We can see that this watch is also using the wavefit pro app and it is wireless charging like this. Then let’s check the box in the back. There are some specifications such as screen, size, 1.77 inch and bluetooth is 5.2 and memory now let’s open the box and inside we see a watch and strap, and here is the steps to put on the strap and inside. Here is a wireless charger and a menu. Now let’s check the watch, this watch is also 44 millimeter and the screen is 5.77 inch and in this side it also has two buttons and the both buttons are functional. Here is the microphone, and here is the back in the back. There is also no lock button at both end and also no charging interface due to it is also the wireless charging, and in this side there is the speaker now let’s power on the watch Music. Firstly, we see the automation watch face and let’s check. The watch faces it has eight wood faces that it can also add, extract with phase and also customize with faces, and then let’s check the quick actions from top to the bottom. We can go to the control center and we can move the brightness to adjust, and here is the bluetooth phone and the setting, and also the collection code and the business card and the screen lock. We can press the run button for three second to unlock and then from the bottom.

To the top. Is the message notification and from right to the left and left to the right is to change the watch faces. We can press this button to go to the main menu. This watch is also very smooth. Also, we can press twice this round button to change the menu. This watch has totally three menu styles and we can press this round button to go back to the watch. Face and also we can press this power button to go to the main menu and then let’s test the functions of the watch. Firstly, the phone we can see that there are three pages first page is the call history and then the frequent contact. We can synchronize the content from the app to the watch and then the dial pad. We can dial the number you want and then the shake to take picture and the breeze test. You can follow the screen to inhale and exhale to practice your breath and the pressure and the countdown and the calculator and heart rate. We can see that the sensor are for red light and the blood pressure and outer spots. It has many spot mode, such as auto, running, auto cycling and also it can test many figures and then the message and the in those activities and weather also stop watch and setup. Firstly, the daemon is the brightness and the screen of time. The maximum screen of time is 15 second and raise your wrist to bright the screen and do not disturb mode and the sound and vibration and the language setting.

It has many languages and connect the mobile phone and also the password, then about repo restore factory and the shutdown and then the music. This watch has no volume control function, so we can only control the volume in the phone. We can shift the sound coming from the watch and also from the iphone, and now it is from the iphone and sp02 and the sleep and then the met. This can show the weekly amity and also we can see that this button is go to the setting. So it is very quick and the app for this smartwatch is also the verified pro, which is also same as the hw 33 plus and hw 22 plus, and we can just have a quick look at the app. This app has four pages. First page is to synchronize the data from the watch to the phone, and the second is the exercise, and the third page is the device page, which is to connect the watch and the phone, and also it can add, extra watch faces through the app. But some the wood faces are chargeable. You need to pay before you install to the watch, but the stamps are still free and we can go to the bottom and to customize a watch face, and we can also synchronize the qr code for the recharge, repay or paypal and also the business card. For this qr code to the watch – and there are some other settings and the firmware update if there is any new firmware you can upgrade through this page and now we can see that the watch is upgrading and now the upgrade is done.

We can just wait. The watch to restart okay and then the factor setting and delete current device, then the last page is the me page – is the personal data and also some settings. So above is all our details today.