All of that have the unbelievable price below hundred dollars for the cosmet tank M2. Is there a catch lets expect rugged smart watches and looks like these days. You can build a decent Smartwatch, call it rugged and ask people to pay 800 if its coming from a reputable brand, and here, of course, Im referring to the Apple watch Ultra Series. This is coming from the company. Cospet costs nearly 10 times less than that and Promises to deliver a lot of good Smart Watch great features. But in this video we want to go deeper and figure out whether its in reality delivers that or is more like a fitness tracker grade solution. So this year is the tank, M2 and M2 means its apparently the second iteration or generation of that well see how far cosmet made it this time and whether thats a reasonable alternative to Apple watch, Ultra or other rugged styled smart watches, and we want to find Out whether for this budget, this is the right choice for you. If youve never heard about a company called cuspid before they actually have been on the market of smart watches for quite a long time and after system of their Android based wearables in the past. Apparently now they focus on a different Niche and could be that they come a little too late to this party, because in the segment of SmartWatches for around 100, there are really a lot of attractive models and Designs, also quickly assessing cosmiths marketing strategy around the tank M2, I believe theyre making two sexy statements by saying that this is what I call here specifically built for men.

As for competition, we can think of the more basic tick watch models, amazing T Rex series and even some Garmin Motors, but only if cosmiths tank M2 capabilities are good enough, so we carry on our inspection with the unboxing honestly. This has been a lot more positive experience than expected its really impressive. That cosmet have invested a lot in order to make this book look really cool. The most interesting specs are written down and you can well enjoy the feeling that something cool about to come out. So heres the watch – I was a little stunned by the fact that this trap is not installed out of the box. I guess a person with manicure is going to struggle to mount this, so it could be that this has something to do with the slogan specifically built for men, 22 millimeter standard, and you can use any kind of strap that you, like the accent from the orange Liquid silicon rubber seems to all match one of my favorite straps, already an interesting charging plate a little too big for my taste, but its much easier to locate the monk most other cables. The design looks alright at the first sight hearing the name tank. I was somehow expecting entirely metal body, because tanks were definitely not made of. Polycarbonate is what most of the cases cover it with the rays are metal, though, and its the accent piece at the top, which goes above the display.

Therefore, the glass is well protected. You can additionally add this tempered glass, really generous from cosmet to include it as part of the pack as well. The sides are nice to the touch. There are three buttons: each one is easily accessible on the back side. There are the health measuring sensors. They are in contact with your wrist, so make sure to keep the strap well fitted around it, because if it is loose, the measured data is going to be either missing or less accurate. If youre curious about the technical details, I have, of course, a list with the most interesting specs 1.85 inch display a real techmate chipset 380 milliamp hour battery. The watch supports HR tracking sleep tracking, even blood pressure measuring 70 different types of tracked workouts ip69k water resistant, whereas around 60 grams theres Bluetooth and the smartphone app, which is called cospet fit. So the tank M2 is a very nicely built Smartwatch. But if we read between the lines concerning the specifications, its more like a fitness tracker, Im very happy that cosplay have kept most of the size of the previous generation. They have improved some things on the outside internally as well. Probably the strongest points of this Smartwatch are the really decent battery endurance and also the extra good build quality of the case, because its even ip69k certified with K signifying that it can withstand high pressure, water jets and cospit Promises, even at a depth of 50 meters.

This Smartwatch should be fine other than that in terms of health tracking its doing really well, it can track your heart rate. It can track blood, oxygen, saturation and also blood pressure, but even on Cosbys website. They underline that this is done based on software algorithm, and we should really carefully check whether thats, accurate or not its very nice, that you can make phone calls through the Smartwatch. These are Bluetooth, relayed phone calls, meaning that your smartphone has to be somewhere around in order to do that, and you can even use these Smartwatch as an external speaker with variable success. I guess before going deeper in terms of testing, lets find out whats up with the software and the system. Navigation navigation through the menus is slightly different to some other smart watches, theres a dedicated screen on and off button. The bottom one is a back button. Long press, if both is going to lead to the power menu the button on the left, is a shortcut to the workouts, meaning that most of the controls and app access is done via swiping swipe down for quick toggles. We have two pages with these and they get you quick access to some important functions like the Do Not Disturb mode the Regester enabling or screen brightness control swipe up and youre gon na see the queue with the notifications. There are a lot of characters shown, however, the not too great resolution is the reason for these characters to appear a little old coolish.

There is the option to respond to certain notifications, swipe left and youve got to be able to scroll through the default tiles. Sadly, not infinite scrolling, probably because if you swipe right from the main screen youre going to get to the app list, as you may notice, most of these apps are Fitness tracker grade. If we go to the list with the workouts youre gon na see all the available 70 workouts and scrolling is a little Annoying. I would prefer to see the option to select favorites that are pinned to the top of the menu going down the list or whether widget alarm clock with sound helpful ideas and, of course, setting section from which you can control certain parameters. And they also expose some of the weaknesses of the watch, like the lack of always on display mode. This is mostly because of the display type, which is IPS and not AMOLED, but there also is no automatic brightness, because cospet did not add any sensor for the ambient light measuring, which faces are also somewhat underwhelming, but at least free of charge. And lately I start to appreciate such offers. More and more. If we dig deeper in terms of software, the smartphone app actually looks nice. It seems to be a rework of the popular app that fits, which many white labels have been using in the past. So bunch of options to configure and details about your health, as collected by the sensors sleep tracking, is not that accurate first to detect moments.

When I was awake during night time, the detected timing for falling asleep and waking up seems to be on par with the reality. Hr tracking is fine, not superb, but rather very good. Took me a while to test this due to a minor injury, preventing me from proper breeding. Lately, Sports in general are not as strong inside because no inbuilt GPS means a lot of limitations, and if you want to count on routes and ability to have details about real Pace Outdoors, you may want to pick a different Smartwatch. But but theyre also are some nice goodies that other brands do not offer such as the Bluetooth calling and the microphone in the speaker, which has surprisingly good or the ability to reject a call with a key or delay the notification about an incoming call. Before summing up whatever weve learned about the new cosmet smartwatch, I like to put together all the drawbacks discovered in this list, and here we have to point to the display it is not amulets default. Doesnt support aod. It also lacks automatic brightness feature which even some fitness trackers could do these days. The build is nice, but the quality of the materials leaves me with some second thoughts, no way to have third party apps and the lack of inbuilt GPS, which are the main concerns. I could point to to the question from the very beginning whether there have been any Corners cut with the M2 by cosplay.

I would say: yes, there obviously are some things that could have been done better with the biggest drawback, in my opinion, being the lack of an inbuilt GPS, because this really limits you in terms of good, precise, workout tracking. The other thing, which is a little Annoying, is the presence of IPS display because since there is no amulet, you cannot count on always on display feature, but the circular Edition, which costs but called the t2, has these features and costs about the same money. So all these Corners have been cut, in my opinion, in order to keep the price below 100, and if this really was the main priority, then I think cost but have done a pretty good job with the tank M2. And I would think of that. As a more affordable version of the amazfit T Rex series and its interesting to hear what do you guys and girls think comment below whats your opinion about the tank M2 by cosmet? Is it something worth buying and speaking of buying in case youre interested in this Smartwatch, you can find purchase, link with modest discount so that you can enjoy it even more. In case of questions, you know how to reach out, as usual, its been such a pleasure to present you all of that.