I just want to give a shout out to the 135 000 of you yeah that have subscribed to this channel that have come back regularly and looked at all the strange and wonderful things we bring here to you and also the 34 plus million views of all The different videos here all about smart watches and smart watch design. This is smart watch design. This is human design, and i also want to give a big shout out to my mentor, john martin, who got me started with understanding who i am by living from my body, rather than from my brain, which i usually used to do all the time you are Being touched right now by john, because he influenced me to get involved with youtube, to bring this stuff to you right here, i'm going to ask you right up front if you're interested in finding out more about who you are and john knows, doesn't even know i'm Doing this uh head on over through youtube to human design hawaii, you can either go into this link or put it in youtube and search on it. He also has a site at humandesignhawaii.com, but john is like a cross between meatloaf and yoda. The best of both and the worst of both as well anyway, he is an incredible guy. If you get a chance to meet him or work with him. That'S awesome, uh you'll get to see him in the videos on youtube because that's how mr tick? Scott is start creating this channel documenting everything john had to say and learning profusely from him about who i am and why this little channel right down here between these two colored boxes is the whole reason.

I'M, talking to you right now, i'll share a little bit more at the end of the video but hey let's, get on with the show, greetings and welcome to smartwatch ticks we're a youtube channel on the web at smartwatchtix.com. This happens only a couple of times a year i'm serious that we get something so different, that it's really really an exciting unboxing in review, and today is that day. Folks, you are looking at the lympho lem13. I know you've probably seen it in the literature. Well, it's, look at that back, oh no water getting in there. It is finally here what is it and how does it work we're going to go over that today? First, i want to let you know it's coming to us courtesy of banggood banggood's. Given us all kinds of great products and here's another one, it's a 360 degree, rotating smartwatch got three gigabytes of ram 32 gigabytes of storage, android 7.1.1 and a 1.6 inch screen dual cameras sports modes, all the standard stuff we see in android in the show notes. There'Ll be a buying link for this. We really appreciate it when you use the banggood link to pick this puppy up. It helps us out here, and it also keeps these wonderful watches coming in for review let's run through the specs quickly here's, all the stuff. We just told you about again it's coming to us as a lympho watch from banggood, and it supports um watches with our phones running android, 5 or above and iphones of ios, 8 or above for tethering, using the why watch 2 app.

All of these are the different languages supported on this watch. It'S got the standard complement of 4g. All of this technology is basically the same. An ips 1.6 inch screen, which this year seems to be the standard. The 1.' inch amoled screens from 2019 are not being made anymore they're. All this 1.6 inch version by the way, some of them are calling them 1.69 inch. It'S, not it's, measured it's 1.6 inch. All of them are use the same screen. Basically, the big feature is this rotating um head on the watch and the supporting camera that goes along with it, which is phenomenal, i'm having so much fun with it. It does support face, unlock and, of course, the pattern unlock and all of that, but that's been around for a while now, nothing else really overall new which likewise, when we get into the watch i'm, not going to go through every item individually, i'm going to jump Around we're going to do a non linear review. Can you tell how you're supposed to open it? Do you press these pins here? How about those do you pull on it? Do you push on it? How do you open the silly thing up? We will discover that after we take a look at what else is in the box yeah, i love drawing it out. Uh we've got a head. This is the charging head and you plug it in to charge it on the uh uh.

Where do you plug it? In oh it's, getting more and more confusing and about right now, ten percent of you guys are going to pack it up and send it back. Unless you watch this video don't, send it back it's easy to open it's easy to charge. It it's, just not obvious, and you know what it's not covered in the user's manual either there's. Also a screen protector in here and a little screwdriver for i presume getting into the uh sim card slot, which isn't here either yeah yeah, okay, user's manual. When you open it up, you get access to all of that stuff and here's the buttons. And there is the closest information you get on how you crack the case on this oyster here's. The key features sim card installation information, there's uh, how you charge the watch, the operating methods, the app that you tether with and it's got the qr code that you use. You can use the link in our show, notes to download the y watch 2 app from the google play store. You'Ve got all these main functions a little bit of description of what's going on in the watch and that's it. The rest is in chinese. So, are we ready honestly the best way to open this thing is to put it on, because you really need the force of the of your wrist on it. This watch is not for the shy and timid you're gon na think you're gon na break it.

You are, i thought so i was like. I can't break it before i review it and i can't review it unless i can get it open here's. What you do you use these two fingers if you're wearing it on your left arm. You come over here and you grab on these buttons on the side and you pull it and up. It comes yep simple as that see that, like that, it's got a really strong hook right there and right there and look. I got a little hole here and, through that little hole is where the diodes that you saw when i had it off, will light up my arm to be able to get heart rate. Okay, now i've taken it off i'm gon na try and show it to you, while we're booting it up let's press the button and let it warm up and i'm going to try opening it up. Here'S their opening screen it's something really brand new. It says data analysis, quality, there's people in the foreground, social distancing, mind you well, these two are kind of close all right. Those two are close too well all right, it's, uh, it's, a beginning, it's a beginning screen, while it's booting. I want to point out that you could also grab it. Oh nice loud speaker, you hear that, and you can pull it from here like that, and you can also open it up and, ladies and gentlemen, i introduced to you the little pocket watch.

You literally could take the bands off look how they're attached to the case from below, and this whole thing can sit on your desk as a little desk watch it's got a front camera that you can position there. Finally came up with the watch face. You could position to look at you and uh use it for video conferencing. You don't need the bands honest to gosh as a pocket watch. This thing is perfect, but there's not only the front camera for sitting here and doing this there's a back camera on it. Right here, as well here's the cover and underneath the cover is where you insert the sim. The cover covers everything, including the diodes down here, there's, where that charging cable went now, i can show you what i wanted to the tip of the charging. Cable has a little slot in it. You see the little plastic right between the pins there. That means only this one is going to work and it comes off of the side. It doesn't go across the back or anything. It comes over the side, but you cannot charge it closed. You have to open the watch to be able to charge it, and now we get to the first of our good news, bad news i'm, going to jump around, like i said i'm going to give you good news, i'm, going to give you bad news. The good news is, you can close it and wear it as a watch.

The bad news is well i'm, going to call it good news for the first time you hear this. This is the first time you're going to hear it, but definitely not the last. Are you ready when i grab it and i open it, you'll hear this beautiful little sound, oh isn't that sweet until you hear it over and over and over again every single time you open the watch now what's it doing it's announcing to you and the world That you have opened the camera yeah now in the normal world. This would go right into your camera app but we're, not in a normal world. I'Ve loaded this up with some other camera apps and good news. You can choose a few of them, not all of them work, but you can choose a different camera so right now, it's uh using hd camera, but it could also use open camera or camcorder i'm going to select camcorder and let it come up here because that's, The stock camera that it comes with, you see me here: yeah yeah. This is that back facing high resolution camera, the back ones, are eight megapixel. Well, really: five megapixel up interpolated to eight the front. One is a low resolution like two megapixel but that's, okay, it's for your face and you don't want all those blemishes showing anyway and it's for video conferencing and you don't want a whole lot of data going out anyway. You want a good enough picture to get the job done front camera.

Does that at low resolution you switch it wait a minute. Let me swipe myself up here, hello there. I am, you switch it by pressing that button. You look at the ceiling. You look at my smiley face going wee and i can take a picture Music. My fingers are sweaty, i think so there's my uh, my smiley picture. What about touching and tapping? We all want to know about that double tap and i can give you a close up of my tongue. There. You go whoa, come back here, okay and guess what i got pinch and zoom too uh huh i can wow. Did you see that i can move it around? I can really get way more than you want to see. Pigeon zoom is supported, double tap, zoom is this is supported, but only one level and same thing uh with the other camera in the other direction. So we're gon na come back out of here. Oh okay, we got all the way out. Well, i can close it. I can open it Music and i can switch to another camera and i may as well jump over here, because i said i was going to be non linear. You got a couple of other ones. I put in open camera and i've also put in hd camera i'm, going to jump to hd camera one time and i've got this all set up really special, oh we're, on the forward. I want to switch the cameras around to be on the back there.

We go a couple of reasons that i really like this is. I can set it up to take a picture and it'll actually freeze the picture before i jump out of it and i could delete it or keep it. So, if i'm, taking a picture from an angle, i can't really see the screen. Clearly, i can switch it back i'm, going to go over here. I'M, going to put my hand here and i'm going to take a picture like so and hey wait a minute. It'S doing weird things: oh awkward come on, take a picture. There. Okay got a picture of my hand. This is grid lines that i've put on here. Oh and it's kind of over bright isn't. It um you know for leveling the horizon uh. You can turn those on and off all that kind of stuff. One of the cool features of this particular camera app is the fact that i've got a zoom slider down here that i can slide and zoom in directly on the screen. Some of the other apps have them on the side and they're off the screen for round um watch, which is kind of funky. So anyway, there's a variety of camera, apps that you can put in here and when you do, you have full use of them. You close the lid and it comes back here. If you really miss that sound again, you can play it anytime. You want, if i choose a particular camera – and i say always, instead of just once, it'll become the stock uh camera app and it'll go right to that.

Every time you press it, i haven't done that for a couple of other reasons on the camcorder app, the pictures when you actually take them are long and vertical, and i want to oh wrong. That was me all right. There'S, my picture there. I i wan na double tap on here and come down. Okay. I'M. Not able to see it too well on this one anyway, it takes long thin ones right on the resolution, and some of my pictures have been coming out with little dark marks on the upper corners as if the camera is recessed too deep in here and is Catching the edge of the uh, the casing, so some of the pictures haven't been fully clear at their full resolution. When i use the other app, i can change the overall resolution, it's still the eight megapixel resolution, guys that looks awful with my thumbnail it's. Still the same resolution it's just um it's a different shape, it's more of the four by three ratio instead of the nine by six. Yes, yes, more than the nine by sixteen ratio and so um, your pictures are going to be a lot uh more square and a lot nicer and easier. Overall, you notice that time it didn't invoke the camera. It stayed on the watch face, i don't know: it's got a mind of its own. Sometimes it does that so that's kind of how the uh opening works, and so far here we go i'm going to go back now.

I'Ll use camcorder again and show you that i've only been doing two dimensions. I'Ve got my rooster over here and you can't see it. Can you no okay, well i'll play with the ground i'm straight up and i'm looking down here's the thing i tried with this. I had it on my arm and i was driving and i wanted to shoot out my window but i'm driving and it's over this way and it doesn't work. So guess what folks i can rotate it yup. I can rotate this thing. 360 degrees that's. The beauty of it, if i wanted to video my tummy growling, i could do that. I can turn it any way i want, and i can close it and open it up to an angle of almost straight up like 85 degrees or so see that that's that's its max you don't, want to go further. You'Ll break it it's a good, solid connection in here, and you can twist it like. I said so when i'm driving, i drive with it facing this way, and i can make a video shooting over the steering wheel out the window really really nice a lot to be said for this camera operation, the bad news is there's, no way to turn that Sound off, if i come in here and i go over here and i put it in silent mode – even quiet mode when it's supposed to shut everything off and it does when you shut down or boot up, it turns off the sound that you normally hear.

However, if i open it, i get the same startup sound, so one thing i'm recommending is that they lose that sound it's cute the first time, but about every single time. If you go to bed at night and you want to quietly open your watch to charge it because the charging dock is there and you don't want to disturb your partner you're out of luck folks, the only way around this is honestly. You got to go over to your settings. You'Ve got to go over to sound inside of sound you've got to change the media volume which is going to change all your media turn it all the way off and then it'll be silent. But then, of course, you won't hear phone calls or youtube or any i guess calls you might but yeah it's a it's, a it's, a workaround but it's pretty lame uh but that's how you would actually deal with the sound always playing all right. Let'S move on you got a bunch of different stock watch faces. This is the one it kind of booted up with when it came so that's why i started it there, but i can go back here's a gear one that's playing in the background. They did not include any fancy animated ones, nor did they include any um of the touch capable ones would you have to touch spots, but they did include something new that i thought you'd like to see and that's.

The fact that i have the temperature on a watch face in fahrenheit when you change it from centigrade to fahrenheit in the overall settings. It now updates the watch face to show the temperature in your chosen um. I know it's not a big deal unless you've wanted that for your entire life, around smart watches, it's always been centigrade. Here there are um. Custom watch faces available, of course, and i'm going to show you a couple of al rod's faces we've covered these before let's grab this one because it's a simple one to demonstrate the active touch buttons when you touch on them. If an app is installed – and this is a stock app, it will play it. If i go over here i'm going to have my sporting activities and i could start a run or jog or something if i go here i'm going to activate the heart rate diode. So this is one of his simple ones that he's got that uh here's a music player that's installed that relies on all of the installed apps he's got some that you know, will launch 20 different apps with little buttons everywhere. But you have to install a bunch of extra apps point of showing you. This is one to let you know alright is out there i'm going to have you the links in the show notes that you can go and check out some of his incredible faces and two is to show you that the touch button technology does work on this Watch as does screen animation, this is one of his watch faces of gears rolling around and um.

Definitely you can use animated watch faces on uh on the lem13 now here's, where we go through the traditional stuff you come down here. You get that first face. You got this second one there's twist your wrist to see the time airplane mode, cellular data, gps, location, bluetooth, wi, fi brightness has changed, and this is your quiet mode. Let me show you brightness it's, going to get really bright here in a second there's, five different levels: there's the brightest now check this out, there's the lowest. You can't even see it, and you know why? Because mr ticks has messed with this, i've got another special app i've put in here because of a trick about when this thing charges that i can put this on the nightstand and actually leave it on all night with a little green time. Display is so cool, but even at the lowest brightness it's too uh it's too dim so i've had to change things there. We go and modify the lowest level to put a screen filter over it. I'Ll talk about that app toward the end, and you might want to try it too. This is the second level of brightness. The first level is lower than this, but not as dark as i showed you. It is the absolute lowest that the the bulb will be on the back lighting will be on, and then there was a filter that i put on top of that to make it incredibly damp.

Okay there's another brightness level, another one and then full brightness is the last one. If i hit it just right, i am going to go to the second brightness. I think that's just about right for what we're filming today, the little white dot on the side that's. My floating toucher, i talk about that all the time, i'll touch it bring it up. We got reviews and videos on that. I have, of course put in here the ability to change the screen, timeout all the way up to and including infinity. If we want to – and i can go home and i can bring up the uh – the music uh volume, uh stuff, there's ringer volume – you can change all of those on the fly all right over the watch face. This is a third party, app that's added to the watch. It didn't come with it, but it's something worth seeing. So when you slide up you're getting, of course, your step count there's the weekly average here's today's step. Are you ready? Are you ready, and here it is in miles now? I didn't walk enough steps today, but you saw a change from kilometers to miles. That'S been updated too, and i can go in here and uh. Well, maybe it's in the first screen. Oh yeah that's just telling me what it is: distance and calories burned and all of that stuff and and from here you can literally go in and change your system from imperial to metric by the way, the first time you turn it on after you pick your Language you're presented with this screen, so you can set what you want and then the next screen is going to let you change your height, your weight and your goals and your gender and all of that kind of stuff.

That happens when you first turn it on and it's accessible here. From that point, all right this way gives you your notifications, and this way gives you your overall app drawer i'm not going to go into these i've done this over and over again, i suggest you watch the video on the roll me s08. If you want to see each and every one of these in action, because i go into a lot of detail on those, i do want to show you one thing. At least camera is the same. What we just saw with opening the the thing and gallery is going to be your pictures, sound recorders, all the same heart rate and fitness weather you keep going down, though, and i have installed some separate third party apps, so they may start showing up the app Store is not the play store that was up here earlier. The app store is the one where you can just do facebook and things like that. Hd camera. I installed open camera. All these things are different. Uh things system, optimization is part of the system. You notice a better camera, did not show up of the list of camera, apps that i could select. So, as you test camera apps, you want to make sure it's one that you can program into that automatic uh thing there wow screen dimmer that's, the app that i was talking about, that i set a filter so that i could make the lowest level even deeper.

Lower it goes comes with, translate, google translate installed on it, and face unlock is part of it as well, and all these other things are just third party apps that i've been putting in now and playing with to get to get used to stuff. Okay, now let's jump into settings and show you what's different. With this version of android update that we've got sound and display haven't changed app list style. You can have an arc like we've, been seeing or circular round around the outside, with a little clock in the middle we've done that before connections are all the same. Your gesture is your twist. Your is to see the time and you can turn on and off. Pedometers, if you want to save battery measuring this is the new one which we now have three ways of getting at when you first boot up when you swipe up it down at the bottom and then, of course, right here from the app drawer, where you can Modify all of that so that's kind of new to here power, savings and language and date and time are all the same – resetting your equipment uninstalling, any apps that you want to get take out of it, and this is new. This quick sos! If you activate this, you can set up a message that will be texted out to your contact. Number that you put in here so you'll have the ability to long press on a button and invoke a countdown and if you don't, stop it before that countdown it's.

Going to do a an sos call out to the contact that you put or sending a text i haven't played with it. Yet i don't know if it's got fall. Detection i don't think so. I think it's something that you would manually have to press and hold the button if you're having a heart attack or something, and hopefully it will react and do all of that. But it is a new feature to android that we haven't seen before that's, showing up in here called quick, sos you're more. We go over this a lot got a few videos on it, but if you install an app and you're frustrated because every time the screen goes off, it stops working yep. You know what i'm talking about you go into more. You go into background cleaner. You tap here and for all of those apps that you want to work to continue to work. You need to turn the switch off on them. Otherwise, if they're supposed to run in the background, they will stop on you uh cold turkey, and you have to restart the whole process over again. So that's an important one from the measurement system in the in the settings for background cleaner, all right back to the good news, bad news, the good news is you scroll over and you've got another level of uh selections here which are for all of your fitness Activities the bad news is, if i select one of them like outdoor run, you notice there's no dots up at the top it's just a grab and go.

You could set some goals and and be off and running, but it doesn't have the selection. So you have to go and you have to find um your fitness app when you come in here. The good news is you've got a couple of dots, but the bad news is you: don't have a third dot, so when i swipe over, if i have any records from my outdoor run or my outdoor walk and so forth, those will appear under that second tab. But there should be a third tab that i turn on gps that's in the latest version of this fitness app and folks, i got to tell you this. One does not support that. This is the original version 1.0 of the basic fitness app. It does not integrate with gps for your outdoor, walking, running and cycling. Good news is, it can easily be updated through a firmware update. Bad news is lympho doesn't have a good track record of updating their watches after they put them out. Sorry but i'm being honest with you. If we look at the lympho lemt and the tikkris max, and the incredible firmware on the max and we're still waiting for an update on the lympho lemt to even come close to matching that same issue with the fitness thing. It'S a version 1.0 on that watch as well, if you're buying this thing for fitness, don't use the fitness app that comes with it put in a third party app that will integrate with the gps.

Strava may work runtastic my favorite run or mark my run or watch me run. I don't know i'm not into all of that stuff, but um some folks are, and they could probably let you know what app would work well, if you're gon na do fitness on this watch, but as far as the latest versions go, it doesn't have it. Of course, it's got the weather and it'll show you the weather in fahrenheit or centigrade, and you get that actually as well. When you swipe down and you go across, you got the cleanup thing, you got the music player and then the next tab is your. Is your overall weather, so all in all it's, a basic android watch it's stake to claim is what it can do now, with the sound and the ensuing camera and 360 degree rotation capability that comes with it, there's really uh, no other reason other than accessing the Camera to have to pop that thing open when it's on your arm, probably because it's going to be hanging out there sort of like this, but for being able to honestly use the camera. It works and a lot of you and me too, have been concerned about. Well, how about the screen outdoors, when you're, trying to shoot uh outdoor photography and it's, been pretty bad on all these android watches, and the same is true on this one, with an exception, i got ta get it on to show you that the exception is, if I were trying to shoot uh a using the camera on the side looking down at it.

The sun is shining on it, but folks, if i open it up like this, and i aim it where i'm going to be shooting in that direction, the sun is only hitting it at a graze angle and what i've found if i have the brightness up really Good, i can see the screen at least good enough for framing the picture that i can take and then, of course the picture is going to be glorious in color and and focus and everything it's just a matter of being able to see it for framing purposes. Same thing for front facing camera, i can have it while i'm driving pointed at my face, not touching anything and it works. I don't have to drive with my arm this way so that i have the camera pointed at me. It really really is stupid that it has that sound in it. It really is a nice implementation of the camera and the flexibility to turn it can. Let you point it in any direction you want. You want to film what's going on over your shoulder under your under your arm. You can turn it all the way backwards if you want to, if you're doing a video, uh call and you're using the front camera, and you want everybody to see what you're looking at you can do it this. I mean really it's very, very flexible, so i'm. Very impressed i didn't think i would be but i'm very impressed with that capability, uh to be able to lift and use that back camera and, if you're, not sick of that sound, yet you will be now.

Where do we get this thing? We got it from banggood didn't. We there we go it's the lympho lem13 360 degree rotating camera. All that memory in here you can put this thing in video and just collect all kinds of hours of footage. If you want to and yeah i didn't show you this okay check the show notes for the buying link from from here uh when you take it off, and you pop off the bands and mr ticks is all sweaty notice. As i sweat it all accumulates here and not on the back of the watch, it's an extra layer of protection as far as water resistance goes no it's, not an overall waterproof watch. I wouldn't with the closed or open drunk it in water, although it looks really well made, it might be waterproof it's, certainly going to be water resistant um, just use common sense with that don't dunk it in water. I haven't had the verification there's, a speaker that you know it really microphone that it really would be waterproof with no bands on it. It is really a trick to open, but if you can do it there you go, you can sit it like that. It really. It it's a it's, a wonderful little um table watch that doubles as a smart watch and after i'm done playing with it on my arm, i'm sure i'm going to be popping this puppy in my pocket and just taking it along with me.

Wherever i go and maybe doing, video calls while i'm eating lunch and just have it sitting right there, pointing at my face and i can adjust it all the way up to almost straight up or or down. I could watch youtube videos. I could stream and read the news anything you want it's a very creative design well worth looking into, and it is the lympho lem13 available from banggood thanks for watching guys. I really appreciate you being here. We'Ll see you again soon, so i promised you at the beginning i'd talk to you a little bit more about human design, as opposed to or in addition to watch design like we've gotten this lem 13.. This is mr tick's chart all these lines and squiggles and boxes all have meaning it's a blended system, no matter what your background and study if it's esoteric it's in here, this has got kabbalah in it. It'S got astrology in it. It'S got numerology iching. All of it has come together and been blended by a genius who's named ra uru from ibiza spain yeah the place with the little pill. Uh huh had an experience there similar to the little pill. I guess and was shown how to put all this stuff together. Then along came john martin, i mentioned my mentor, who is an artist at interpreting this and presenting it in a way that gets your mind out of the way and allows you to feel your essence of who you are and that's.

What happened for me right down here, i mentioned at the beginning: there's a channel it's called the 360. notice there's 60 here in my design and three in my personality, those two things blended together in a specific way that creates a pulse of reactive energy. When everything aligns and is just right and it did – and it continues to do that – and it was a pulse about five years ago, that led to me making a video and creating a channel called smartwatch ticks, and the rest of course continues to be history. So the human design chart is something that you can produce for yourself, as i did for me absolutely free and the videos i've told you about that. I helped john produce videoing him explaining the system, and each of these things to us allows you to go along. Like with a map of your particular chart, where your lines and squares and triangles are and understand what the influence factors are for you in your unique life that help you to live your life according to your design, when you do that free chart thing, this is A copy of mine and uh: this is what it tells you it's. This is called your body graph and i'm, a generator which is one of four or five different kinds that you can be, and my profile and definitions and all kinds of stuff how to make decisions, really it's, really impressive and it's, absolutely free and so are all The videos on youtube and all the information from john so once again on youtube.

This is where i'd suggest you start it's just come into our channel that's, the one that i helped set up for john human design, hawaii and uh you'll be introduced to john at the very beginning, and you can dive right into learning about who you are you'll Of course, need to create your own chart, you can come over to humandesign.com, follow the links there you'll end up over at jovian archive. I think it's called the jovian archive corporation, where you produce the rave body graph, which is this whole thing. Get that done come on back over to the youtube channel, follow through the videos that relate to you, whether you're, a projector or a manifesto, a reflector or a generator like me, and learn about your aura type. It just goes. I mean really honestly two to three years of study on this stuff before you even scratch: the surface but it's all there and um i'm, really proud of my history with john of our collaboration together, he doesn't even know i'm doing this. He doesn't even know me as mr ticks. All of this has happened after this guy pushed me off the cliff and i just went falling and i still am it's a beautiful ride. Okay gang thanks again, one more shout out to banggood for being good good sport. Bringing us this beautiful, lem13, 360 degree – rotating 3g, 32 gigabytes, storage, 4g smartwatch, it really is a radical new design, looks crazy.