According to solar science, the earth’s magnetic field could not have protected living organisms around 4 billion years ago, when these organisms were supposed to have evolved. Now a group of nasa scientists say they found some evidence that might support a theory that would explain this mystery. The researchers took another look at moon rocks brought to earth by the apollo missions. The study’s results were published in the journal science advances. According to the study, the researchers found evidence in the moon rocks that the moon did have a magnetic field. Researchers, theorized that this moon magnetosphere could have been quite strong and that it was much closer to earth back then allowing for the possibility that the moon and earth could have had a combined magnetosphere. The theory states that the magnetic fields of the moon and earth could have combined to create a more protective magnetosphere around the earth. In this way, the earth’s surface could have been protected enough to make evolution possible. Scientists found new clues about when the moon’s internal dynamo stopped generating the lunar magnetic field billions of years ago, the ancient moon had a powerful dynamo at its core that produced a strong global magnetic field. Scientists at the massachusetts institute of technology say that they have pinned down when that dynamo stopped leading to the fields dissipation. In a study published in science advances, researchers say that the apollo mission collected lunar rocks that preserve a record of the moon’s ancient magnetic field.

However, most of these rocks dated to between three and four billion years or too long ago for studying the end of the moon’s internal dynamo to research, the moon’s later magnetic history, the scientists tested two samples that were one billion years old and found them to record A weak lunar magnetic field, as the rocks were left by a meteor impact scientists reheated the rocks and obtained the same readings to make sure the impact’s heat did not interfere with the rock’s magnetic records. According to the mit news release the moon used to be much closer to earth and the gravitational effect caused the liquid lunar core to wobble, which created the magnetic field. The weak magnetism recorded by the two rocks suggests the gravitational effects had begun to seize up one billion years ago. A mysterious anomaly in the earth’s magnetic field that stretches from south america to africa is spreading, and scientists do not understand why new data from the european space, agency’s, swarm constellation of satellites show that a weak spot in the earth’s magnetic field known as the south atlantic Anomaly has been growing in size since 1970 and may possibly be developing a second cell centered above the coast of southwest africa. The earth’s magnetic field, which is generated by the dynamo action of its molten metal core, protects the planet from the full impact of solar and cosmic radiation. According to the esa, over the last two centuries, the global magnetic field has lost nine percent of its strength.

On a global average for now, the most significant effect of the weakening of the south atlantic anomaly is interference with satellites and spacecraft that pass over the region. However, the earth’s magnetic field destabilizes and reconstitutes itself over geological time, with sometimes even the north and south magnetic poles trading places. According to the esa, it is not clear what is causing the weakening of the south atlantic anomaly, but it could be related to the african large low shear velocity province, one of two giant underground masses of rock that float like hidden continents where the earth’s mantle meets. The outer core, further observation and understanding of the south atlantic anomaly could, according to the essay, helps scientists understand more about what is happening in the scarcely understood processes of the earth’s interior that drive these changes. Geophysicists may have found out why the magnetic north is moving faster and faster toward russia. Disappointingly, it has nothing to do with vladimir putin’s rugged charms. The earth’s north magnetic pole has been shifting its position from canada to siberia and since the 2000s, the movement has been picking up speed according to a new study scientists now say they may understand why the pole is moving writing in nature. Geoscience the scientists say there are jets of molten material in the outer core of the earth and alterations to the flow are moving the north magnetic pole. According to the paper researchers utilized, the european space agency’s swarm satellites to collect the magnetic data needed for the study, citing the authors bbc reports, the molten jet is located much further south than the researchers originally thought in their presentation to the american geophysical union.

Two years ago, the study’s lead author is cited as saying that the flow made the canadian magnetic node weaker in relation to the siberian node, which causes russia to win the subterranean tug of war for the magnetic north pole. According to the authors, the study’s results were incorporated in the updates for the world magnetic model which is used by the navigation systems on everything, from ships to cell phones. In a new statement last year, the authors state that quote the wandering poll, will likely interfere with navigation in the region and necessitate frequent updates to the model for more news.