uh. The next few days, so well be able to do that test, but right now, because a huge amount about what the hawaii watch gt3 is like to run with um on that kind of very short run. But it feels like a nice watch again. The screen looks great on it. Hopefully it kind of holds up outdoors with all those new features too okay.

So my initial verdict on the huawei watch gt3 is that i mean i really didnt have enough running time with it. Also i was running indoors. It was such a short session. I couldnt really get a good sense of what this watch is going to be like. I dont think um in that short period of time. Now. All of the kind of exciting features that are happening are kind of geared towards running outdoors and running. You know with this watch for kind of weeks and kind of months, so things like the dual band satellite support for that kind of extra accuracy um, whether that kind of heart rate, monitor the upgraded heart rate sensor, actually delivers better um heart rate monitoring. Because of you still cant pair, as far as i understand, um external sensors, which is a bit of a downfall with the watch in the platform itself, um things like those additional running metrics. The kind of personality training plans on a ai coach. Easy for me to say, and those kind of things that are going to get rolled out, you know thats. You need to spend time over a long period to kind of really get a sense of those work, and now what i do think is interesting is that the price has jumped up from the huawei which gt2 when it launched. So i think the gt2 launched at 170 pounds 199 pounds depending on the size. Now the gt3 has um jumped up in price.

Now sorry, hawaii have kind of set those prices and kind of dropped that price quite quickly as well so im hoping, maybe thats what happens im, not sure whether thats going to happen straight away uh. What i am interested to see is whether theres going to be a huawei watch, gt 3e, which also they had a gt2e. Now we reviewed that on the channel, i think, for the price. It was a really solid option. Um offered some really nice running features. The battery life was great heart rate was okay, but not fantastic, but kind of gps tracking things like that, and actually you know the general kind of use using the watch and using a smart watch. I think was kind of really strong, so id be interested to see. If that is something that huawei plans to do with this watch as well. Hopefully they do hopefully kind of get that price a bit more kind of attractive and still maintain those features so yeah. Ultimately, kind of initial thoughts, not enough running time, to really say whether its a massive improvement, i think you know, youve got a nicer display on there and youve got the same kind of level of kind of battery life, at least based on the numbers. Um and potentially some really kind of nice um running focus features that could make it an even better kind of option for runners, and so they have it thats my kind of initial thoughts on the huawei watch, gt3 um.

If youve got any comments, i will be getting the uh kind of a fully ready kind of retail version over the coming days to actually do a full review. So if youve got any questions, let me know in the comments obviously um, as always like and subscribe hit that little bell to find out about latest videos and yeah well see our next run.