This is the realme watch 2 pro a sort of budget or middleweight smartwatch looking to compete against the likes of the oneplus watch, or indeed the atmosphere gts2 coming in at around 70 pounds. It really does look the part but looks arent everything. So, of course, we are going to do an unboxing review. The features of the real me watch 2 pro and, as usual, do an spo2 and heart rate accuracy test, make sure you stay tuned, because this one has really caught my eye. Whats up guys. Welcome back to tech, it easy so the real me watch 2 pro is in for an unboxing review and, of course, an accuracy test, and i got ta say ive been really looking forward to getting my hands on this smartwatch as it sits at a really good Price point before we do jump into that. Unboxing, though, if you could quickly leave a cheeky like subscribe to the channel, if youre new around here and for the full tech and easy experience, do join the discord server and check out our brand new channel tzs top 5., there will be links down below. So moving into the unboxing, the real me watch – 2 pro branding and packaging certainly catches the eye, and it really got me excited to rip open the box and, to be honest, i was really impressed with what was inside really nice and neat unboxing experience and the Watch itself, surprisingly felt quite hardy and premium, or the very least it didnt feel cheap.

It is also much bigger than i expected, which was another nice surprise. The display measures in at a whopping 1.75 inches, which in my world, is pretty big at the bottom of the box. We of course do get our usual paperwork as well as a charging hook, which was pretty stress, free to attach and detach getting started with. The real me watch 2 pro was also pretty easy to set up the real me watch 2 pro youll need to hold down the singular button on the side of the watch to power it on then youll be prompted to download the realme link app once youve Done that itll most likely be an update for the watch, then youre good to go nice, simple setup, so lets move on with the review. So before we talk about the features lets really hone in on the design of the watch 2 pro. It obviously takes on a square apple watch, light design which, to be honest, has grown on me a little bit. It feels a little heavier and thicker compared to the apple watch, though, and of course, the materials dont feel quite on par, but i really wouldnt expect it for a watch at this price point. You get a rubber wrist strap, which has a cool quote on it. Saying dare to leap, love that made the watch feel a little bit more special moving on. There is, of course, a physical button on the side that i spoke of earlier, that is for powering on and, of course, stepping back something that ive really grown to appreciate on smart watches, these days, ive grown to dislike smart wishes that come without a physical button.

Moving on around the back youve got nothing more than what youd expect from a smartwatch. Youve got all your sensors on a gloss of black finish now. Moving on to the watch and its features im actually going to make my first negative comment about the real me watch 2 pro here, and that is with regards to the ui and the performance of the smartwatch. Now perhaps im expecting too much from it here as it. After all, it does cost only 70 pounds, but i just feel its a little bit slow and janky, and i thought for a smartwatch in 2021. I was sort of expecting a little bit more. The software is also quite basic. I was expecting a little bit more from realme to be honest, its sort of what you see on standard budget, smart watches, then theres a display and the screen brightness its certainly bright enough just about enough to see outside on a sunny day. Definitely not bad, but there is something getting to me. Colors feel a little bit washed out and the blacks dont feel quite as deep, now its not terribly important on a smartwatch as were not exactly going to be watching any movies on them. But a bit of contrast on the screen would certainly help runners, cyclists and others when theyre trying to get a crucial information at a quick glance when theyre on the move. Again, though, this can be forgiven when we consider the price point and also the fact that the real me watch 2 pro is actually jam, packed with features.

We have things such as sleep tracking, vo2, max sp02, workout modes and more, but speaking of workouts. There really arent that many in comparison to other watches ive tested now. I do always make the point if you watch my other videos that workouts arent really all that important, because they just track the same thing just with sort of different wording if you like. But i did notice that the real me watch 2 is really seriously behind in comparison to other smart watches. So for people who do want those extra choices, you might be missing out a little bit here, so maybe one or two more workout modes would really help the real me watch 2 pro here, and i do think that is something that they could do through a Software update so who knows maybe theyll fix that in the future. Moving on also coming with the watch, you actually get a nice selection of some pre installed watch faces and you can download hundreds of different watch faces using their app again. It all feels very standard and sort of what you see a lot of on budget. Smart watches thats no bad thing, though, in addition to this, you also get those two features commonly seen on fitness, trackers and smart watches, those being the camera shutter controller and the all important find my phone. The vm watch. 2, pro also has the ability to receive notifications. You can get alerts from youtube text twitter, its actually pretty good.

When you do get these notifications through as well. It sort of made me forget that this is a 70 pound smartwatch because it just works and it it works. Well now, one absolutely huge feature that the realme watch 2 pro does have over a lot of its competitors, is inbuilt gps and this isnt some cheap connected gps. You can actually use the watch as a standalone watch without having to bring your phone with you now. This feature is great, and so all the other ones, but how does the real me watch 2 pro do when it comes to accuracy, so were going to jump into a quick test of the heart rate, accuracy and the sp02 and see how it does so, if You havent watched one of my videos before we will be testing against the o2 ring that the guys at well. You kindly provided me for another video, its medical grade and gives live readings straight to my phone. Top is sp02 and bottom is heart rate, so jumping straight into it were kicking things off with the heart rate accuracy, and you can see right away that the real me watch 2 pro is struggling a bit its sort of past. What i would consider to be a fair margin for error here and after a bit of adjusting, i did manage to get it closer to what the o2 ring was displaying. So, in the end it was sort of in the ballpark, but by no means would i class the watch 2 pro as accurate when it comes to heart rate accuracy, believe it or not, though i have seen worse.

This should be fine for some rough monitoring. If youre using the watch for general health monitoring, i cant see any issues here, but serious athletes might want to think twice. Moving on to the sp02 a similar story on all off camera and on camera tests, it was a couple of percent out each time. Several occasions it displayed 100 which, to be honest, ive, never ever seen before its very common for smart watches to be one percent out, but for me this is definitely standing out in a bad way compared to other watches. Again, though, for general health monitoring, it should be fine, but for athletes there might be better choices out there, so that was a heart rate and spo2 accuracy test for the real me watch 2 pro a little bit disappointing if im honest, because i really was rooting For this smart watch, but the data doesnt lie side note as well. I do, of course, do plenty of off camera tests as well, but obviously, if i put them all in the video, the video would be way too long. So just take my word for it. So final, thoughts on the real me watch 2 pro, despite some of the discrepancies with the accuracy and a couple of the other features, i really actually found it quite delightful, its really well built, and it feels really good on the wrist. It actually feels better than a lot of other smart watches at this price point.

But again it is just a shame about the accuracy. That being said, it should be fine for those of you who are just doing general health monitoring. You dont really need it to be bang on the dot every time. So really, whether you buy this watch or not, really depends on what youre going to be using it for, if youre, a serious sports enthusiast, then yes look elsewhere. But if youre, just looking for general health monitoring for things like sleep steps, tracking calories and all that, then this watch will be absolutely fine, especially for the price. Of course. Do let me know down in the comment section what you think of the real me watch. 2 pro, do you like it, or are you going to give this one a pass, also while youre down there, you might as well leave a like subscribe to the channel and come and say hello in the discord server to get involved with the channel. For now, though, ive been alex, thank you so much for watching and remember.