com the premiere site for smartwatch specs news and reviews. Okay, we are on the second part of this m26 plus smart watch. Okay, another video review, the first video we have the unboxing and checking out its features as well as its specs. Okay, particularly the design this time were going to check on the menus here. Okay, the ui of this smartwatch, so lets check it out again. This is the m26 plus smartwatch. Okay, really wireless charging feature. Okay, then, if you have any questions regarding the smartwatch, please drop a comment below and well try to answer your query see if we have the time okay, so we have here the instruction manuals, so we have here the features here very small, but anyway we can Still at least read it okay, so we have here the details. Okay, so we have music control, stopwatch: okay, blood pressure, blood, oxygen, monitoring; okay, so lets check if its really existing okay so again lets turn on the smartwatch okay. So we have here, okay, the wallpaper! I guess this is from the tor movie. Okay, so lets check so scrolling from up to down. We have the settings here, the basic settings we have. Let me see the display here: okay, blue flute. We have screen off time lets change it yeah 15 seconds. Okay, raise your wrist tool, but up the screen we have here. This is on the settings. You also have here the dreaming control settings.

Okay, do not disturb mode sound and vibration, so we have a built in speaker. You have the language settings here. Okay also have the password reboot, restore and shut down. Okay again, so that is for from the up to down access. Okay here, so we have here the watch faces. We have pikachu, we have analog, we have digital watch faces here. We have a watch face similar to one of the gts design. Okay, so lets try to pick this one: okay, so okay, mario and okay, from this one pressing the crown button here you can use it to zoom and zoom in and zoom out. We have the basic menu here. We have a calculator here. Okay, go back what else we have the weather. We have the sports mode here. Okay, so lets check. Okay, try to check out the running. You all have the outdoor cycling yeah. They sit up here on foot mountaineering and what what are the other sports here so lets check so the other sports here, i think its just monitoring the steps, calories and the blood pressure. Okay lets, stop it, okay and going back. We also have the message here: sleep monitoring, weather, breathing, guide, heart rate: this is the heart rate, see it is it yes, its working okay lets check, lets, try is it monitoring or not? Okay, lets see if well have a year result. Okay lets wait! Okay, so we have its working, how about the blood pressure here, so it is counting monitoring the blood pressure, pain, the systolic and diastolic its weight, okay, taking some time, so we have here 120 over 70, something or over 80 okay.

So since its okay seems like its working well see if we check it with a uh, the proper blood pressure monitoring. Well, compare it! Okay, later on okay, here, what else? Okay from up or from down to up, we have the message notifications again wallpaper on this section. I hope we have an option for different menus. Do we have an option for that well see as we go on with our discovery of its features and menus? Okay, how about this one whats, this consume activity, so we have here the graphs and stats for your automatic activity tracking. We also have the sos. I think this smartwatch do have a support for blood pressure. Okay, i mean blood oxygen. We also have here the sound and the vibration you can set it okay. We also have the sleep monitoring whats this okay. So this is the blood oxygen monitoring, so lets check well see: okay, lets, try is it working, so it may take some time. We have. Okay, so i think its normal. We have a good blood oxygen input here. Okay, what else do we have? Okay, timer information? We have m26 plus version. Okay, so lets go back to settings language vibration, password, okay, so these are the menus included in the m26 plus smartwatch. Okay. So far, the ui is very responsive here. They also have a bluetooth music control. We have a lot of options. What else we also have here an sos? I think this.

If this is connected to your smartphone breathing guide, also have or breathing exercises. We have a sleep monitoring here, automatically detects or automatically monitor your sleep whats this one. So this is the graphs and stats for your blood pressure one week monitoring and we have the qr code for the support app. If you want to install the app, we also have the camera control. We also have the stopwatch here and thats it. I think more options theres a lot of options available in the support app so far. These are the menus of the m26 plus smartwatch. Okay. If you want to get one, we have the link below okay, so very affordable series. Six smartwatch on our next video were going to show you on how to install the wear fit pro app in the android platform so watch out for it lets see if this smartwatch will work or if it will connect with our smartphone with the wear feed pro Support app well see it well check; okay, so thats it. If you have any questions regarding this smartwatch, please drop a comment below and well try to answer your queries.