It is a versatile, elegant and modern, looking smartwatch that was recently released into the market. Based on what i read. It is a smartwatch that keeps wearable technology affordable for users. The product packaging looks good, clean and minimalist lets check out what is inside the box inside the box. Users will find one user guide to guide users on the product usage scenario. Next out is the kepup smartwatch that looks really sleek and modern in design a magnetic charging usb cable is provided for charging up the smartwatch all packed neatly in the product packaging. On first look, the product feels to be of good material and quality lets. Remove the film on the screen: first, before use Music, it has a nice matte black body frame on it, which makes it look and feel premium. The multi function, power button is on the side of the watch press and hold to power up the watch. It will boot up nicely on first boot. I am prompted by it to install the app on my smartphone to sync it to the watch. Lets. Do it first on the app store download the kepupware app once its downloaded, launch it and connect to the smartwatch. This can be done easily in a click or two by the app Music it is all set. Now it has a decently sized 1.69 inch clear, hd screen on it. It is touch screen, so users, like me, can control it with my finger, say goodbye to messy buttons great.

There are so many apps to utilize on this watch lets check some of them out. There is a 10 sport training mode app on the device where users can choose their activity base on the sport like running, walking, etc, launch the workout mode to start the workout session. The smartwatch will automatically record key details like distance covered calories, burned, pace, steps and even the heart rate. The data is recorded in real time. As you see, i am walking and the data is being updated, cool right, a really cool feature to allow fitness enthusiasts to monitor their health on the go is and when they need it. The rubber strap fits onto many different sizes, making wearing a comfortable experience for users once the workout is complete. It gives a summary of the activity based on the duration of use. It has an auto wake feature when i turn the watch towards my face to check the time or read notifications, the watch will auto wake up. How smart is that no more pressing buttons or non stop tapping of the screen to wake it up. Awesome view the training log to see what activities are completed by the user. There is a heart rate monitor equipped on this device, so when its worn, it records the users heart rate 24 7 all day round and keeps track of your heart rate for your evaluation. Also, it can measure blood oxygen levels when its worn. It will take this measurements on and off to keep track of.

Your health good feature to have when you are wearing it on users, can view the activity summary for the day to see how many calories they burned or check their step count. Among other data available for browsing, there is a breathing relaxation app on the smartwatch, simply use it to relief yourself from tension or stress Music. There are other utility apps like an alarm or stopwatch for measuring time and a timer for counting down all inside this smartwatch. A cool feature in case you misplace your phone either find my phone out. It can ring your smartphone in the event it is lost to let you find it if its near the watch Music. All the data recorded on the smartwatch will be synced to the smartphone up app, so users can view the data on their smartphone too, with the app in sync, users can get real time alerts to calls messages onto their smartwatch to alert them of calls that need Their attention really convenient to have it available on this smartwatch. A watch face gallery page is available on the app select from different watch faces to install onto your smartwatch. There are different types of watch face available, some of which are really fun like this watch face where users can play a game on their watch face while checking the time cool right, Music. Overall, the kepup smartwatch is an advanced, affordable and durable smartwatch. It has an ip68 waterproof rating, so even in the rain or shower it, doesnt allow water to damage it thanks to the waterproof rating on it, use it on the go wherever you are.

If you want to find out more about the kepup smartwatch check out the link in description, thank you for watching.