This is a very interesting looking. Smartwatch pebble has been in the business for a while. Now they have been making smarter for quite a while. On this side we have a qr code. This is the one that you download to pair this particular device. A lot of information on this side there’s some like stuff like this particular device, has a heart rate, monitor a step. Pedal meter has ipx 7 waterproof rating, which is great uh. What else is there for that’s good it’s full touch, control, collar notification usual stuff? This particular device also has a 170 mh lithium polymer battery and has a standby timer 15 days and above which is pretty good. It has a display of 1.4 inches tft and it supports bluetooth 5.2, pretty standard once again, let’s just open this up and see what’s inside. So we pull from here. This is the box. We lift the lid from here very gently and this seems to be a ptm cashback and all of that, like uh, this looks like some bonus content. Uh there is a tray over here. Let’S lift the tray right here, another tray, the plastic packet. This has a charging dock and i’m assuming a cable tie. This is the watch itself. Let’S leave this right over here and what else is here Music? This is your. This is a thank you note from the company, and this here is the user manual very important document. This is what this will basically show you how to set up this particular smart watch very easily and it’s actually pretty easy.

Let’S keep this here as well. What let’s see what’s inside this packet very quickly? It is a charging dock with the usb, a connector, and finally, we have the smart watch itself, the purple smartwatch itself. By the way. This is also a cable tie. I thought, but no, this is basically the you know. A duplicate of this particular strap right here so i’m going to leave this here regardless and let’s. Take a quick look here: Music, there you go. This is what the smart watch looks like it’s already on has a lock has a quite a bit of charge as well, which is great and there’s a there’s, a little plastic block of blocker over here that that basically prevents you from you know accidentally turning this On but it’s on, regardless, the silicon straps are very flexible, but also seems tough, uh 1.4 inch, tft display it’s, also quite chunky. By the way, this is the one of the heavier smart watches that i have unboxed recently and it looks very stylish. I’Ll. Be absolutely honest, there’s a pebble logo over here as well. Let me just show this the pebble logo right there. This is what the display looks like it’s already on and uh. You know it shows that 113 steps have been walked. Shows your heart monitor. Basically, everything that you need to know is right here, on the right hand, on the display itself and other stuff you can just swipe down, so you can just swipe up and get to the other options in this particular smart watch and that’s it that’s what you Find inside the box containing the people pace, smart watch.