We will be unboxing, the let’s fit smartwatch health tracker, so i got this from amazon for thirty dollars, thirty dollars from amazon. Today we will be unboxing this thing and checking this smart watch out, but before we do, let’s take a look and review the product description on amazon. So i have my tablet here on to the product description for let’s fit smartwatch fitness that matters this holiday season and, as you can see, this comes in uh different bands and here are the functions of the let’s fit smartwatch. Once you scroll down, you can read the description about the smartwatch. This has all day activity tracking. This has nine sport modes, as you can see here, this has walk, run, climbing hike, bike, treadmill, spinning fitness and yoga. This has heart rate and sleep monitoring. This has a multi functional design in mind: that’s music control ip68 waterproof. This has 10 days of battery life, as you can see there. This has smart notifications and alarm clocks. So here are the different models by the brand, and here you can see the price for each different model, so let’s put that away and go ahead and unbox those let’s fit smart watch health tracker let’s, take a look around the box here’s the front side of The box, pretty simple presentation for this let’s fit smart watch, pretty clean design and here’s the back side, which has nothing, but this amazon barcode here is the model number, and here is the business name.

Amc lab in your in case that you’re wondering if this is the same. Smart watch to the other brands that you see online let’s go ahead and take out our x acto knife, which i have here and go ahead and break through the seals. That have this closed. There are two pieces of tape and, of course i got the black color band for this let’s fit smartwatch, and once you open this up here is what we are going to get so like. I said this is a clean presentation: let’s see what we have inside so here’s what we are going to get inside first things: first we’re going to um you’re going to get. It is the important safety guide. Please do not wear your watch too tight. This is how you would clean your smart watch here and at the bottom, make sure you’re scanning it or is dry before you put your watch back on and here’s is the other information make sure you read that, and here is a guide on how to clean Your watch keep your watch dry and where and how to wear your watch properly. So you can always pause the video if you’re interested so that’s the important safety guide and here’s the smart watch itself. Let’S, take this out so let’s pull this band out pretty clean and simple packaging, which i like now it’s, not print premium like a typical apple watch. This is the alternative to the apple watch in here.

Underneath this you get this pamphlet here for you, 2470. So you have 24 7 support, here’s the contact information, and this comes with extended warranty one year free. You can scan the qr code or visit the link that you see there, and here is a guide: smart watch, user manual for the let’s fit and here’s the model number, and here are the contents of the user manual and how to set this smartwatch out. This comes also comes with different languages. Let’S put that back in and let’s take this out, and here this would be your charging cable. This does not come with a power adapter. You can hook this up to your pc or power, brick. If you have one – and this is how you would charge your smart watch – connect the pins it’s magnetic, as you can see there, so let’s go ahead and clean this up and now let’s take a look at the let’s fit smartwatch health tracker. Here you can see the function button press to return, please charge this smart watch, let’s peel off the protective screen – and here it is here – is the let’s fit smartwatch. This has a plastic built to it. Everything that you see here is plastic, except for the screen. The screen is more like plastic, a mixture of glass and plastic here it on the back side. It has a plastic finish. The band quality doesn’t feel too cheap. Here you can always replace your band.

Here are the sensors that you see there that measure that measures? Your heart rate and now let’s go ahead and turn this on, so how to turn this on? You can turn this on by doing this gesture. If i move of your wrist here is the screen size which does not take up all of the watch face to set this up, you have to download the very fit pro app from the google or apple app stores, and here is what you’re going to get You can also also see your activity, sleep and heart rate data on your phone, and it can also record the data on a weekly basis. Here you can see the heart rate data in here is is here you can set alerts for your smart watch, and here you can log in and make a an account and yeah. So let’s head back to the smartwatch. If you swipe to the left here, you can see it’s, recording heart heart rate, swipe to the right. You go home swipe up to see your notifications, which i don’t have any at this moment, swipe down to see the recorded data. As you can see, there here’s our weekly total swipe back up to go home swipe to the left. So i mean right to record your activities: heart rate, music, timer settings and it’s in here. You can change the watch face wallpaper and it does not have many options. It only has four options and you can also press the button on the right to go back home and that is all for the let’s fit smartwatch.

So, in my personal opinion, this has the basic features of the apple watch, but not the advanced features that you expect for the apple watch, that’s about it for this episode of maxwell extreme.