This is josh here and welcome back to our channel and for today’s videos, we’re going to have the unboxing and our initial review of the m6 smartwatch actually guys. This is more like of a clone of the m6 of xiaomi, so i got this one guys for around two dollars. Only so let’s find out guys what it has and what we we can expect in this affordable, smartwatch. Okay guys, so here is the box and, as you can see, there is a blue circle there. So it means the model that we have is in blue, okay, so in the middle of the box, so you can see there the smart watch itself, yes and the six at the bottom part and the side. So we have their facebook steps. One rich motion pattern which i call sleep, gate automatic monitoring it’s also the same, and at the back guys we have here the product model, wireless connection, uh information and more okay, so let’s open this one guys and there’s also m6 branding on top. So when you look at the box, it really looks like the xiaomi m6 smartwatch. So here are the things in the box guys. So we have here the watch itself. So, as you can see all right – and we have here – the strap okay, so it’s in navy, blue navy, blue and the charging cable. So, for you to charge guys, i think all you just have to do is you’re going to place that one and make sure that it fits perfectly.

And you can choose the adapter that you want Music, and here is our manual so it’s in english and also it’s in chinese. So let’s look at the watch guys so let’s try to remove this plastic here, okay and for us to turn it on guys. All we have to do is just we’re going to tap this part there. Okay, so there is more like an icon there as well. Okay, so when you hold it guys, it feels really really light, so you can really say that the product is really uh cheap. Yes, uh there’s, like a cheap, like feeling guys when the product is very light. It’S really made all in plastic okay and at the back, so we have here the charging area and also the sensors, so, okay guys. So i think i accidentally tapped this one here, so it automatically turns on so here are the things that we can find on. The home screen, so we have there sunday, okay, the date and also we have there. The calorie burn, okay and the time which is 6, 21 heart rate. Okay, so let’s try to know more guys about this m6 clone. So let’s try to tap this one. So it has steps you guys so let’s try to long press that one okay. So we have your steps, a kilometer, the k cal and we also have their heart rate, guys so let’s try to compress that one and we have here blood pressure and spo2 and as you can see guys, the sensors are lighting up.

So let’s try to put it here, guys: okay, let’s long press that one okay and let’s try to put that one on our wrists and let’s see if it can get data Music. Okay, so our heart rate is 73. The blood pressure is 100 over 64. sp2 is 96, so guys, if you want me to make a comparison about this m6 smartwatch and also with our omron monitoring kit, just comment down below and we’ll try to make a video which is the comparison. Okay and then we have your sports guy, sir, so we have their running skipping sit up, so we only have three sports mode and the message: sleep: okay, so there’s all there’s, also the sleep monitoring, weather and music guys. So when you want to control your music on your smartphone, you can also do that. Okay and let’s click on more. We have their capture. So this is the remote uh capture, guys all right, and then we also have they’re looking for so and the theme so let’s try to long press that one. So we have other theme, one: two: okay. We only have two themes there, so let’s tap this one. All right and reset and the download is this – is for the qr code for the application and the pan and the power off button. So let’s try to put this one in our strap and i will let you know how it looks guys. Okay, so this is now how it looks like, so it really looks like the m6 smartwatch.

If you really don’t know uh the feature yes, so it really looks. And yes, it feels really light as well. Okay and for my initial review, guys for this product is for the price. It’S, not bad at all, so for only two dollars can already get a smart ban and also with a nice design as well. Okay – and i will let you know guys about how it works in the comment section. So if you have any questions, just make sure to ask – and i will be uploading more tutorials about this product so as for you not to consume lots of time, so i will make a spirit, video for the tutorials on how to connect and how to set The time? Okay, guys, if you like this video, kindly click the thumbs up and also consider subscribing okay.