This is the new launch. Oh my noise smartwatch! Yes, it ha it’s. My the strap is robust black and we have got about lots of good specifications which i’m not going to talk about right now, while doing the video we’ll get into that till then keep watching and let’s start with the unboxing. The package is looking very good. It’S light also, which is understandable – oh so, this comes up like this, and the first thing you see is the noise branding with something which opens up nice branding, and there are some documents in here and then the watch the watch is put very well. It just is opened up in this: oh yeah, the documents watch and there’s something else, the charger yeah it’s a magnetic charger. So let me just take this off. Oh wow looks good okay. So, to tell this, it looks pretty good, i must say, it’s a silicon. Strap and it has a heartbeat and spo2 – monitor with the two buttons and the magnetic charger yeah. So inside the box we get the watch, the magnetic charger and some documents, but, oh so there’s inside the documents. We are grateful and yeah register your warranty card. So you put the wallet also and the noise adapter, so this is the user manual, i think it’s too big, but because lots of people don’t really eat all of this okay, um put just aside and start creating money and come back to you.

Okay, this is a magnetic charger which is like instant connection i’m, not gon na sticker of this yet but that’s all right right. So here you go instead great, and let me just stick this on long press on the bottom. Oh yeah see this either see this. Oh see this cool, let me just see okay long bottom long, press bottom button turn on okay. So i think this is what happens so we charge this all right, that’s, okay, we wait for this to get charged and i’ll come back to you. Okay, so i’ve been using this watch for about three four hours and it’s working perfectly fine. The battery is pretty good and the display and the wake sensor is also good. The strap is also good could have been better and it’s lightweight and the all the features were perfectly fine for me and yeah.