It is the dk60 smartwatch. Firstly, let’s see the box, the size is 47.5 millimeter and the thickness is 30.5 millimeter and now let’s open the box. Firstly, we see a watch and inside there is a menu and a magnetic charger. This watch is very beautiful, the strap size is 22 millimeter and it has two button and we can see the back here is the charging interface then let’s power on the watch. Firstly, let’s check the watch faces. It has totally six watch faces, then let’s check the quick actions from top to the bottom is the control center and we can adjust the brightness, and this is do not disturb and the bluetooth and then is the menu style. This watch has three menu: styles, the four app style, the list style, and this style is same as the samsung watch then from the bottom. To the top is the message notification it can synchronize. The message from the whatsapp like this from the left to the right is no function and then from the right to the left is the main menu. This menu style is very beautiful. Then we can check the full app style and the list style. The app for this smartwatch is t fit. You can search in the app store or scan the qr code in the watch to download the t fit app has four pages. The home page is to synchronize the weather, steps and the distance and calorie.

Then the heart rate, blood pressure, red oxygen and the sleep monitor and the second page is the motion: you can click go and then the app will monitor your movement. Also, you can click here. This app will use your phone gps to monitor your movement and the third page is the device page. You can go to this page to add the device and to synchronize the data and then shake a picture and, firstly, you need to allow to access and after you go to the camera function, you can just shake, then the phone is taking picture and then the Bracelet function setting you can turn on the wrist your hand, to brighten and send three reminder drinking water reminder and then the smart alarm clock you can set the clock here. Then the watch will remind you and the find the batteries and the watch is rewritten and then finally the die push. Currently, this function is not available, but the list may be added later and the last page is the mining page, and here you can set the personal information, the target and the device and check the help. Also, the setting then let’s check the function of the watch. First, the dialer we can make an answer calls directory after the watch is connected with the phone and we can also choose to answer from the iphone or speaker or the watch, and also we can decline the course and then the contact you can synchronize from the App after cycle nights, you can check the contact in the watch.

The maximum contact can be 50 records and the call logs and then the step and the heart rate. Then blood pressure and the blood oxygen and then the spot. It has several spot mode. Then the stopwatch and the music for the first time you need go inside the music app. Then you can click the play in the watch and you can control the sound in the watch. The music is coming from the watch after you adjust the volume you can move down the screen and you can click next song or previous song to control. Also, we can adjust the volume in the foam and if you want to shift the volume coming from the iphone, you can click here and you can choose the iphone. And now the music is coming from the iphone. But you can still control to play next song or previous song in the watch and then the sleep monitor, then the weather and the message. Then the setting we can adjust the brightness and then find the phone. The phone is running and we can find the phone easily and the qr code you can scan the qr code to download the app and then about is the firmware version and bluetooth edges and finally, the reset and the last one is the shutdown.