No, this one being the push design has premium materials in it. So we have sapphire glass on the screen. With this it has a 1.’ inch amoled display. It has a titanium frame around the outside and a titanium strap ceramic on the rear, with some sapphire 2. For the heart rate sensor glass on this – so yes, it does have full time. Heart rate monitoring, stress, monitoring, sleep monitoring, gps, 50 meter, water resistant. It covers pretty much what most people would want in a smart watch with some very, very good battery life. This one is excellent: can go for most people for about two weeks, depending on how much you use the gps, of course. Now, a small disclaimer here that this watch is not mine, it’s a loan unit that was sent out to me from huawei in exchange for the review you’re watching right here. So the watch comes in this plain black box, with push design on the lid very nicely presented and in this little pouch right here on the side we have the accessories which i’ll show you now i’ve already pulled them out. So we do get a silicon strap, which is great if you didn’t, want to get the titanium strap dirty. If you were going to be, for example, going for a run, you didn’t want to get dirt in it or you’re, going mountain biking or something so it’s. Good to have this option so we have a wireless charging base.

Now you just use your phone’s charger to charge this particular watch and it will take approximately one and a half hours and we get a black type c to type a cable right here. A little bit of paperwork too, as well a warranty card and a quick start guide as well. So looking at our build here of the porsche design, huawei watch gt2, it is top super top end absolute premium build. So we have a titanium frame around the outside sapphire glass over the 1.’ inch amoled screen. This has a maximum peak brightness that i’m measuring of just over 300 nits. It can be made out in direct sunlight without any problem at all the buttons here on the sides where the power on button and the bottom button can be assigned to whatever you want it to, but it is by default, set up for our workout modes to Track all of them, so the screen, the touch input on the screen is very, very good and we have the different watch faces as well, including some exclusive ones just for the porsche design watch here that we have so the by default. We get this one. Where is it right here, racing, okay, very minimalistic and it’s, an exclusive one for this particular lineup here, so the watch strap. This is made out of titanium, really really good, build quality, as you’d expect for the price tag of this particular watch being well. Almost three times more than the standard watch gt and you do notice this.

The finish is impeccable on this, so titanium strap, really good, very, very strong and it’s lightweight as well. This particular watch i’ve just put up there on the top the weight, so you can see what it is and the way this clips in is very, very nice, too, very easy to do. This goes in like that and the removable straps now one thing they have with the links on this i’ll just quickly show you so the straps easy to take off all right, and we have the links right here that we are able to individually remove these to Get our perfect fit on your wrist there you don’t, have to take it into a jeweler, like you would, with other watches, where they have to do that for you to get it to fit your wrist, not with this particular watch so on on the underside right Here we have ceramic okay and there’s, some torx screws, four of them there to hold the backing plate on it does have 50 meters of water resistance. This is powered by the kieran a1 and we have our optical heart rate sensor right in here, and there is ceramic just this middle glass here is ceramic on the outside sorry with sapphire right here in the middle, with the sapphire glass on the top. So on the side here we have our loudspeaker it’s very loud, and you can handle calls with this, because we do have a microphone right here.

So just a perfect build quality to this one very, very high end as you’d expect for the well. The high end price tag that this watch has so this watch is very comfortable on my wrist, no problems at all wearing it. I haven’t had any irritations from this strap and when i flick my wrist here, the screen will come on automatically. So, as i mentioned before, we’ve got the different watch faces, so there are some default ones that are already there and you can download just a huge amount. More and i’ll show you that later on in this in depth review when i get into the application, so the menu is straightforward. If you have the watch, t gt or the magic watch too it’s exactly the same, and it does have the four gigabytes of storage. On this it’s very fluid and very smooth to this watch – and i haven’t had any problems with the touch response, so we’ve got our workout results right there. I haven’t been for a workout today, music that can be played so there’s already one track on there. That they’ve loaded in, but you can load this end yourself too, so you can play a few songs and whatnot, and the output from the loudspeaker is quite good very loud. This one and i’ll just try and stop that now, because otherwise i get a copyright issue from youtube all right, so you can control that up and down and just swipe from the side to get out of that, i need to pause it too.

We’Ve got a weather tool that comes through from the application, so with our connection it’s going to pull that through and you can go through and see the weather results there stress is being measured. We have my heart rate here being measured to at the moment, so it’s continual heart rate, monitoring that this does support now, the workout modes. If you tap the lower button by default, this will go into our workout, so you can see we’ve got so many in here now there’s in total over. I think it is a hundred different workouts that you can configure, and you can add more to this. So your indoor cycling outdoors running and through the application they have different training modes as well for all the running courses, you’ve got and there’s just a huge amount. You can see in there and it just goes on and on and on custom. So you can make up ones as well and then with the application you can sort them out in the order and add more to it, which is good, so just get out of that. Go back to the main menu here with our settings. So we have find the phone torch alarm. You can set that up pretty self explanatory stopwatch the weather notifications they all come through and with the app i’ll show you how you can set that up too as well. So i get all the um application notifications that i want so sms whatsapp and miss calls and things like that air pressure.

There is an air pressure sensor on this remote shutter and that can be used too. So if you set up say your phone with a tripod, you can control that and do a remote shutter on that, which is handy if you needed that feature. Music contacts, cool log, breathing exercises, the stress and the sleep monitoring is on there, activity records and our oxygen saturation level 2 can be monitored. With this too, it does take a little while. So i won’t show you that right now, because once you do measure it, it will sometimes take about a minute or so for it to work. Okay, the measuring time is quite so. You can see the little bar going telling me to keep still, but yes, it does work well and it will take yeah about a minute or so for that so go back into those settings here. Heart rate monitor workout status, workout records and work out there. So there’s a lot of different features built into this watch and, of course it can handle voice. Calls with that mic and the loudspeaker – and i do find it’s very handy, especially if you have a big phone that’s in your pocket or in your bag or whatever you can still handle those calls through the watch, it’s very handy to do that, but it’s a Loud speaker so you’re going to lose some privacy. If you are around other people – and here is the heart rate – reader 2 in action – it seems to be quite accurate.

Oh so it’s timed out there the screen, so we can also sit with the screen to have it as an always on display, but you’re going to get really about 80 less battery life. It really does drain it very, very quick and only get a couple of days instead of up to almost two weeks out of this, so 66 beats per minute. There seems about right and when i’ve been doing my workouts, which i’ll show you later on in this video, getting my heart rate up to its peak of almost about 160, with certain training that i do also seems to be fine. Now i haven’t noticed any issues with the heart rate accuracy with this watch so now onto the gps performance i’ll check out just how well does it perform the loop that i normally do on my mountain bike is approximately 18 kilometers, so let’s see if the gps Is going to be accurate and also the heart rate reader as well, so i show you that gps tracking – and this is also the application – which is the health app it’s called, so you don’t need a huawei phone in order to run this app at all. You can get it from the google play store. This is the mate 40 pro here, of course, that i’m using because well it’s a huawei watch as well. So it made sense to use that. So you can see my workouts here. My sleep weight.

A lot of the additional information that you can put into this application. You can see the distance calories burned that is today. This is a different ride. I actually did from what i recorded before and i will show you the results of that, which is this right right here. 22 kilometers now normal loop for me is about 18, but i did do an additional loop and that is why it is 22, but the gps accuracy is very, very good and i’ll show you why it is because, when you zoom in, if you see any funny Straight lines, from going from one point to the other and doesn’t follow the road correctly, then the gps lost signal, and that happened on the last watch. I just reviewed a smart watch called the cospet prime 2 terrible gps, because at some point it just drew a straight line like i’d cross. Through all of this part here, which i didn’t so went all around the coast perfectly. I looked back and went again and in another area, and that is why it’s slightly different from my normal kind of run there, but really good. The tracking does seem to be spot on and i’ve used the well the magic watch too. A lot for this kind of thing that i’m doing here, mountain biking and i’ve never had a problem with gps tracking. It is spot on really really good, so we’ve got the different charts here can break down my speeds there.

Of course, mountain biking. A lot of climbing that i did so it was quite slow. There chart there too, with my heart rate, so i did push it quite hard on the climb, but my fitness is improving slightly because i’m writing more. So my maximum heart rate didn’t actually get up to 170 with it would normally, but recent rides it’s been around this area. So again i do think that’s quite accurate. You get details there as well, too calories burnt the elevation gain total descent, average speed average heart rate pretty straightforward there. So just get out of that that’s. All of my training, they’re being tracked and today’s results too, can see calories burned and things heart rate that’s. Also being monitoring the whole time and the battery life has been so good on this thing, i’m now into my 10th or 11th day – and i still have let’s – have a look on the watch. I still have well 28 and i haven’t been taking it easy on it at all and that’s a lot of gps, so very, very good battery life, sleep tracking as well so last night, wasn’t so good. I woke up a few times. I do have young children, so that’s kind of normal that night’s a little bit better. It rates you so my score is 78 there and, of course, it’s measuring my rem phase of sleep, deep sleep lights, sleep times you wake up. It seems quite accurate.

There too, as well so exercise modes, are all in here, so outdoor runs. You can also do their training plans if you want that’s part of the health app walking cycling in various different other modes, all those modes. I showed you before that the watch has under device here. This is where you can customize download more watch faces too. For this you can see that the push design gt2 connected there, the battery life edgy music file, the app there different applications as well and i’ll. Just show you quickly, the watch faces depends on how my internet connection is here and there’s. Some of them, of course, are paid, but there are the free ones you can go to and very good watch faces. There there’s a whole lot out there and we have the exclusive ones. Of course, the push design watch faces as well on there so plenty to choose from so it is a fully featured application and for me, the battery life’s been really good. The tracking is spot on heart rate, monitoring as well. Sleep monitoring, stress monitoring, all there pretty much all rounded watch if you don’t of course need android, wear all right. So to recap here, this watch has a fantastic battery life. I am now on day 11. I think it is now since i’ve had it and i still have over 20 battery and i can probably get another – maybe squeeze another two days out of it.

If i don’t do any training or anything like that, so very, very good battery life it’s standing up to their claim of about two weeks for most people and very heavy users. So if you do go for workouts say twice a day or you’re training for two hours every single day, then you won’t be getting then over 10 days, you’ll – probably get more like a week with it, which is still amazing compared to so many other other smart Watches out there that will only go for a couple of days and you have to charge them all the time that is really annoying handy features of this watch having the microphone in the loudspeaker means, i am able to screen calls and answer calls very quickly from Just the watch, which is very, very convenient, i’ve got a career that’s going to come and all they’re doing is to ring me and see if i’m at home – and i can simply answer that call they’ll say: are you at home, yes, i’m at home, all right, I’Ll see you in five minutes great that’s all i need. I don’t need to get my phone out of my pocket for that and it’s quite a handy feature to have there. So the screen is bright. It’S got that over 300 ppi of sharpness. So the resolution is 450 by 450 1.’ inch amoled screen on there it’s bright. I can still see it in direct sunlight heart rate monitoring seems very accurate to me.

It’S it’s, maybe only off from my heart rate. Monitors about 10 beats per minute on, say some of the stats i’m getting but it’s more a lot less in line with the polar chest mount heart rate reader that they do have it’s not too far off that and i think it’s acceptable, maybe like that difference. 10 to 5 bits per minute. Gps looks very, very accurate, never skipped a beat. I never missed any positions on the entire time. I’Ve done all the rides with this now, which is about three different rides i’ve done with this particular watch, and some of them up to 27 kilometers great, really really good there. So the build quality let’s just talk about that again. It is absolutely top end premium. Titanium titanium straps very easy to remove the little buckles from them to get your wrist size and you don’t need to take it to a jeweler that’s handy, of course, the ceramic glass again really really premium ambient push design. Yes, it does have that premium price tag to attach to it, so that is one of the cons. It’S not going to be a watch for everyone, but what you pay for. You definitely get in terms of quality with this one. It just screams quality there. So, if you’re not into the spending that much, of course, you’ve got the normal watch gt2, which is not as premium high in the materials. But it has more or less the same internals as this one, giving you similar battery life, similar tracking results and all that and it’s, a cheaper alternative that is out there in the market, which is great.

Now. What about the cons? Well, there’s, no nfc on this, which is sad. I would like to have an nfc on this. I think it’s only the asia market that has the nefc in these particular watches, like the chinese market, the chinese version i think, does and then a very nitpicking minor thing too, that the voice prompt you get when training it’s great, so every kilometer i’ve got it Set it’ll read out and tell me my average speed, my heart rate and my distance. My very minor nitpick is that the guy that talks on there, the voice, he will say you – have ridden three kilometer, but he doesn’t say anything and plural it’s. Just a minor little bug, he doesn’t say you have ridden three kilometers, so it’s, it’s tiny. I know it’s a tiny thing, but i just wanted to point it out, and then this, of course, is not an android wear it’s, not running where os okay, if you needed wear os, you want to download all those different applications and things for aware is watch. Then this doesn’t have it okay, but you wouldn’t get the amazing battery life either that this does have so the karen a1, the chipset in this very, very efficient just giving us that amazing battery life. So there we go. That is the porsche design. The huawei watch. Gt2, an absolute premium high end watch great amazing, build quality and finish to it, but it comes at a cost of course.