To talk to you about today, i received a couple weeks ago my wise watch, the 20 smart watch and over here i’ve got my apple watch series: six, a 429 dollar smart watch, so we’re going to take a look and talk a little bit about what i Think after having the wise watch for a while, but first before we get to that, let’s do a little unboxing and first look rewind, okay, we’re gon na see what we can do with a little bit of an unboxing here on the wise watch. Nice? U line bubble mailer dvd i’m uh trying to keep my wound from my surgery out of the video shots for your uh sanity. There let’s see, we’ve got the wise watch wise watch: 47 uh, 47 millimeter. I believe uh model, number ww3, women’s health tracking activity and heart rate monitoring blood oxygen, sleep tracking, customizable screens and waterproof so let’s get out my trusty dusty knife from kershaw just down the street from me here in lovely tualatin, oregon spring assist okay enough of that Let’S my left hand is healing quite well in case you watch the not nerd podcast and have been following my uh surgery and wrist woes. So there it is uh. You will see. I’Ve got my apple watch series six, so uh i’m, not in need of a smart watch, but i definitely wanted to try out the wise watch, not quite as elegant as apple does, with their packaging but that’s.

Okay, we could all do with a little uh, simpler packaging, so there’s the usb charge cable looks like it’s a little four pin very similar to what i remember from the pebble watch, which i had before. The apple watch was a thing: i’m, probably still having a drawer somewhere, try not to rip the box too much but i’m, not really sure, okay, so there it is uh. Now the fun part about having surgery on your left hand, is that now i wear my watch on my right hand and, using my left hand, can prove to be challenging, but let’s uh. The band is a a very traditional uh watch band, with lots of holes on it. That’S gon na fit just about everybody. I think um, but a very nice rubber, doesn’t quite feel as good as the apple polyuretha, whatever they call it. I am using the uh sports band right now on my apple watch, and that is because of the surgery it’s a lot easier to get on and actually use my teeth to tighten my left hand is able to do more now that keep that left hand turned So let’s see if it’ll power on looks like that is working. I will say i am shooting the video what would be considered upside down so in post we’ll get it all figured out. So you can see what’s going on scan qr code with wise app to bind activation. Please plug the charger in comes fully charged downloads, the wise app, which i have and click on, add a new device and then it gets into the controls, so we’ll grab my trusty dusty iphone 12 pro max and go over to the wise app.

Where i have my wise cam and my wise thermostat, but i will hit the plus add device uh lifestyle, wise watch 47.. It gives you a list of all their products there and scan the qr code. Let’S. Wake that guy back up. Oh qr codes. They are beautiful, okay, so it’s pairing keep your watch near your phone you’ve added your watch, you’re about to start controlling your home. With your watch birth year uh. I do in mail birth year 1970. Now this is a great feature. Usually, when you go to pick your birth year, it starts at 2021, which most likely most people are not born in 2021 that are setting up devices or for services. This starts in 1980 that’s a good average place. I only have to go three years back to 1977.. Thank you wise for thinking of the little things height, six two ish wait, we’re right about 200 pounds. Still thank you. No sugar, no grains and next wearing wrist well will not be going on my left wrist. As much as i would love it to right now, so i will switch it to right. Swipe left to see apps swipe right to see data swipe down, to see notifications swipe up to see shortcuts swipe right right to back long press to restart or shut down long press. The screen to select face enjoy your wise watch so let’s, oh and we’re. In upgrading, so it looks like that might take a while, so what i will do is i will get back i’ll get it set up, i’ll use it i’ll, learn how it works and come back to you once i have a good feel for it.

It is asking to pair on my phone uh, so it wants to get that bluetooth connection display your iphone notifications. Yes, enable background app refresh, yes, okay, okay, i will wrap up and be back with more info. Okay, so i’m back, you got to see the unboxing and then kind of a first look at the watch there. Shortly after i stopped the video, it finished updating and i was able to start using it now. As i was mentioning quite a few times, i did have surgery on my wrist, so i have not had the advantage that a lot of people did while reviewing an apple watch in a wise watch and being able to do the comparison because uh, i only have One wrist and i tried wearing both on one wrist and just did not work out real well, so i’m still wearing my apple watch most of the time. But i did give the wise watch a good shot, wore it for a couple full days and, as we talked about on the podcast, when dave had it as a pro tip of the week, twenty dollars 26, i think with the shipping. This is a phenomenal product. It just it is amazing what they were able to do to build in the oxygen sensor. You know it’ll get notifications from your phone, but my apple watch is not going anywhere uh when the apple watch was first introduced by apple. They said it’s uh, our most personal device ever and i think a lot of people really forget that it’s, like the you know, what’s the one size fits all answer about what the apple watch does for you for some people, it’s exercise for other people, it’s different Things for me there’s a few things that the apple watch does that the wise watch doesn’t do that just make it um.

You know something that is worth it for me now. You have to think about the holistic cost, and this is basically 400 more than the wise watch is, but you get the siri integration. I can control my apple tv. This is obviously the apple watch has been around about six years now. I believe so it’s a lot more developed. You have all the app integrations. The complications on the watch face uh so like on i’m holding well no that’s right side up for how i’ve been wearing it on my right wrist, but my august front door lock. I can control that now the wise watch will work with the otherwise products and some smart home stuff, but the integration here with the apple ecosystem, my laptop unlocks, just by having my apple watch as soon as ios 14.5 comes out, my phone will unlock even if I’M wearing a mask with my apple watch. Um, you know on the wise watch, you do get you get weather. You get the exercise stuff you can like. If i get a text message on my phone it’ll show a notification here, but there’s nothing. I can do with it on the watch. I can write out a reply. I can use siri to do a reply. I can do the quick replies, there’s there’s, all of those options um, you know if you haven’t had a smart watch before and you’re looking to. Try one out you can try to get your hands on a wise watch.

Maybe i’ll cut you a deal on it um, but once you’re in that apple ecosystem. I talk about it all the time. Man they’re just a lot of advantages. This does have the uh east ekg monitor whatever i don’t have heart arrhythmia, so i don’t really have to worry about that. So advantages on the wise watch number one price: price, price, price price: twenty dollars number two battery life uh. I think i’ve topped off the charge just after i got it um and i haven’t been using it. A ton haven’t been doing a lot of exercise with it or any of that stuff, but i believe it’s still after a couple weeks at 71 percent uh, they say nine day battery life. But if that’s something that’s important to you. Having that long battery life um wise watch does have an advantage there with my apple watch, it’ll last me a full 24 hours. What i do is, i usually i am sitting at my desk by about 8 a.m. So i have a reminder on my phone to charge my watch, i take it off. I charge it for an hour while i’m working put it back on and it’s good till the next morning. So i just have a good routine, with the apple watch and after having one i waited in line and got one day one when they came out five or six years ago, whenever it was so i’m just used to that i’ve always been a watch where, as Well, not a not one that i have to charge every day, but so that’s.

My take it’s, not really a fair comparison between the two and that’s like saying comparing my bicycle with a tesla it’s, just two different beasts. But this thing is um. I mean it’s great. They really do a lot of things. It does tie in with your apple health, on your iphone. If you have an iphone uh, so you can connect that so the exercise data that’s recorded here will go into your health data apps. So they do have that integration they’re just limited as to how much they can do while as apple, can integrate everything they want. One other quick pro tip with the apple watch, something that i use quite often is the camera remote. So you can open the camera remote on your watch. The camera app will open on your phone. So if you have it on a tripod, you prop it up somewhere, you want to take a picture, you get a little live preview in there and you can click the button to take the picture. If you’re taking a group picture whatever it is um so that’s a really nice little feature uh on the apple watch that i use and don’t use, often enough, because it is nice now with the wise wash watch. This is their first generation it’s. The first uh version of their software can they build in a lot more? Yes, will they probably uh? The watch faces are pretty limited. They don’t have the complications so i’m sure they’re working on all that stuff and hopefully they’ll be able to do a lot more.

But if they do, let you order one on a wise watch get in line get one. I know they’re still working on pre orders um to get those out but very cool little watch. The screen is actually a little bit bigger and it’s 47 millimeters. On this model – and my apple watch is 44 millimeters, but i don’t really notice a difference uh on that and i think really practically those are kind of the differences for my use case. Um i’m gon na stick with the apple watch and uh this wise watch. Maybe if you’re sweet enough in the comments – uh, maybe i’ll cut you a deal and get you one or i’ll, see what they’re going for on ebay and see if i can make a buck, but that is my unboxing review. Take comparison, all of that good stuff. On the wise watch, make sure you tune in to the podcast, subscribing your favorite podcast app every single week, we’re talking about what’s going on in the world of tech and how you can tech better and dave, and i are both working on producing more videos. Putting more content out there just to show you what’s going on and give you some practical tech tips and reviews, and all that good stuff.