. Luckily, my Imilab Smart Watch W12. Has it covered.. It is an all in one smartwatch that is loaded with 30 day battery life 13 sport mode IP68, waterproof heart rate and blood oxygen monitor.. Alright lets have a closer look now: Excellent, build quality with 47mm steel, frame. 1.32 HD IPS glass screen with 360 x, 360 resolution. Loaded with anti damage and anti scratch coating.. It comes with a comfortable soft silicone watch, strap. Removable by the way.. All the sensors and 2 charging pins are located at the back. FYI. The black part is plastic.. The top button is the back function, while another one is sport. Mode. Both can turn on. The smartwatch. Here is the magnetic USB charging cable. Around 2 hours are required to fully charge W12.. Lastly, this is the user manual. As usual. Take your time to go through it.. It is a pleasure to use Imilab W12. Very simple and easy to use.. Just swipe down for shortcut setting. Configure W12 there. 3 brightness levels can be selected.. Excellent for indoor. Several pre installed watch faces can be selected.. The frog was downloaded from Internet. Swipe right to access all the functions that sort in the wheel, mode. Additional functions in the more section. Or swipe left to launch each of the functions. Pedometer heart rate, monitor blood, oxygen, monitor weather, sleep, monitor and BT music. Control. By the way, Bluetooth range is okay within the same room, only. Swipe up for all the messages.

, For example. I can access my YouTube comments. There easily. No smartphone is needed, here.. Alright, these are the sport modes for you and me. Just pick one and start your training.. It will continue to calculate your heart rate and burned. Calories.. Yes, W12 has a continuously heart rate. Monitoring function for 24 hours.. It is accurate by the way.. Here. Is the blood oxygen monitor. Again, it can be set for 24 hours. Monitoring and data are accurate, too.. All thanks to high quality sensors. FYI around 1 week battery life with these turned on. GloryFit is the application that Imilab W12 uses. Easy and simple to use.. Heart rate, sleep and blood oxygen records can be found on the main page., More and detailed information when access to each one of them., You can check back all your records and study them from there.. This is the sports. Page. Didnt have the chance to try it out due to pandemic lockdown here.. Here are all the settings that you can play around with. As usual. Take your time to configure the one that you want.. Yes, it supports OTA firmware update.. Lastly, here are all the watch faces that you can download and install for the moment.. Just pick one and sync to your W12 will do. Well thats all for Imilab, Smart Watch, W12 review.. It is a nice budget. Smartwatch, that is loaded with useful features. Comes with IP68 waterproof. That is good for everywhere.. Lastly, you cant miss the lovely large HD screen.

, Wait no more and get yours with the link. Below. Dont forget to subscribe and thumb up, too. Thanks.. I am Jayce.