com. I don't ever do this but i'm going to do it today, i'm, going to do it right now, i'm, going to tell you stop this video, hey you're, still playing it what's up! Why do you want to stop it before i even get into the box? I want to show you that this is the first ever. This is This is a special link with a discount price on the watch you're about to see for only 20 units. So stop the video go to amazon use the link in the show notes. You got to use that one because it's a special link and put this thing in your cart then come back and watch the video and, if you're not convinced to buy it, take it out of your cart, simple as that, but there's only 20 of them available. After that it's going to jump up, but you can still get it from amazon for about 159 dollars yeah and you could also go over to aliexpress, where they currently have it at about a hundred and thirty dollars. Um and take a look at more of the details on i'll get into the specs in a second. I want to show you the watch, but really seriously put this thing in your cart. I think you're gon na want it. I love it. I absolutely love it. This is how do you say this is a watch and it's a secret smart watch and it's a kind of a smart watch that somebody that's not really really into smart watches, would probably absolutely love i'm thinking a father's day gift birthday for dad grandpa or you Or christmas, even i mean at the price you got now, buy it and save it.

For christmas. Look at this thing i mean look at this thing. This is called the sapphire mirror it's made of sapphire glass it's, like almost as hard as a diamond, but not quite that's the time it's an analog watch. It is beautiful, minimalist, pure leather band, on this one ceramic back heart rate sensor. All of that where's, the charging port you'll see uh it it's stainless steel, uh body it it's just gorgeous and of course the bands are removable but they're, genuine leather bands, all for 60 bucks when you turn it on and it's actually already on, i've had it Out and played with it now, of course i can have it set from the app for the twists. You risk to see the time automatically light up the background and you know the time any time because it's, a hybrid it's got the analog hands on there, but when you push the button or twist it if you set it up for that boom nice, you get This gorgeous gorgeous amoled screen background with all kinds of other features. Your workout information, your opportunity to do a breathing relaxation exercise. It'S got your heart rate in here with the sensor when you have it on we'll, go through that. Look at that it's accurate measurement fail. I don't have it on my arm: you've got three different activities: the common ones walking running cycling, no gps, but you know basic step. Count is in this one as well.

You'Ve got last night's sleep time, information, a music player to play the music on your phone that you're tethered to, and you can adjust it all over the place built in um weather report and by the way, all of these things you have the rotating knob that You can see forecasts and other information it's set right now for shinjin china it's home of these watches that we are always reviewing here, but you can set it for any place. You want, or just where your current location is from your watch and back to the watch, face. Awesome you've got uh press and hold to turn it back off again, but you really don't need to because the watch itself will last up to two weeks standby. A good week in uh daily use, and did i mention it, charges from a t, charger yeah. In five minutes, you can get seven days worth of life that's. What they're saying all right, i'll show you the specs since we're that far into it it's by le fit and uh mechanism, yeah it's a hybrid smart watch. Now i have a whole playlist that covers hybrid watches and you can look at a variety of other ones. But i'm telling you right off. This is absolutely the best build watch. I'Ve ever seen, that's a hybrid five atmosphere, uh waterproof on this one. You can definitely swim with it as well. That'S, 50 meters, underground you've, got the step.

Count. Fitness tracker, sleep, tracker message, reminder call reminder all these things get pushed to and it's so cool. When you get a reminder that comes in it's a little strip across the bottom, that that lights up on top of the background, watch face that's doing its thing and of course you can go into notifications uh. How do we get there down here? You'Ve got email or phone call or you've got like a four messages already coming pushed over here and, of course, you got sms as well. I believe yeah. Now you can throw those things away and up here, you've got all these things. You can call your phone make sure you know where it is bluetooth settings you get the brightness control and, of course, your qr code to download the app did you see the hands? Did you see that isn't that awesome? I will um come back and yeah i'll show you uh the full setup at the end, but i thought i got so much data on here already. I want to show it to you working and then i'm going to reset the whole thing and show you how you go through to set it up for the app but we're on the specs right now got the heart rate. Tracker! No cameras on this thing. A little bit of ram 180 to 220 milliamp hour battery, but it uses so little power that you really do get a long life on this thing, it's a 360 by 360 resolution screen on this thing and it's, just super cool.

All right, i'll show you another watch face just press and hold and you got all different kinds in here: not only wow. Not only do you have the watch faces that come with it. Mrs ticks is always saying: don't be screaming all the time. Lower your volume. Okay, okay, i get excited uh. Not only do you have, the stock watch faces that come in here, they're all different styles, but you can create your own faces from the app and a bunch of them here's, one here's one i just created this is uh. I don't know something downloaded from the internet, a galaxy there and i put five different circles on here that show my step count, my heart rate and uh. What else have i got uh my units of activity, minutes of activity and it flags you when you've gotten? Three uh 30 minutes of activity and it'll it'll give you that goal. So if you've got a senior or somebody in your life that isn't as active as they should be, this at least gets that 30 minutes a day. It'S. Currently, the seventh of the month and that's my battery at 48 percent, when i unboxed it three or four days ago, it was a 52, so it has used nothing in terms of energy, but you don't have to have all those little circle things you can set. It up any which way you want this one. I really have fun with you, can't actually turn it off.

You can only cycle through it, so i have to wait for it to timeout, but imagine when it did now look at that it it's 12 noon. There'S only one hand wouldn't, you know we were supposed to set them for 10 10, but oh well, we're into the review when you know when it's daylight you've got the uh hands on there. So i put this thing, which kind of represents a bending of light around us, a heavy star or a black hole there. We go now it's off, see that and then, when it turns on you just have that in the background yeah yeah, you don't need uh circles in there. If you just want something impressive and fun all kinds of things, just whatever you put in your phone here's a here's, a chicken on a rabbit, what i mean look at it doesn't that look like a rabbit right there and doesn't that look like a chicken sitting On the rabbit, but the rabbit's got chicken feet. This is real folks. I i photographed this animal. I couldn't catch it, but wow. Okay, i got more, i got more, but you know it's in i don't know. I'Ve got eight or nine of them on here and i haven't run out of any space that's easy to add them and keep them on the watch, not one at a time from a jillion, no a jillion. You can put a bunch on a genuine leather band.

You also can get it in metal. I think you saw here on this picture. You uh have the choice of a metal band when you order it now, probably not from the special that we're offering. I think it's coming this way with the leather band for 59., but for a hundred dollars more honestly, really you got ta if you're interested. Now is the time to pick this thing up because that's an insanely good price uh over here at aliexpress. It looks like you can choose different combinations, that's their lay fit store over there. Okay, we haven't even unboxed it yet remember: we're, talking 60 bucks for this five atmosphere. Now look at this. I haven't been any further than this, but i i i wanted to just show you what else you get not only the leather bands, but here you go. You'Ve got rubber bands if you're going to be swimming quick release, easy to swap it out very dressy. Very playful, you can pop that right on it as well, and this thing mm hmm. This thing i don't know if you priced out samsung's little charger things for their active watches and whatnot, but it's almost 60 bucks just for the charger itself. I think this is a charger. Let'S see what it is here. We go: yeah it's, a holder, charger device that, because it's a a magnetically induced charging right, you can, you can put it on there. Oh come on i'm.

Just so excited we've got the uh charging wire here, which is going to be your standard micro, usb yeah. It looks like it that we put on the charger so that will plug in here it plugs in there, and this sits on there. Five minutes, you got seven days worth of charge, they say uh and we got manuals uh in here as well, which we definitely wan na look at so that you guys can get an idea what it does: wow that's, all chinese that's, all chinese. Okay! Is this? The english one whoa okay, well gang let's, look at the pictures! Uh here you go, you can download the uh applicable removed, movt uh, the app from the google play store. I recommend that um and you can use the link in the show notes to download, and then this basically shows you how you go about setting it up and pairing it with the uh with the app the watch with the app we're going to do that together. Here to the end of the video, so you don't really need this, but you get the pictures now in terms of what the watch can do. No, no english manual, all right! Sorry about that. But let me just show you because i think most of it is intuitive from the pictures or i know if you've tried this yet. But if you're watching this on uh something other than your phone, you could put on google translate and point um your phone on the screen of this youtube.

Freeze frame these and you can get the google translate to translate it for you. But honestly, i think you're going to learn enough from watching the video to understand pretty much how this thing works. We'Ve covered almost all of it already, except for the app interface. One of the things you're about to see in the app is a whole different way of portraying some of the data. They have two different graphics within one graph. You press a button you'll see here in a second and it'll, completely change to the other format. So you can get in a sense, averages or spread distribution of everything from heart rate to well. I don't know let's see let's see. Are you ready, i think i'm ready to bring the app over okay le movt le moved is the app. This is from the google play store. I could open it, but i just want to show you a little bit about the app it's relatively new. The device obviously is new, it is in english and chinese, and not a lot of language is supported yet it's. Just getting started, there's only been a thousand or so downloads of this app so far, and it just came out in 2019 for that let's go into the app itself now, i've already created an account set up the account um paired it with the watch, and it Jumps right to this activity page is your first landing page again at the end of the video i'm going to go back and we'll we'll.

Take you through the setup process. You get this picture, which is the same thing that we saw here on the watch itself. When we tap that button and go to the very first page and it's, showing you your distance and calories and active minutes and step count and again, then this goes into this relaxation thing you go over here to heart rate, all right, i'll put it on. You need to see it on anyway and that's how we'll get the heart rate while we're looking at the app nice leather band pop it in. I skipped that first loop, because it's just kind of awkward and hard and it's it's doesn't slide. You really got ta bend it, but i just go into one loop: it works for me, okay, it's, taking the measurement now and watch the digits if it changes it's kind of fun, they kind of flip see that it flips it doesn't. Just i mean a lot of attention to detail on this watch so it's. Given me my heart rate on here somewhere here we go down here. I'Ve got my um average and minimum and maximum. I go into this and now look at this. I got kind of a scatter diagram of my lowest and highest rate during that particular hour, and you can see how active your spread is. I did a lot of walking and and movement just before putting this video together and you can see right.

There is the range of the one data point that was taken uh at that particular time here, i've got another one that shows you from 9 to 10 am today i had a minimum and a maximum there and then that's the actual data itself. However, you can just tap this and get this whole chart thing. That shows you, your heart rate average and same thing here for weekly and monthly uh, so it's keeping track of all of that, and you can go back and forth between the spread distribution and the actual chart itself now. Not only is it calculating and computing your heart rate, but remember heart rate. Variability we've talked about that it's related to stress, to mindfulness, to all that things, all those things tap hrv. It tells you a little bit about it and it's, showing you your hrv distribution. Here'S today so far from midnight forward, um with an average of 65 milliseconds when you study this stuff, you know what that means. You know what you need to do to improve it, and so you've got the data right from this watch. You'Ve got daily monthly weekly. All of that, of course, i can press the button and get the average chart shown as well. So, if you're going to work with averages over time, you've got it or if you're doing some sort of daily activity, you can get it directly from here and that's. The whole heart rate hrv stuff that's available simply by well just by wearing it, but when you're on this heart rate, uh panel it's, it will do a live measurement for you as well, but you can set the app up that'll.

Do it uh periodically throughout the day 24 7. by the way, while i'm in here i can flip back to yesterday and get you the data here there's where i took the watch off, then i put it back on before going to bed were at all last Night – and this is the kind of chart that you get for the averages – yeah yeah all that's, there same thing for hrv there's yesterday, today, all of that so that's that bottom one now sleep, sleep is kind of bizarre. I haven't figured this one out. I love it. It looks like it's a circle right from midnight to midnight, so 24 hours are shown there and it's got all kinds of little colored things on here. That show you your awake light and deep sleep, and so far i haven't been able to tap or expand that there's weekly and there's monthly. I do have this chart change and i can change it to average or incremental here. I can get kind of this data, but i really wish that i could get a a regular rectangular chart. That shows me time versus when i'm, in what state – and i don't have that – i can't figure that out, if any of you guys get this and figure out how to give me better sleep, uh data that would be really awesome. I don't know how you'd really use it most folks just work off of these averages anyway: it's not calculating rim sleep time, but it does do deep light and awake time and that's in there.

Then you got your calories, distance, uh, traveled and step count. All those things typically go together when you get in here, it's, showing you your steps per hour, that's how it calculates them and again you can get a chart, type representation and basically same thing for distance and calories. Now active minutes is uh is calculated differently it's. I guess the actual minutes that it notices that you're moving. If you tend to be sedentary again, you get an award when you hit 30, it lights up on the watch and gives you this whole award thing that you've you've hit your 30 minutes per day. I mean it would be nice if you could change that, because that's kind of an easy target, but uh some people who don't move at all that's a big deal. Okay and then, of course, you can get it uh that way too. So steps active time, distance, calories, sleep and heart rate are all here and all combined into this chart, which is just right there. You can export that you can re synchronize it by pressing that button and it will re synchronize. In the background, then you've got these things here, like a leaderboard, i'm smartwatch ticks. You have world ranking and there i am against all these folks who have nothing to do but go out and exercise all day long. They don't even work frustrating, but for those of us working working stiffs we we do the best we can right then you've got here watch faces all right.

You have seen some of the watch faces on here. These are um they're categories, there's hollowing out whatever. That means and you've got starry sky and then these cool ones, i think we're using that one here, but you go. Oh man all kinds of different patterns – there's some zodiac ones, what's your sign. You got it here, simple ones, i mean it just goes on and on look at that awesome. Every one of them is going to have the hands show up over the um the watch face. I should put the twist your wrist to show the time thing on here by the way it'll stay on that and unless you leave it constantly calculating your heart rate and there we're back to my chicken, i can't believe it um system watch faces are here there's A three or four in each category but uh again: there's there's, uh lots of different categories and there's your own personal ones. That you've put in here as well here's a fun one there's a bird. Now i set it up for uh for battery life and day of the week and of course the hands will go on it. If i hit save it's going to transfer it back over to the watch but it's already on the watch. So all i really need to do is press and hold and switch over a little bit and there it is okay, that's, the one that i created from a picture from the internet.

Look at these are both amoled screens. The phone is a oneplus 7t, with i don't know way better than fhd quad hfd resolution, and the watch is looking just like it. It'S just awesome. Awesome quality of this thing and more many many more different watch faces. These are the different things that you can put in these different circles, and so you could change out, for example, heart rate and uh distance traveled. If you wanted to and save it that way, so any of the ones that you got you want to save, you can do that and you can set up more or fewer circles each time you want to do it. Multiple images here's a plain one, with uh the potential for putting something in here, but if you don't put anything in there, it'll just be plain, and so this is a rose that mrs ticks took a picture of, and so i got to show her. The very first thing she saw on this watch beyond the hands was her rose, glowing literally on the screen. Oh, and did i mention you, see the little whiteness in here yeah that's glow in the dark paint, so it glows in the dark too. The watch uh the watch hands do really really a great great watch. This whole thing now last let's go over here to settings. This is where you have the stuff that you can do. You can auto sync it so it will just automatically when it's.

In the background be transferring data over to it, you can interface it with google fit for your activity or unpair. The watch calibration going to show you that when we start the watch up, uh here's, where you change from kilograms and pounds back and forth uh your heart rate monitor you can auto track it uh every as low as five minutes in five minute increments. Up to an hour, so i've got mine set for every five minutes: it's, not using hardly any battery life. You can get alarms for a low or a high rate limit, and you specify what those levels are and your watch will. Let you know, when it's in that zone, that five minute uh time that it's taking it if you are outside of your window. So if you're gon na exercise – and you want this to be in your fat burn zone – i guess you just said upper and lower limits. Remember it's every five minutes, not continuous, but it will let you know: okay, that's, all there, your preset sleep. This is kind of weird uh. You have auto sleep or uh, i think when you have it turned off. It will automatically figure out when you're going to sleep. If you turn it on, you specify the period you want it to track from, and you saw on mine. They were all from 11 to 7 a.m. Was where that colored stuff was on the thing and so it's measuring your awake and sleep time.

I guess you could set this for 24 hours if you wanted to monitor, and it would just simply show you awake all the times that you're up but it's different, a different implementation of how you would do the sleep, your inactivity alerts. You can set that thing on an increment from a date to a date or time to a time on any date that you want it's. Just a repeat: timer, save that and you'll be notified that it's time to get up and exercise that kind of thing. Over all reminders, you can add a reminder here which is like an alarm: there's no sound coming out of it, but it does vibrate and you can set the vibration. I'Ll show you in a moment, alarms notifications. This is where you select what notifications will be sent inside notifications. You'Ve got all these different activities here, want to call your attention to sms. You have an entry called quick reply in here. You can customize these and right from your watch. If you get an sms, you can give a reply back your overall display. You can have it display all these different uh things each time you press the button it will cycle through them. If you really don't care about some of this stuff it's just let's say you want heart rate, you can turn off your step count active time. All of that stuff sleep is that you're not going to wear it to bed turn it off and it won't display.

So lots of flexibility here overall info gives you info on your watch its serial number. What not feedback we can reset uh the password you can restart and you can totally reset the watch which i'll do here. In a moment you can log out of the account and you're done advanced is where you have these options, and there is where i turn on the lift to work. Wake successful because we're tethered to it and i twist it and it'll light up. You can have 12 24 hour time, it'll stay on for 15 seconds or as low as 5 or as high as 60 before it will turn off when it activates and of course you got your overall brightness level control that can go down as low as that Which is great for evening at night and there's fulbright for the daytime on an amoled screen, it's actually blowing out the uh, the camera here, it's too bright, so let's switch to hey how about this one. You know what that is. You recognize that that is the chinese uh satellite thing orbiting mars. Taking a picture of snow capped sand dunes on the surface of mars on a chinese smartwatch, yeah yeah, i did that one yeah okay, i got battery level heart rate and date on there, as well as the hands showing the time and it's set for 60 seconds. So it's not going to time out ever but i'll go back to 5.

Just for us here's, where you shock yourself, yeah you do uh weak is the vibration level. I barely feel it normal's a little bit stronger and strong is a bit stronger. So i prefer strong, i really like to know it vibrated, especially if i'm active, so i set that so i think we've covered everything i want to show you on here, let's see when i go over here. I can twirl this and show you my overall step count: distance, traveled, calories burned and i think time there's my special time right. I press it again, um and i'm on to this thing. I press that and i'll get a breathe in breathe out relaxation symbol and it goes for two minutes. We don't need to do that together, i'm, too. Hyped up for that anyway. Here'S the uh heart rate data that's shown on the watch. Remember, it's only 60 bucks right now for these these are different activities. I go into running, for example, and it's going to calculate distance time and steps and i'm doing a free target. I guess uh anyway, yeah there's basic basic stuff for doing that, and only those three you don't have swimming or any of the others it'd be nice to see that but it's not there. I can start an app if i want to from that page uh and if i scroll it, i can show you my total last night information on here and the music player will play music of whatever you got playing on your phone.

The last thing that was playing you can activate it, play it, skip ahead and down and change the volume right there and then, of course, there's. Your weather report and uh somewhere in here is the weather that we set up there you go. I guess i didn't show you all of it. Auto track will be wherever you are manually, select the city, you want centigrade or fahrenheit. Where did i leave off goals? These are the goals that you can set for yourself and it will notify you when you've hit those goals hey there. We go active time, 30 minutes i'm going to make mine more realistic. I want at least 60 minutes a day and then you can increase it more and more over time, oh cool. They do have that and then info feedback we're back to where we were. We showed you the watch. We showed you the app it's time. We reset everything, delete everything and now we're ready to tether the watch for the first time, that's the opening symbol that you get when you first fire up. The watch it's been completely reset now and you have your choice of chinese or english. Just those two languages. We'Re going to stick with english there's the qr code that you need to tether this thing so i'm, going to add my device turn on bluetooth. We get the app going, add your device. They it sees it it's called smartwatch. So i tap this and now got to bring this back up again.

It'S wanting that qr code for connection – and it just saw it and continues to go – got success, pairing success now, here's, where we calibrate the time. This is fun. Watch this i say calibrate and it wants to see the watch and it gave the watch a white background. It can see the hands. Are you ready? I bring this over, put it in here and place the watch in the scanner. Oh, i can't believe that was completely off the screen. So sorry guys, i wasn't looking at the camera good thing, i caught it in editing, but i can show you the same thing over again, i hit calibration i'm. Getting the same picture. I had on the setup. The watches in the same way and now i'm going to look at the camera i'm shooting this with line it up and there we go successful. So it mechanically adjusted the hands it's pretty close to accurate right now. But when i first got it, it was way off and they went and they landed right at the current time and it lands onto that watch face to open up and you're good to go. It'S now running and working, and so are you to get over there and pick this puppy up for 59 bucks. If you can i've got 20 of them that's all they gave me at this price, and this is a special smartwatch ticks uh amazon link check it out in the show notes, use that link that's where you'll get that price.

If it's passed and you haven't got it put a note in the comments that you tried, but you couldn't get it and i will do my best to get them to add more to it. I don't know if they will but we'll we'll try if they sell out the first 20.. Otherwise you can pick it up. I'Ll have the another link down below the special link and you can come over here. If you still want it, you can pick it up around 106 about 100 bucks, more otherwise. I'Ll have a link for you, also over to aliexpress. Their lay fit store that you can pick it up directly there if you want to buy through that outlet any which way you go, give it a give it a check. I think you really appreciate it, especially as a gift. It is a perfect type of a present for somebody that's, not so much into smart watches, but would really enjoy having the opportunity to play with the basic stuff. You know yeah now look it's empty nothing's nothing's in it yet because it just just got reset that's.