The manual scroll looks like the pages in page number, one. So to connect it. You know me download very fit pro, go first, go on turn on your bluetooth and then it’ll hopefully see your model over there. My model is id205u click, ok confirm bin device and then it should connect. And then you should normally like swipe down to see your stuff, your daily record stuff, so you would normally connect it and then connect it from there there’s a heart racing, so there’s, a blood pressure inside there’s, a um blood, oxygen sense and there right over there. It’S a hurry so let’s put that there let’s get the charger out. Okay, i think the amount of stuffed in or something but let’s, just okay, okay, it does feel quite soft and you normally connect it from there. You normally connect it under. Oh, my so the way how you connect it is, you would get the magnet thing, the watch charger and just like slip it on slip it on okay. So when i first got this, i did turn these flippers around for a little good change, because this one supposed to be oh that’s, really supposed to be like this, but i just change it to that. Okay, so whatever let’s just get powered on and there we go okay. So we have the watch face the notifications, the steps i have used it but i’m, just unboxing it to show you guys. We’Ve got the miles: curry’s weak, total, okay, so we’ve got the sports run.

Music run, walk bike, kite, climbing treadmill, spinning kind of workout; okay. So then we’ve got the heart rate. You’Ve got the blood pressure. You’Ve got the oxygen: oh god that’s, shiny, okay, and now we have um a relax. I like a little bit of a mindfulness meditation or something okay. So if you just press start v21, okay, okay, so then we have an alarm if you want it on. If you like, want it on so, if you want to on, you can just set up then press, and then we have a music controller, timer minutes sports record settings dimming about okay, so just a mac, e5, 5c85d14, d9 and shutdown. So you just like powder off and there we go and so the way how to change the dial is, you can it’s told there we go. This is the first one. This is the second one. This is the third. This is a fourth, so i’d love to keep on this one, smaller, okay, so let’s just charge. This thing up so then turn this around okay. Now so it’s charging um, we’ll, just we’ll, read the manual until it’s. Finished. Charging will only take about two minutes because it’s 97, so Music, okay notice, the bottom. You can see the notifications on the timings that is above do not disturb. So if you enable that on very fit pro the app that you need to download, then it will well, it will it’ll start buzzing.

So if you press down on your watch and you’ve enabled it, then it will start buzzing and then you’ll know where your devices automatic current detection. So you don’t have to do it. It just automatically happens, and if you press that, if you enable that, then when you lift the watch up, it will automatically turn on now. This is a page i was showing you. These are the function list interface, so as i was showing you sports heart rate, blood, oxygen, blood pressure, relax, alarm, music, controller, timer sports record, and this is start support, click the sports icon. So then you can just start picking the exact spot icon you want, then. Hopefully show the location of it in your status about underwatch, okay, i forgot to mention you also have to try um clean it before you um, take it out of the case – and these are just random pages – not really much to look at so let’s. Just close this up so we’ve closed it out now let’s check on the watch 99, but that’s, okay, okay! So if you guys ever want to buy this, you just go on ebay, go here and type in life be smartwatch, and then you should hopefully show up with. Instead of just one single line, it will show with um a circle button and other types of um buns over there there’s one with a circle over there, there’s one that does music messages proper, sending messages like proper typing in and yeah so that’s.

All i have for you guys today. Let me know in the comments, if you, if you think which one is better, the the life will be smartwatch or the as3 smartwatch i’ll just quickly go through this, so we have um step house 109. Bpm training hold second posie back walking running cycling, skipping on blah blah blah okay. So this is the end of my video and i can’t do it.