I got up, I was applied because that was the watch. I introduced many others to the Apple watch world. I gave it to one of my best friends and he now competes professionally. Look at that physique all thanks to the Apple watch, then I myself also uses data that the Apple watch gather to keep my lifestyle consistent to achieve my ultimate physique and out of all the Apple watches that I own, the series 8 and the ultra. This watch has all the important features that those other ones have, including the full detection and crash detection. So it has the important safety features as well and its true. It does not have ECG blood oxygen sensor, but, honestly, all that stuff is just a gimmick. I rarely find myself using it on series 8 or even on my ultra. I will usually only use this for video demonstration purposes, but I dont need this stuff Im sure a lot of people dont really need it. So if youre young, you dont, really have health complications, theres no really real reason to have this, but it does have the heart rate sensor and all the other important stuff so has the important course of those more expensive Apple watches. So I think its about time. For me, to give this thing, a proper review that I deserved so Ive owned this thing. For ever since the release of the Apple watch, I actually purchased both the smaller 40 and the 44 millimeter, as both size options are indeed available and they come available in three color choices to choose from Starlight silver and midnight Midnight.

Is this one – and this is the one I personally prefer using day to day all due to the fact that I could easily match this pretty much on any outfit. I wear now the reason why I go with the larger 44 over to 40, because in short, summary, more text is actually shown per line, especially when you do like a side by side comparison with a text message you see right here now I am a lucky Individual that has a six inch wrist, so that means Im in the middle between two sizes. I suppose some will fit my wrist just fine, but the thing I notice and all users also Ive, seen also have this Gap is whats the larger 44. If you actually have a gap right here, meanwhile, the 40 actually goes around my wrist, like a wristband, so thats a little trade off that you may experience. But regardless this is still a say, great value. Smart Watch, especially when you take consideration that the starting price for one of these is 249 added to retail price and thats for the small 40 millimeter. But as the time making this video, you can actually find it for 220, especially on Best Buy, and even the larger screen version is also on sale too, its typically 20, more so its 280 for the larger 44 or you get onto a Best Buy for 250, Which is not a bad deal and solar is available as well.

So if you like to set up family setup on your device so that you could give this Apple watch to your kid, if you get the solar version, this will allow you, as the legal guardian, to monitor your kid at school. Allow your child to have access to you, so they can text you or call you in case of emergency and you have the rim to track your child at school or anywhere else so long as they have a LTE connection or Wi Fi. And you can also monitor activity levels as well to make sure your kid is actually getting the right exercise that they need. This is a free service from Apple and it doesnt require you to actually buy your child. A cell phone has to just pairs to the legal guardian device, so your smartphone will be paired to their Apple watch and you can still continue to have your Apple watch pair. Do your main iPhone. It just gives you the freedom to do that, and its a free service from Apple as well. Only thing you need to do is just provide the LTE service for your child, its really awesome so its inexpensive device. So you can actually use for that shallow tracking. At school now before we get sidetracked. Yes, it has all the important features that the the other Apple watches also still have, such as its wire resistant up to 50 meters. It has all day battery which I can confirm that it does achieve the full day.

18 hours under single charge battery life, and it also features a low power mode which will allow the Apple watch to be able to squeeze more juice and apple. Would advertise to be able to reach up to 30 hours under SQL charge with low power mode activated vary on your activity levels? Of course. Unfortunately, a trade off about the se2 is that you do lose another gimmick feature, and that is the always on display. But Ive talked to a bunch of users who actually have always on display, like on a series, 4 review or Apple watch, and many people actually choose to have this feature disabled. I personally dont have a preference I like using it when I can, but I have to agree its just a gimmick feature. After all, its always going to be a smart watch, its never going to be a real analog watch, so theres always on display is all personal preference and, from my experience, its not always necessary, especially since you take advantage of all the important stuff that its a Capable of doing like your step tracking your calorie Burns, it still has built in GPS, you can actually track outdoor runs. You can start workouts theres a bunch of different workouts to select from successfully track literally every single data possible most popular one. Obviously, is your calorie burn, it has built in storage, 32 gigabytes, just like the Apple watch Ultra, which means you can actually store your playlists and such on your device and connect via Bluetooth to headphones or even speakers, its essentially listen to your music or playlist.

On the go without having to carry your device and it does have built in Wi Fi, so if you actually connect to a Wi Fi network, even if you leave your phone behind on accident, you can still receive your notifications and stuff like that from your phone. Even though its far back behind and, of course, having an Apple Watch gives you the capability to actually pin your iPhone in case, you misplace it somewhere, you want to locate it faster instead of inconveniently asking somebody to call your device, you can always just do that, And I personally prefer using the Apple watch as a gadget Last Resort Gadget. If I cant find my remote, I can always control my Smart TV with my Apple watch. Again, no subscriptions required, and all this is viewable thanks to this gorgeous OLED display, which does have a Max brightness up to Windows and nits and in direct sunlight, it is extremely visible. The color contrast looks gorgeous theres no complaints here whatsoever. The screen is very, very responsive, as it is sharing the same chipset thats found on even the ultra ND series 8 and for my performance test. The S8 chip thats found on the SE second generation is as powerful or even better in certain situations compared to the series 8 and the most expensive Apple watch, Ultra as it performs 100 identical, or even quicker at certain situations than the other ones. If you want to watch that performance video itll be linked uh, you could click a little.

I card right there, but the performance was absolutely amazing. So in conclusion the Apple watch, SE is by far the best value Apple watch is the Apple watch that I introduced. Many new people to Smartwatch Whirlwind and they fell in love with it. You take full advantage of all the important features like Apple pay, heart rate, sensors crash detections fall, detection track, locking detection. After a run, it will actually Mark the lanes and stuff that you did its smart enough to do all that and all the other important watch was nine features like the backtrack Compass, support and theres. So much more and yes, it is true that the Apple watch can also even the se2 has the sleep tracking capability. I myself dont personally use it, so I really dont have anything to really say to add to this video, but out of all the smart watches available Market, the sleep tracking capability that the Apple watch is capable of doing the se2 has and always receives positive feedback From other reviewers and users that have actually spoken to in real life and such so, if youre looking for a sleep tracking device, the SC is one of them as well. Now I actually give you really good information and data, but aside from that there you guys have it hope you guys enjoyed if you havent yet picked up an Apple Watch, se2 highly recommend checking out the links in the build description down below as theyll always be Up to date on any latest sales and stuff, that apple is doing so right now, its time making a video it is on sale, so go ahead and save some money by clicking on that URL link hope you guys enjoyed this review of the app watch SE, If you did, you know like subscribe and feel free to check out other videos.

Ive posted revolving around this amazing Apple watch the performance speed test one more time. You could go ahead and watch right there and then the video over there thats just a video YouTube, is recommending specifically for you. Thank you so much for watching take care and Ill catch.