Fatafat, KNOW YOUR PRODUCT BETTER TO USE BETTER. My Name is Anil and You are watching video on Review of Oneplus Watch Why You Should Buy and Why you should not buy And its all features and functions will be explored today. Here, plus one missing feature, which you should know, probably If you are going to buy this watch. So be with me in this video up to end, You will get to know this missing. Feature. Let’s go friends. We will not delay the video more and Let’s start. The video., You will get 2 different colour in this watch. 1St is Midnight black and 2nd is Moonlight. Sliver., Both colours are very nice.. Its weight is 76 Grams.. So, like other normal wrist watches, you will never fill bulky on your hand.. Its case is made from SS 316L Material. And the Glass used in it is Curved Glass.. This Glass gives your very good visibility and Its size is 1.’ Inch.. So you will not get any issue or difficulty in reading parameters., So its a very good Slick, Slim and elegant design., Like other watch, this watch will measure your health. It will measure your different health parameters like Blood Oxygen, Saturator, Heart Rate, Monitor Sleep, Tracker or Stress. Tracker. Stress tracker is its an additional, very good function, which you will use with help of this watch., and you can monitor too your stress level.. As a protection of it, you will get IP68 Water Resistance, plus 5ATM Dust Resistance.

. So your display is Scratch Resistant because 5ATM Dust Resistance is there and Due to IP68 Water Resistance, you can swim nicely and it will also recognize your swimming postures. In this watch. Like other watch, you will get workouts, but how much 110 Work Outs.? You will get so many work outs in this watch. means No work out is missing. Now, with this watch you can track, monitor and record every work. Out. Friends. If you have any Oneplus device or a TV, then this watch is going to prove very good. For you, because with different Oneplus devices, it connect and pair, and it can control your TV too, with ON OFF and you can set timer in your TV with help of this watch. Warp Charging Technology is used in this watch. With help of it. If you charge your watch for 20 minutes, It will get full charge and it will provide you play back or running time of one week if you use it normally And it is not provided in so many wrist watches., So its a very high playtime and very Less charging time., So a very good function is used by Oneplus here, which is its Warp Charing.. You will get 2 different premium features in this watch, which is included by Oneplus in this watch, and you will get it In built in this watch.. First, one is Phone Free Music. If you keep your phone aside and connect it with watch through Bluetooth, you can listen too, Music.

Yes, friends. In other watches, you can control the music, but here in this watch you can control the music as well as listen the music, because you will get in built speaker in this watch. Plus. You can store the music too. More than 500 Songs. You can store in this watch as you will get internal storage of 4GB., So its a very good premium, feature. And the another feature is Hands. Free Call means You can call directly with the help of your watch. And no need to fix your phone to your ear.. You will not face any problem. If you call from your wrist watch, you will get very good clarity too, because there is in built speaker too, so you can hear others voice and others also can here your voice.. So these 2, very good premium features are included in this watch from Oneplus.. Now here there is one missing feature too, which is not included by Oneplus. And it is its iOS Accessibility.. If you are iOS user and you have Apple phone or other Apple device, you are using iOS system, So this watch will not get connected to your iOS devices.. If you want to purchase, then you can, but this watch is made Android base, So it will get connect and pair with Android system very easily.. If you are an Apple User and using iOS, then this watch is not meant for you., Although if you want to purchase it, then you can because others functions are very good here and you can use it too.

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