Welcome back to the channel jacob oliver humbaga. This channel is all about fitness, health, lifestyle and self development. So title this video is going to be about fitness. Trackers watch so huge shout out to the people over at xiaomi 4 sponsoring this video in order for us to stay accountable with our goals. For example, if we are trying to lose weight and a fitness tracker is one of them im gon na be sharing with you guys the benefits of owning a fitness tracker or a fitness watch, starting with the first threesome one very underrated way of exercise is through Getting your steps so steps, you barely break a sweat step, thats your neat or your non exercise. Activity thermogenesis outside exercise that add up your total energy expenditure or your movement such as walking up and down the stairs walking around the mall. These things help us burn more calories throughout the day. Number one featuring importante when you have a fitness tracker, is my hotend steps as an online coach guys. I give my clients step targets per day. For example, 5000 to lets say eight thousand depends depends so ive had clients, whove lost about 50 to 60 pounds with minimal cardio. So s, if you have something on your wrist like this itll help, you be more accurate when it comes to your overall step goals. Second, benefit of owning a smart watch. Is it tracks your heart rate, so guys when you, your body, gets used to it? A fat burning zone or may fat burning range depends not in for us to be more efficient when it comes to burning calories.

So it will screenshot, you know, depends so personally. At 28 years old i keep my heart rate above 135 and biloba 150 para optimal calories, for example. It takes 10 minutes to get to 135 beats per minute. So having a watch – and this watch is very accurate when it comes to tracking your heart rate, so a few tips that you can do, but to spark your heart rate before you do your cardio. When they come up sprint, pretty comfortable resistance, a bike. You can jump around do burpees by the time you do your cardio now guys talking about this me watch. It has 117 different sports modes. You have your home button and your sport button. If you press your support exercises now. One thing i love about this also is, when you choose exercises such as young jump, rope or rowing, and so far its been very accurate spot on sha when it comes to my heart rate, if your heart rate is pumping, if your heart is working versus now, One function thats also very good with this one is health monitoring. As i mentioned heart rate monitoring sleep monitoring, i actually had poor sleep last night apocena and three hours of sleep planning, which is true. It gives you awareness when it comes to our fitness goals. One thing that surprised me also with this watch is medicine stress, monitoring ill show you guys the data last night when i was relaxing there was something online.

That kind of stressed me out recording young feeling of being stressed when were more mindful and more aware of our bodies. Now for additional features from my experience can only charge krishna for around an hour to two hours will take 15 to 16 days. One neat feature also is that you can take photos with this watch link. Has a phone from the watch by the moon photo icon and you can take photos from your watch when it comes to your activity, tracking you downloading xiaomi, where app paradigm. I also almost forgot to mention that this watch is waterproof foreign for the physical look of this watch. Guys. Honestly, this watch is one of the most, if not the most, aesthetic watches that ive owned the round face the rubber strap and they got it in my favorite color, which is blue. In my honest opinion, this is one of the more good looking watches. So i have mine in the blue colorway. There are six different colors for this one so, depending on personality yeah, so undamming watch faces and you can even download some online. So final verdict, smart watch or fitness tracker. In my honest opinion, structured control variables, such as your steps, your heart rate, your calories, burned sleep and all extra data. I highly recommend the me watch. You might be asking me ganato, so the me watch retails for around 4990 pesos. So if youre in the market and youre looking for a smart watch that looks good and functions well check, the me watch out so down the line, guys bahamut review power, namas, maraming, fitness gadgets and tools and goals.

My name is jacob.