Some of the health and smart watch functions the sport modes, navigation design, and i will tell you some things that you should really know about these two watches before you get them. Alright me personally, i hate to run out of battery life, which is why i tend to stick to smart watches that give me more than just a few days and the gt3 pro and the bottle. Gen 6 are totally different in that aspect. Now the fossil gen 6 will last about 1 or 2 days, depending on your usage, which really isnt a lot. But therefore, if you charge it, it only takes about 30 minutes until you from zero all the way up to 80, and you have four different battery modes. We have time only mode, which only tells you the time, the extended mode that will turn off a preset of features on your watch to save some battery life and we have the daily and custom mode. The daily, like an mss, only lasts about a day and has all the features running in the background and the custom mode is actually pretty cool. With this one, you can tell the watch exactly which features you want to use and which not and depending on what you do you get more time with your fossil gen 6., all right, the bubble, gt3 pro plays in a whole different league, now huawei straight up. Promises that well get about 14 days of normal usage in about eight days, if youre, a very happy user.

Now, in my experience i get about 10 days of battery life and to get those 10 days, i have like my brightness settings on high to medium. I have the d d mulch turned on during the night. I have the always display mode turned off and i get a whole bunch of notifications and i do about one or two workouts every three days for about half an hour, and it only takes about ten minutes to go from zero to twenty five percent. And it takes eight to five minutes until you go from zero to one hundred when it comes to the health features. Both of these watches are well equipped on the fossil gen six. We get a heart rate sensor and an spo2 tracker that only tracks on demand and you get a pretty accurate sleep tracker that tracks your light and deep sleep as well as your time awake, and you can check out your stats from last week and the last Month as well as we get stuff like a step counter calorie counter and guided breathing session now, the gt3 pro is a bit different. This one tracks a little bit more. Not only does it track your heart rate, 24, 7, but also your blood oxygen, saturation and stress level, which is more or less truck worthy. You get a sleep tracker that only gives you some basic stats on the watch, but you get a more detailed version over in the huawei health app now something you are not going to find on midi smartwatch is a skin temperature tracker, which this watch has and As for less, we have a breathing exercise as well, alright, so much for the battery life and the health features, but lets get to the interesting part.

The smart functions and both of them have a lot, starting with the gt3 pro. We get pop up notifications from basically every app to which we can even quick reply with a short text or an emoji, and if thats, not enough, you can head over to the health app and create your very own, quick reply and use them. Once you get a message on a huawei gt3 pro, we can take and decline incoming calls, and since we have a bit of the mic in the speaker, we can take those cards right on our wrist. But if we have no time to talk, we can also send a short message to that person to let them know that you are going to call them back later or that you are busy right now now to a feature that i just love about. Smart watches – and that is the music player well to be more specific, the offline music through the huawei music app. You can download millions of songs to your watch and listen to them offline while youre running. So you basically dont need your smartphone anymore. Since you have your music and you have built in gps to track the route as for the watch faces, i think i said it already once or twice in one of my older videos, but you get thousands of watch face that you can download from the huawei Health app over here you get some categories like hybrid digital and analog watch faces, but also free watch faces and some that you have to pay for, but just by looking and scrolling through the three watch faces, you see how many there are, and most of them Are even customizable so by long pressing, the home screen, you can select a watch space and change the display metrics, so you can see things like sleeve battery life, bearing categories and stuff like that and the best part about it is that you can interact with your Home screen and use the metrics as little shortcuts to the app to get more details.

Now the foster gen 6 has pretty similar features like the custom bunch of watch faces. You also have a bit of a mic and speakers, so you can answer any decline in common cards, but in addition, you can actually punch in the number in the dial pad and start calls right from your watch as well, which is not possible on the gt3 Pro max up the notification: now you do get all of your notifications right to your watch, but you can quickly reply to them and you can actually write your own text on the watch and send it. You can use emojis and you can talk to your watch and let the watch write the message for you, which is a huge advantage if you compare it to the huawei watch now after some things that you dont find on the gt3 pro on the fourth gen 6, we get a voice system which is awesome but long pressing, the main button, or simply by saying hi, google. You can start workouts, send messages or set timers, which is my favorite use of it. Now you can download apps to your huawei watch, but really not a lot, and they are not that useful. Whereas on default, gen 6, you can download apps right to the watch from the google play store like spotify and, yes, you can download music podcast and your favorite playlist to the watch as well. In this to them offline. The big advantage default.

Gen 6 has right here is that we get spotify, which most of us probably using, and we cannot get this on a gt3 pro. If you got that far into the video make sure to hit the like button and subscribe to my channel right quick, it would really help me out also click the notification bell to never miss out on any new content and now lets get back to the video. Alright spec wise these two watches are pretty different. As you can see now. The huawei watch gt3 pro is pretty chunky with 46 by 46 by 11 millimeters in size, and you get a 1.43 inch. Alloy touch display with a resolution of 466 by 466 pixels. So all of the colors are vivid and text are sharp on the side of the watch. We get two physical buttons of which the lower one takes us straight to your sport modes. The upper rotatable button either takes it to your app menu or back, and you can scroll with this one through your apps messages and can zoom in and out of your app menu and as well as the gt3 pro is water. Resistant up to 5 atm has built in gps which, by the way, works great and it weighs in at about 54 grams. The budget 6 has three physical buttons of which the upper and lower one are fully customizable and can be connected to any of your pre installed. Apps. The middle button is rotatable to scroll through your messages and can be used to open up the voice assistant or to get to the main menu.

Falcon 6 has a 1.28 inch almond touch display with a resolution of 4 16 by 4 16 pixel. You have 8 gigs of internal storage and 1 gig of ram built in gps. Nfc has water resistant up to 3 atm and has one of the slickest bezels ive ever seen. If you talk about the sport modes, the gt3 pro is the clear winner. This one has over 100 different sport modes to choose from such as walking cycling and running, but also lots of water in winter spores. In addition, all of these sport mods are customizable, so you can set up to four workout displays with one to four different metrics on it. On the false gen 6. We may also have tons of sport modes, but over here we can only set goals and reminders and nothing else, and sometimes i have big problems with the activity tracking and a bit in gps. Sometimes it was just not tracking my route, nor my health stats, which can be a little bit. Frustrating okay lets have a quick wrap up now for about 400 euros. You can get the base model of the huawei watch gg3 pro, and this one has definitely its upsides, especially when it comes to the battery life and sport modes. But if you compare it to the fossil gen 6, i mean this. One is about a one year old. You can get this one for around 200 euros already, which is half of the price and im not sure if its worth the upgrade.

I mean. If you compare those two default, gen 6 has a voice assistant. You can download apps right to your watch, you get spotify and it looks very nice. I mean the main difference is the price you get a another brand and more or better health features. So, in my opinion, the photogenic 6 is the better smart watch and the huawei gt3 pro is the better sport watch. Now.