Just like this, but today we’re going to be talking about the newer version of the let’s fit fitness tracker. Smart watch Music, which will track your heartbeat measure, your sleep measure, your steps, uh calories, burned things of that nature, heart rate well. Well, this one in particular has music controls. This is the model number id205, but we’re going to be taking a look at the model. Number um iw1, so let me just show you what i’m talking about right here, so the actually the model number that i’m wearing on my wrist right now is this one. This is the the one that was released before the newer one. So we have the newer box on the right and the older one right here and you can see you can get this for 10 off and save an extra 29 percent so it’s like literally 19, or something like that um. But this one is a 24 um hour: sleep tracking status, fitness watch. You can track your your monitor, your swimming, your your workouts it’s, also waterproof ip68, waterproof, so we’re gon na take this off and i’m gon na show you the newer model, which will also this one has music controls, but the newer one will have um blood and Oxygen, so let me show you what i’m talking about so when i go into you know this one, it does say: it’s got the blood and blood oxygen. So, on the the older model, let me just show you: it did come with uh the very fit app and the user manual and the charging board uh, which i actually have set aside inside of a bag.

So i don’t lose it. So let me put this box off to the side, but this is the newer model right here right here. It says that it’s um 33, you could save the extra 15 so 60 dollars off so it’s like 20, something dollars or something like that. And then you get 14 sports, more gps tracking on here blood oxygen, traction, sleep, blood saturation, i mean blood, oxygen, saturation and um. You can get your alarms, your sedentary alarm as well, and you can see the incoming calls and you can reject them as well. So it does say that this is supported on ios and android, and it does give you about 30 days on the device. Standby time is about two hours just to charge it as well, so it’s the very fit um the very pro fit app, and it has your sleep tracking and blood oxygen. This one might have music controls in it yeah it does have music controls in it. So let’s go ahead and open up the box: real, quick, Music. So basically um the box is pretty cool, it’s, a white box. It says it’s the black one and you can see right here. The let’s fit i w1 in black, so it’s the newer model black on black i’m gon na cut the arm the tape on here. Let me see if i could uh get that out all right cool. So this is what it looks like when you first take it out and um.

You can see right here. This is a nice um matte black strap. I really like that. Um, you also do get the it says right here, function, button on the front of it. Let’S fit is uh; the button is actually, instead of it being a dial it’s like a straight up, uh button on here so it’s, like kind of like a steel gray, but it has like a deep gray color to it. So it’s not like completely like silver it’s kind of like black on black silver. So take that off. This is the power button. It says so i’m going to go ahead, hold that down so use. It says right here: we can start in english, but you also get dutch on here as well, so english and dutch and then it says, go to the let’s fit app on your phone and scan the qr code to pair the watch. So let’s see what right now we can go ahead and see if it has the same application where’s my my phone. I have a qr scanner app on here right here, so i’m gon na go ahead and use that let’s see what else comes inside of here. We’Re gon na open up this uh package as well. All right you get this cord right here which will actually charge it with the charging. Pin you get a one year warranty and you get a sign up for to get more benefits on the official website for promotions and more so you can get those here and uh the one year warranty card is like inside of here as well and um.

So we got your user manual right there, the platforms so that that’s that charges like that it just snaps on and then it says right here that is charging it’s at 92 right now. So right now it says that your your let’s fit id can be used across all let’s fit services, so um let’s, just you know, put my email in here and hit continue. Then it says to enter your your your gender, your height and then it says to enter your weight and everything like that. I have the calendar at the top. It says: email not verified, reset email, verification um, but you have your calendar here at the top. So you could look at the days that passed by things like that workout minutes active hours, steps, heart rate, resetting heart calories, burned down here, uh distance, sleep uh on here when you look at the watch, that’s long hold here to get some more class. Okay, so that’s not how it works on this one. But if you swipe right, you have your workouts today, blood oxygen, heart rate, one here you can swipe down. You get a little zen feature where you can meditate on a timer. It helps you relax. You also do get top stopwatch and alarm clock music controls is on here too general about the system. Do not disturb brace to wait. Night mode power savings move the brightness the intensity of the vibration, the screen off time um, you do have you know the watch faces here as well, so there’s one two three of them here, so hopefully you can download more than that, but i’m gon na use.

This one right here and um, so you have that and then you have your account your walking time distance and sleep record right there as well. So your messages is gon na, be when you swipe down and when you swipe up, you can turn see all these features right here you got the night mode and then you got that just helps it down at night time. Then you got the do not disturb mode and the lift to wake mode right here as well. So all those features are on here. Training modes are here, and you have your my devices, so you can see that you have actually added that device, so the very fit hat you won’t really need anymore, the very fit pro app but um. You know you do have at settings where you can change the hat language to dutch, japanese, spanish, french, italian. You do have background processes on permissions as well from you know, google fit and um the other thing that’s pretty cool is it does have um? You know all the activities on this main screen on your phone, so i definitely think that this is pretty cool. So far, i’m gon na put it on my wrist and uh. Try it on get back to you guys like in a few, but it looks like it’s. It fits really nice on my wrist and it has that loop. When you put it on you snap it on right here and um.

Lift to wake is working um, it’s, a pretty pretty pretty beautiful screen size. Here you can always customize the brightness as well on this guy. You have your blood oxygen let’s see what happens when we do that on the blood oxygen says. Please wear the watch close to the skin and keep it still for is for measurement, so it’s it’s a measurement, my skin, the blood oxygen. Oh, i got a 99 that’s, not bad it’s. Just still measuring, though, all right that was my score is a 99 on on here. So let’s check out what the app is doing to see if that’s synced up yet to the app it says, synchronizing right now and um it’s actually says that my heartbeat is 94 and, as my um heart rate averages uh. I don’t see the blood oxygen on here right on the phone, but it’s actually pretty cool. You have a lot of good features on here as well. Distance sleet calories burned, um i’ll get back to you when i have measured some of that stuff as well, but um. This is pretty cool. I like how they have their own app now, which is pretty sweet. So let me know what you guys think down below this is the lesbian. I uh w one um it’s about 25, with all the codes that you can get down below and you get sleep tracking. You get heart monitoring, blood, um, oxygen and blood as well.

So this is pretty cool, but let me know what you think about the let’s fit.